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  1. redessa

    Plastic Surgery

    I read this too when researching plastic surgery for myself. I was also picturing odd pockets of fat. Turns out, it's true but not in the bizzare way it sounds. So for me, I had a tummy tuck (after having had 5 babies - I deserved it! LOL) with a small amount of conturing lipo (as is pretty standard for the proceedure). A couple years after the tummy tuck, I put on a little weight. As I did, I found that the areas which had had fat removed, stayed pretty much the same. So that added weight went to other parts of my body. So like, I used to have skinny arms, but now when my weight fluctuates up, my upper arms flesh out. And my thighs seem to want to absorb extra pounds. But my abdomen stays as flat as it can be. Does that make sense? It's not that the fat is moving around or travelling to other areas or leaving odd shaped lumps in unusual places. It's just that any added fat is distributed (pretty evenly) to other areas of the body. Now, if you had a ton of lipo and there was little left untouched, then you migh find fat depositing itself in unsual areas.
  2. Sometimes it's not our choice. Inductions can also fail. My last baby was born at 9 days overdue. We attempted an induction before that but 10 hours of drug induced labor produced no cervical change and I went home still pregnant. My choices were an otherwise unnecessary c-section or to wait for labor to start on it's own. It's certainly not what I wanted, but that's how long it took.
  3. redessa


    I had my tonsils out at almost 19. My mother had been a nurse for about 17 yrs at that point. She'd been in ICU most of that time and was working on her nurse practitioner's license. Needless to say, she'd pretty much seen it all. So I get my tonsils out and she was there in the recovery room when I was waking up. I don't know what had happened, but they'd put an O2 mask on me. I started coughing and blood splattered the mask. My mother FREAKED! I wasn't even fully out of anesthesia and I still knew she was losing it. Later, I asked her what in the world!?! How could a little blood after something as routine as a tonsillectomy possibly have upset her so much? Her answer, "That was MY baby." So yes, it's different when it's your own child. There's no professional detatchment when it's your baby.
  4. redessa

    How do you politely walk away or say no?

    After making sure their needs are taken care of, if someone makes an over-the top request how about saying, "I'm sorry, I need to check on my other patients now. I'll be back to see how you're doing at such-and-such time. Use the call bell if you need anything before then."
  5. My revisions - I took out redundancies and discussion of your own child as well as the "name dropping" of teachers who used your daycare services as it is my opinion that it does not speak to your nursing skills. You can provide character references at a later time if necessary. My name is ........., and I am a Registered Nurse currently working on a busy Surgical Unit at a large teaching hospital. I have previous experience at a family practice which saw children of all ages. In addition, I operated a small in-home daycare for two years. I believe I am a capable candidate for this position, because of my experience with children and my current experience at the hospital. I have an abundance of hands on nursing skills that will be useful as a school nurse. I am up to date with my Basic Life Support. I learn very quickly and work well both independently and with others. I have dreamed about becoming a School Nurse for a long time. I have been very pleased with the local school system. The teachers and other staff members I have encountered have been wonderful. I would be thrilled honored to be a part of this wonderful district. Thank you for your time in reviewing my letter and application, and I look forward to hearing back from you.
  6. redessa

    Scrubs sewing pattern for bears or dolls

    I don't know what size bear you are looking for, but build-a-bear sells scrub sets for their animals. Maybe you could get a set and use them as a template to create your own pattern.
  7. redessa

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    She was still bleeding out! And the surgeon himself said she should have been a higher priority than the guy they sent to him first. Obviously she doesn't know that exact needs of everyone else who may have been there but she still should have been treated and not allowed to just sit around bleeding to the point of losing consciousness.
  8. I couldn't give you any medical advice even if I wanted to so I'll just say this: If I were you I'd try one more time to see the Dr who did the surgery. If you get there and they try to pawn you off on the PA again, tell them that is unacceptable and you will wait right there in the waiting room till the Dr is available. If they still manage to evade you and/or the Dr does not give you a more satisfactory answer than the mumbo jumbo you've gotten so far, seek a 2nd opinion. Maybe no one will want to see you, but you have nothing to lose by trying.
  9. redessa

    OB epiphany

    How wonderful for you that you found your calling!
  10. If they ask that, twist it back to the positives. For example, say that in the hospital setting, you don't feel you get to spend enough time with each individual.
  11. I agree with the others - accentuate the positive. Instead of saying "We're always so short staffed I feel like I'm running around like crazy," say something like "I love giving undivided attention and really working one on one with each patient." You can also mention that you like the idea of a more "normal" schedule but certainly don't tell them that shiftwork is driving you to the brink of depression. Absolutely be honest with them, but focus on the positives as to why you feel pulled to their position rather than focusing on why you want to run away from your current one.
  12. Are they also "disrespecting" doctors since there's one of those in this event too?
  13. redessa

    Can NPs write fertility drugs?

    It really depends on where you are. My mother is an FNP and in her state she cannot prescribe fertility drugs.
  14. redessa

    Fall Risk Follow Up Question

    I just have to chime in here with what happened when I had my first baby. I had been sent home from the hospital earlier that day (even though my Dr said he wanted them to admit me). So by the time I went back, I was at 7cm. The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural. My only question was if there was still time! There was (but barely). So I got the epidural and was immediately wheeled into a delivery room. Once we got there, they (the nurses/CNAs) were telling me how they were going to transfer me from the gurney to the delivery table. Having JUST gotten the epidural and the fact that it was my first baby and I didn't know any better, I told them I thought I could still walk. So they said "okay" then stood back to watch with looks of amusement on their faces. I managed to get off the gurney just fine and then fell right on my face (onto the delivery table). They just kind of chuckled and helped me onto the bed but I never have been able to figure out why let me do that in the first place. They obviously knew I wasn't going to be able to hold myself up. Seems like that situation could have gone very badly, very quickly.
  15. redessa

    I want to become Male nurse but am under qualified

    Sure you can! People retake classes ALL THE TIME trying to get a better grade either to up their GPA or to meet the requirements of a program they want to get into. No special permission has been needed when I, or my husband, or my classmantes, or anyone else I know has done this.
  16. redessa

    Confusing medication labels baffle many

    No, they don't! I recently went to the Dr and he wrote me a Rx and told me that the dosing would taper down. He didn't not continue to explain further so I asked him what the schedule was. He just said, oh, the instructions will be in the box. :smackingf To top it off, my DH went to the pharmacy for me so I didn't talk to the pharmacist about it either. Fortunately, the instructions were, in fact, in the box and I was able to understand them clearly. But that really could be a bad situation for someone who is easily confused. I also agree that "take 2 pills twice a day" is less than clear. Take two doses of 2 pills each or 2 pills daily, divided into 2 doses of 1 pill each? That would not be hard for someone to mix up.

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