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  1. PinkCupcake

    How do clinicals work?

    We have clinical twice a week starting the second week of school. It was like that my first semester too. I was shocked at how fast they had us out there interacting with real patients! I love going to clinical because it lets me experience what we've been taught in labs and lecture :) In two weeks I get to start my OB rotation and I'm super excited! :)
  2. PinkCupcake

    Making money while in nursing school

    If you have your CNA then you could always do that while going through nursing school. I have many friends in my class who work as a CNA on a PRN basis and it works great for them :) Right now I'm not working but I might look for a CNA job that's PRN. I figure it might help me get a RN job once I graduate :)
  3. You will get this! I struggled at first finding pulses and then my clinical instructor taught me how to occlude the artery then slowly/gently let up until you feel the pulse. For me it workes like a charm for those tricky ones that are hard to find/feel. Good luck and it does get easier with practice :)
  4. PinkCupcake

    Scrubs cost WHAT???

    I feel your pain, our uniforms cost $300! Our's are all white pants and vest with pockets (it looks like something a fisherman would ware lol) and a blue polo shirt. I will say that they still look brand new after a years worth of abuse having to wear it 3 days a week. I hope they hold out for next year! Sometimes you can find your uniforms used. Many areas have a 'Buy, Sell, and Trade' page on FB that you can join. I know many people in my class that found their uniforms for $40 from someone who finished school or dropped out. Last week I went to Goodwill just to poke around and I found the bottoms for 3.38 and the vest was on sale for .25. I snatched up both just in case something happened to my two sets.
  5. PinkCupcake

    Dieting and nursing school

    I'm in the last semester of my LPN in my ADN program and I remember on the very 1st day of class our instructor told us that the average nursing student gains 25lbs during the program. Not what I wanted to hear but I see how easy it happens! Between classes, studying, family, and working (if you work) it's very easy to reach for quick junky foods. I fell into that trap my summer and fall semesters I always found myself eating at Vend-O-Land (the vending machines in the student lounges). When I got home after loading up on high calorie chips and soda I was still hungry because there wasn't any nutrition in the crap that I was eating and would then load up on more junk because I was too exhausted from class to make something healthy. As my new year's resolution I made it a point to eat better and so far I have stuck to it. I do my best to only buy healthy foods when I shop. I bought a LARGE refillable water bottle that I take to class everyday so I don't buy a soda. I sometimes bring vita coco to drink if I want something sweet but don't want the empty calories or added sugar. I've started making my own Lara bars and they are amazing and when I take them to class it keeps me full for the whole 4 hour lecture. Now I'm not starving when I get home so I can rest and make a healthy meal later. For me I found that I need to plan ahead a bit and pack my snacks/lunch the night before because I won't do it in the morning (I love to hit the snooze button). I'm not on a diet per say but am more mindful of the quality of the foods that I eat. So far I've lost 5lbs since Jan 1st so I'm pretty happy so far :) I don't exercise like I should but when I do it does a great job of clearing my head! I love the Bodyrock website because many of their exercises take 30 mins or less which is all I have time for! Sorry this was so long and good luck you can do this! :)
  6. PinkCupcake

    Whats your favorite montra or saying?

    When I get stressed or overwhelmed I stop and tell myself "just breathe." It works for me :)
  7. Congrats!!!!!
  8. PinkCupcake

    How many people in your class?

    My summer semester started with about 75 students. When fall semester started we were down to about 43 students or so which included three new students who didn't pass that semester with their starting class. I didn't ask if their failing was due to grades or personal/health issues that made them drop/fail. I think it'll be interesting to see who made it through this semester. When we were getting ready to take our final there were a lot of students who were right on the pass/fail edge. Our program likes to weed out the ones that "can't hack it". The class ahead of me also started with 75 students and yesterday only 24 walked to receive their LPN. From what I've noticed in my program most of the people who fail/drop have either health issues and they missed one too many clinicals (you can only miss 3) or they don't seem to put in 100% of their efforts to pass the classes. In my opinion it's one thing to bust your butt and fail and it's another to barely crack your book and complain because you're almost failing.
  9. PinkCupcake

    Any book suggestions for new nursing students???

    That book will serve you well! Everyone that I know that uses that books saw their grades go up. I also used it to study for my comprehensive final and I did really well on it :) In my opinion that book was a lifesaver. I did a great job in all of my prereqs but struggled with my nursing exams because my brain wasn't trained to think like that. The med surg success book taught me how to think the way I need to. I'm sure I sound like a commercial for that book but I really do love it and I know it will help others struggleing with the NCLEX style questions.
  10. PinkCupcake

    Any book suggestions for new nursing students???

    Med-Surg Success: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking (Davis's Q&a Series): Kathryn Colgrove, Ray Huttel: 9780803625044: Amazon.com: Books I LOVE this book! It did a great job training my brain to think the way it needs to to pass the tests. Every question has the rationals for both the right answer(s) and the wrong answers plus a test taking tip that relates to that question. The book is divided into subjects like Cardiac, musculo., and respiratory. It is then further divided into subsections like asthma, COPD etc. This book made a big improvement in my grade :) Another book that is popular is the green saunders PN NCLEX book. I borrowed it once from a friend who is a semester ahead of me and I loved it! It gives a breakdown of each section along with NCLEX Qs at the end of all the sections. I plan on picking it up for my next semester. Good luck in school :)
  11. PinkCupcake

    Waiting for final grades to post

    Waiting is the worst! I had my final yesterday but luckily I only had to wait an hour and a half before it was posted. I couldn't imagine waiting that long for my grades! Hope you do well and get the grade you want! :)
  12. PinkCupcake


    I plan on taking a week off and hitting the OB book hard before next semester starts. I'm kind of glad we have the chance to get a head start on it :) Enjoy the holidays! :)
  13. PinkCupcake


    Congrats!!!! I have OB/peds next semester. The instructor already gave us the reading assignments for it. I heard this section can be brutal!!!
  14. PinkCupcake

    I survived my first semester...

    Congrats! And to think we get to do it all over again next semester!
  15. PinkCupcake


    I'm lucky in the fact that where I live you do not have to have your BSN to find a job. In my area most people only have their ADN. The closest hospital that only hires BSNs is a 2 hour drive so for me the ADN to BSN bridge is a perfect fit. I also plan on working while in the bridge program :) and then who knows maybe I'll go for my masters. It really depends on where you live as far as the bridge programs. If you can get your ADN and get into a BSN bridge program right away to save money I don't see how it'll be any slower than just going straight for your BSN. The only savings I see is $$$. In my area there is another school where you can enter with your LPN and get your BSN in a year and a half but it's spendy and a lot of work to finish that quickly.
  16. PinkCupcake


    This is my plan as well. I am half way through the 1st year of 2 at my CC. After I get my ADN I plan on bridging over to our University. I don't have the money to go straight into the BSN program or a means to drive that far, it's 2 hours away, every day. I think it's a really great option. The best part is my BSN is done 100% online and I only have to drive to the University a couple of times a semester :) Which is great for people like me with a family and who live in the boonies lol I know many people who have bridged over after getting their ADN and they loved the fact that they saved so much money and still got the same degree that could have cost twice as much. My clinical instructor did the same thing and now she is working on her masters. If she had to do it all over again she said she wouldn't have changed a thing! If you need more info ask the admissions people at your school and they can tell you more about their bridge program. Good luck!