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  1. Lucky724

    Call 24/7/365, no back up - is this reasonable?

    Not sure what you meant by suspicious of the place not getting more business..but I agree..she said the salary is "a little over 70/yr" but the benefits I don't know about - she didn't say. Didn't think about her getting paid regardless of salary..just didn't make sense to me how they would be able to pay if they have so few patients so there would not be revenue - anyway..thank you for replying. I have no idea what she is going to do but I will pass the responses along to her. Thanks again
  2. Lucky724

    Call 24/7/365, no back up - is this reasonable?

    That's what I think will happen in her case...that she will end up being burnt out and basically working everyday - especially since she is the only RN. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Lucky724

    Call 24/7/365, no back up - is this reasonable?

    I'll pass this along..thanks
  4. Lucky724

    on call requirement

    I posted a questions re: hospice call yesterday..someone I work w/has been offered a high salary FT M-F position w/a very small local hospice. They are telling her she will be the RN on call nights/weekends/holidays in addition to work the M-F regular business hours... because the census is low (5 patients at this time) they are no in need of another RN. There is another PRN RN that can step in if there is an emergency of some sort & if available.. Her position would be salaried so it doesn't sound like if she goes out after hours weekends etc she would be compensated. To me this seems unreasonable to ask of one RN, even w/the low census to be available 24/7. Maybe that's how it is now but I'm not sure that is a route I would go, even for a fairly high salary.
  5. Lucky724

    Should I run...

    There is an inpatient psych facility in my area and I know someone who works there..the staffing you describe is very much like there..she has techs and LPN's that work with her but she is the only RN. The MD or NP will make rounds once a week as well but mostly it's by phone they communicate or orders placed in the EMR. Her biggest complaint is there is no security for assistance if a patient acts out.
  6. A coworker of mine was offered a hospice position for a small company that has not been in business much over a year. They told her the census is "less than 10" so at this point she would work M-F 8:00- 5:00 plus take call every night and weekend until the census increases and the need for hiring another RN comes into play. She would be salaried so she would not be paid for call time or mileage since call would not be, she was told, very busy. The salary is high but she is concerned about the low census, the fact the company is new and is a little leery of taking call all the time w/o any other RN back up. She also expressed concern at how they can offer a high dollar salary with a census of less than 10 and haven't addressed benefits other than to say they will go over them at orientation. I asked her if there was another RN at all employed there - she said there is one but she is only helping guide the owner on building the business. I asked her what happens when the current few patients pass? How is she going to get paid if there are not patients? She said she was told that would not be a concern due to "excellent investors" who are willing to ride things out as the company grows...I told her I was going to post this on allnurses to get her some other view points..what do you seasoned hospice nurses think about this?
  7. Can someone give me an idea of how a 4 day (10 hr shift) work week is scheduled for you? With having to work every other Sat. I'm still on the fence about an offer and this is the schedule. I did ask the administrator and he said he tries not to schedule an RN more than 2 days in a row..I was hoping for something more specific.. Thanks
  8. Am curious to what you all think about working as a nurse (or any healthcare provider in general) with mental health issues and how shift work helps/hurts you in managing your mental health...have you found working 8 hour shifts or 12 hour shifts better for you? And why is the shift you selected better for you?
  9. Lucky724

    From OR nursing to GI Lab

    I work in an outpatient GI clinic (MD owned)..narcs are counted before the first procedure and after the last one. Fent & Versed are used, sometimes Demerol &/or Phenergan. It's conscious sedation done by an RN - no Nurse Anesthetist . Yes, biopsies or polyps are taken & sent to a lab however there is a printer that makes the lab labels based off what is documented so it's not a huge deal. In the Endo room there is the MD, RN & Tech. In pre/post op there is an RN & Tech who take vital signs & start the IV. There isn't a lot of documentation & it's all electronic. The job itself is not difficult but it's very repetitive & honestly boring most of the time as it's EGD's & colonoscopies only & most of those are for GERD or routine cancer screen so if you like doing/seeing something different you may want to reconsider or at least choose a hospital based GI lab so there would be variety. Where I am there is no chance for picking up extra time if wanted & where I am there are no benefits other than expensive health insurance for employee only - no family coverage. The hours are basically 6:30-3 4 days a week. Low stress though obviously something could go wrong & you have to be ready to act of course but overall..it's just very routine. The stress comes mostly from not knowing how the MD is going to be - he can be very friendly one day, not friendly the next then not speak at all some days - in a small room that can make things uncomfortable but I've gotten use to it.
  10. Lucky724

    Not happy with bedside

    kt1109 you can always stay PRN where you are or somewhere else & take the outpatient clinic position..having NICU on yoru resume, at least where I live, makes you highly desirable for employment so returning to a hospital setting wouldn't be that difficult. The only thing to consider is if you want to work with the adult population since I would think the imaging center would be mostly that age group.
  11. Lucky724

    8hr Shifts vs 12hr Shifts

    I have worked both..I am soon to return to 12 hour shifts by choice. I have found that working a M-F or even M- Thur 8 hour days are really 9-10 hours & I am more tired, more stressed than I was working the 12hours. I also like having some flexibility with the days I work w/the 12s versus having to work appointments around on days I worked 8 hours or using up the Friday off for those things. Not having children I'm sure makes a difference as I don't have to be concerned about getting home after a 12 hour shift to get homework done or missing a ball game. I would be hesitant to work a management position OR an hour 8 type job again..for me, neither are worth the headache that comes w/them (I know you didn't mention management, I'm just commenting on that as well). I am looking forward to going in, doing my job, then not thinking about it again until the next work day.
  12. I would apply to AT if I were you and go from there..you have already spoken to someone at AT who said you should be fine with reapplying..if admissions has questions I'm sure they will ask you..with any accredited college classes that are failed or withdrawn from would have to be retaken.
  13. Lucky724

    Will I find a job?

    Given you never worked as a nurse - it sounds that way from the post above - you would be viewed as a new grad I'd think and like others have stated, one that didn't continue right out of school to find a position..refresher course would be helpful but you could also look at hospitals that offer residency programs for new grads. That would be one way to get into the field w/o much money out on your end for refresher courses.
  14. Lucky724

    Anyone work only per diem with an agency?

    I'd think w/as specialized as your skill set is you would be able to maintain steady work PRN - you can always let it be known you are willing - if you are - to work other units. Another option would be to do local travel contract. I use to work PRN exclusively and never had an issue being called off/finding hours. You could also look to sign up w/a dedicated pediatric home health agency PRN too. PSA is always needing nurses around here w/peds experience. I understand completely about not liking the M-F job. I'm currently working in a doctors office, which I know many nurses would love, but like you I am bored and unhappy with it & even though it's 8-9 versus 12-13 it's more stressful in some ways. Hope you are able to get out of where you are soon.
  15. Lucky724

    Georgia NCLEX RN Application

    You would need to contact the GA BON for this info.
  16. Lucky724

    Nurse Residencies near Atlanta

    I would double check with Wellstar about this..there are no other hospitals in the ATL area that offer this..some offer bonuses for seasoned nurses for certain positions but as expensive as healthcare, hiring etc has gotten and with the amount of nurses in Ga..perks like loan repayments have gone.