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ParvulusPuella has 6 years experience and specializes in Cardiac/Progressive Care.

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  1. ParvulusPuella

    Albumin administration rate and IV tubing

    We used to run it in by gravity, and pharmacy bundled it with specific tubing with the filter built in. Took roughly 30 minutes to infuse. Now we run it through the pump, with regular pump tubing and a filtered extension set. We are to run it over an hour now.
  2. ParvulusPuella

    Community 228 Class WGU

    There is an ATI study guide under the course search. Thats what I used and got a 3 on it.
  3. ParvulusPuella


    I used Microsoft Word, and saved stuff with the .pdf extension they wanted it in. I'm using Word for the whole program, only 4 courses left. I have never used a Mac, so maybe someone else has tips on that. You can do it either way. I found it easier to draw the diagram/make the model, take pictures with my phone, email them to myself, and then insert them into the paper. Passed all 5 tasks on the first try, just make sure to follow the rubric. The video guides were extremely helpful as well. And the diagrams don't have to be textbook worthy, just enough to show you understand the concept.
  4. ParvulusPuella

    Question re: different hospital PCU standards

    New Hampshire, level 2 trauma center, 20 bed PCU. Ratios 1:4 on days, 1:4-5 nights. Assessments and vitals q4h, i&o q8h. Of course, VS and assements vary for different procedures (post cardiac cath, post temporary pacer wire pulling, etc).
  5. ParvulusPuella

    WGU RN to BSN

    Multiple choice, and some select all that apply, but they tell you how many to select (i.e. what are two ways...)
  6. WGUs RN-BSN is for students who already have their RN license, who have already gone through a school of nursing with clinical components. They do offer a pre-licensure program in certain states, where you would do have clinicals. I know meanmaryjean is an instructer for the prelicensure program in Indiana, she would be a good person to ask, if she doesnt jump into this thread anyway :)
  7. ParvulusPuella

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    DDimer 24. He may have had a few PEs. (Our norm is
  8. ParvulusPuella

    Anyone heard of ASU

    I just did a quick look up and it looks as though each class is 8 weeks, so finishing would depend on how many classes you have to take.
  9. ParvulusPuella

    Salary Ettiquette

    In my experience, you'll still have to meet with HR and sign the job acceptance letter, which should have your pay rate on it. Unless this was the paperwork you already started?
  10. ParvulusPuella

    Starting in ICU - Need Advice

    Charting and frequency of charting will be something you learn on the job. It's not standardized between units or hospitals.
  11. ParvulusPuella

    Getting Frustrated

    After my first semester of nursing school, I could apply for my CNA license by 'licensure by comparable education'. I didn't have to test, just fill out the application for my license with all of my school information. I don't know if that's how it is in your state?
  12. ParvulusPuella

    Cannula removal

    In my experience, that is usually a thread of clotted blood. Sometimes IV catheter removal is uncomfortable anyway, so the baby could have been upset from the removal in general.
  13. ParvulusPuella

    Question about tablet vs computer for WGU studies/reading

    I can access everything on both my phone and my tablet. I have an android phone and a galaxy tablet. I do find it easier to do my reading on the tablet, and on my phone in a pinch, because that's where i do most of my leisure reading anyway.
  14. ParvulusPuella

    Valedictorian caught cheating

    I'm surprised that she's still in the program!
  15. ParvulusPuella

    Took NCLEX-RN and tried PVT 12 hrs after exam, got charged.

    The PVT is not accurate until at least 24 hrs after the exam, as it gets scored twice. So its possible the first score is a fail and the second could be a pass.
  16. ParvulusPuella

    Inexpensive online rn to bsn

    Yes it is