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I keep seeing people mentioning that they have/had multiple orientation days. Is this normal? I guess I never thought there'd be more that one..

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My school cancelled any orientation for my semester, but I think this past year they started back doing it again. We just were told to meet with our advisor before the semester be were supposed to start.


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We have an "orientation" on the first day of class each quarter. Basically we go over the syllabus, course requirements, clinical expectations, etc.

I have a total of 3 orientations. I had a pre-orientation last month. I'll have the actual orientation in August which pretty much is a whole week of activities, but we do have an orientation day that lasts all day long. Then when school starts, the first day of school I'll have another orientation for about an hour. In which I hear its an introduction and shoot the bull session and get to know one another, kind of thing. All I'm saying is, to start school there is a WHOLE lot of preparation and work to be done before ya even start! At least, that is how it is done at my school, others may differ.


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My school offered 3 different orientation days, but you only had to go to one. They were all over the summer, so it was nice to be able to pick one to fit into our schedules. And then they didn't have to deal with all 90 of us in one go, since it was a lot of paper signing and waiting in line.

Our school has one orientation about a month before the start of the program. When classes started we jumped right into lecture. I can tell it's going to be a crazy ride!

I keep seeing people mentioning that they have/had multiple orientation days. Is this normal? I guess I never thought there'd be more that one..

My program has 3 also and they are all mandatory. There's a "Fundamentals of Nursing Orientation" on August 9th. A "New Student Orientation to the Program" on August 14th. And then our "Hospital Orientation" is a month after class starts before we start clinicals.

Oh and classes start August 20th. So I'm really nervous because we don't have much time between our orientation and classes beginning to get prepared.

We have 3 as well. First one was today, next one 7/31, and final one 8/1. We hit the ground running on 8/6

We have two - one for everyone at the college and one for just the nursing program.

My school only has an 1-day orientation, but it lasted about 6+ hours.

At my school, we will have only 1 day for orientation. It lasts 6 hours, and we will also get to schedule for our classes that day. Well if we have all the required paperwork done!

My school only has one, which is mandatory and there are no make up days...as of yet! Oh and did I forget to mention there will be 216 of us at one orientation...should be interesting, but anyways I'm super excited to go :)


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my school had a 2 day orientation the week before the start of the first semester of level one, then the first day of the semester (the next week) an orientation to that semester.

each semester had 1 day orientation to the class.

prior to beginning second level, there was 1 day for math validation, then 1 day for orientation to the second level in general. the next week each class had an orientation to that particular class on the first day they met

I only have one orientation but it's 8hrs long. It's Aug 17 we start the week after. It's mandatory and if you don't attend you forfeit your spot in the program and there are only 30 of us. Come to think of it, I should be receiving my pre orientation packet in the mail soon.

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according to the nursing students that frequent our facility during their clinical, they have mentioned that they also have a total of 3 orientations, which is pretty much the norm.


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I wish we had more than one! It was a ton of information and now that we're closer I have more questions! Guess I'll just bug them via email :)

Wow this is interesting. My ADN program I'm starting in fall has only 1 day orientation on July 16 for only 2 hours from 10am to 12pm.


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Ours is August 16th and classes start on the 20th. I am glad I am in summer session or I would be going crazy waiting.


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