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Just graduated and ready to take the NCLEX and find the job that I'm meant for. I plan to go on to earn my bachelors and masters degrees.

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  1. Bojamashell

    night/weekend nursing schools

    I am in an evening/weekend ADN program. We have class two "nights" a week from 3:45pm-7:30pm (not what I'd call evening, but close). Then we have clinical different days. It changes in our program. 1st semester it was 1 day a week on Saturdays. 2nd semester was 2 days a week - Saturday and Sunday. But then 3rd semester was a nightmare with clinicals. It varied for each clinical group. My group for example had some weeks with 3-4 days of clinical and some with only 1 day of clinical. The hours varied from 8-12 hours. I had to take off a lot of time from my full time job to complete the require clinicals because sometimes they were scheduled for 8a-5p during the week. This last semester, the evening class has an option of 2 groups. Both groups have class on Monday and Tuesday, and clinical on Friday and Saturday. However one group's clinicals are 7a-3p those days and the other group is 3p-11p those days. I prefer mroning hours because that's when I'm most refreshed and focused. However because of my job (I can't take off every Friday for an entire semester), I had to go with the 3-11. It's going to make my Fridays long beginning work at 6am and ending around midnight when I get home from clinical.
  2. Bojamashell

    Feeling down and out about Nursing school

    I was disappointed the first semester as well. I ended with a B in theory and A in the other courses. However it wasn't long before we started agreeing that C=RN. It doesn't matter what grade you get, as long as you pass. We all take the same board examinations and I believe there's FAR more to nursing than how well we take tests. We learn a lot in nursing school, but I think of it as just a foundation and then after graduating, the real learning begins.... the things school can't teach you. It is really difficult this time of year. Like someone stated earlier, it seems like everyone that's not in nursing school is pouring into their personal lives. I hope some down time and rest will help you. It might help to try to remember why you want to be a nurse.
  3. Bojamashell

    Beginning of last semester!!!

    I'm with you!! I graduate in May. 131 days until the Graduation Ceremony!!
  4. I work full time (40 hours a week) in a geotechnical lab (testing soil, which has nothing to do with health care. lol), have 3 children and I'm looking forward to entering my last semester of the program. I was told the same thing. I didn't like hearing it from so many people and even seeing doubt on the faces of people that were too polite to say it. I actually transferred school because the first school I was at wasn't supportive and when I told them my situation, the nursing program advisor laughed and said it's not possible. I transferred schools before entering a nursing program. Since I've entered the program I'm currently in, they've changed the wording on the application to state that students should not work more than 20 hours a week. I'm normally an 'A' student, however nursing courses are more difficult that previous classes and the tests are completely different. I've completely 3 semesters of a full course load making B's in theory and A's in clinical and other extra nursing courses. I graduate in 131 days. (Yes, I have a countdown) Here's what has worked for me: -Be extremely organized. I have an excel file for each semester. I have a tab for keeping track of grades (I have everything calculated down to how much each class quiz, exam, lab, etc., is worth towards the final course grade). I keep track of assignments and when things are due. - Again with the organization- In my excel file, I create a calendar right after semester orientation. I put on there class times, topics, lab times, and then add in my clinical dates and times. Then I share it with my classmates so they'll have it also. Then I take my personal one and add things that I need to remember for work and home. I've made it a priority that an A in class is not worth the sacrifice of never seeing my 3 children or attending their school functions. So I'd add those in. If the event was during class or clinical or if I knew I had an exam coming up that I need to study for, then I skip it and ask my husband to take pictures for me. Basically, I put my life on a calendar. - Make time for studying but be flexible. That's one thing I've learned through this whole thing. Even when you have studying on the chart to do at a certain time, you might have days when you just need a break. I know I did. I tried to stick to my schedule and the stress mounted so I skipped studying one night and the rest was definitely worth it. - I record the lectures and listen to them while I'm driving or walking. - I have a study group and instead of finding a time for everyone to meet and a place, we video chat. That way, we have everything we need at our fingertips without having to drag our entire home library out with us. Also, I do mine from home so if something comes up with my kids, I can go take care of it and then come right back (it's about the same time as taking a bathroom break if you meet in person). - I use my lunch time for homework, reading texts, studying, or working on care plans. - Everyone learns differently and studies differently. It's not a popular thing to be told, but you'll just have to play around and figure out what works best for you. I hope I was able to help a bit. It CAN be done. I've always worked while in school so I don't know how much more difficult it is than not working, but I understand being in a situation where the only choices are to do it or to drop school. If being a nurse is that important to you, you'll find a way to do it while still feeding your family. Good luck in school and I look forward to seeing you post with R.N. behind your name in a few years. :)
  5. Bojamashell

    Rose State Career ladder skills refresher course??

    Were you accepted?
  6. Bojamashell

    Could use some encouragement.

    In this program for the 2nd semester, they just have beginning med-surg for 5 credits, with the clinical rotation practicum course for 4 credits. The way they figure the grade is complicated. All of my non-exam grades for med-surg are As. My exam average though is 72.83% (out of 3 exams so far) because I just completely blew it on exam 2. We have to have an exam average of 74% for any of the other course work to be included into our grade. And if you don't make a 74 overall in the course, you fail. I'm making all As in the clinical practicum also. However the pressure seems to get to me during exams and I can't relax. As soon as I sit down to take it, my neck starts hurting from the tension and I start sweating.
  7. Bojamashell

    Could use some encouragement.

    So I'm in an ADN program, 2nd semester. I'm borderline failing. If I don't do well on my next two exams, I may actually fail which would be terrible. I've been so stressed I can hardly think straight. I took 2 of our HESI exams today and all I could think about was what would happen if I didn't pass, fail the course, etc., I kept getting distracted by the people around me. How do you stay focused? I've been trying to study harder, but it seems like I have to chose between study and sleep and I'm only getting 5 hours of sleep a night anyways. I work fulltime (not a choice to be unemployed or go part time) and I have 3 small children. Anyone else know what I'm going through or have any words of encouragement?
  8. Bojamashell

    Nursing Games is taking its toll

    I am in the evening/weekend class at my school and we lost 2 within the first 4 weeks of class. Now we're down to 8 students.
  9. Bojamashell

    Is this normal?....

    Yep! Same way with me. It happened to me at the end of the 4th week of the first semester. Went back to class on Monday and realized that over half my class (small class of only 8 people since 2 dropped) has gone through the same thing! Made me feel better knowing I wasn't alone. When I was accepted into nursing school, I was so excited. When I started, I said I will keep my eye on the goal and that's graduation and passing the NCLEX! However now in week 6, it's focus on the next clinical, the next big exam, "Whew, got through another week!", "Come on December!!". Haha. Graduation can barely be seen in my peripheral vision right now. Survival is key! Haha. I know how you feel though. I kept thinking "It wouldn't be this stressful if I didn't have my husband and three kids to worry about, bills to pay, 40 hours of work a week, etc.," But we'll get through it. Just find the little things that will keep pushing you on to the next day and before we know it, we'll be done! That's my plan anyway.
  10. Bojamashell

    What's so great about a pinning ceremony?

    It's a long ways off, but I plan to attend both the commencement ceremony and the pinning ceremony. If I had to choose between the two, I'd probably just choose the pinning ceremony. But since I didn't have a high school graduation, I'll walk at the commencement.
  11. Bojamashell

    This disorganization is making me very anxious!!

    I borrowed about fifty bucks from my mom so I could get the required homework packet for orientation today. I saw that packet and thought "Oh my! What have I gotten myself into?" Just the homework packet for the one class is thicker than my text book, so I'm a little more anxious for orientation today. Still haven't enrolled me so I can't get my books after orientation, but I hope to have some questions answered and at least put my mind at ease a little bit with orientation today. I have 3 kids (one epileptic, one ADHD) and I've been working full time and going to school for years now, so I think I'm used to the stress. It's just something to deal with. 2 years from now and I'll look back and write RN at the end of my name with pride that I got through it and am trained and equipped to finally help people!
  12. Bojamashell

    This disorganization is making me very anxious!!

    Haha. Thanks. A friend just reminded me that I have to learn to adapt as I'll hear PLENTY of times in nursing school (she's entering her senior year at a different school). I guess I just need to stop trying to control it and just accept that it will work out. I've done all I can at this point.
  13. So, I should just be excited right about now. I mean, I've gotten my immunizations, background check, drug screening, CPR certification, everything that I, as a student, am responsible for. Our class orientation is on Thursday and our program orientation is next Tuesday. I receive a pell grant. Financial aid is a must for me to complete my plan of becoming a registered nurse. For those that don't know, the way financial aid works at my school is that you enroll in your courses and based on the number of hours, financial aid will reward you a percentage of what you are allowed (i.e., If I have 6 credit hours, I get half the amount; 9 credits I'd get 75% of the amount). Once the money is awarded and you are enrolled, the school takes out tuition costs and puts the remaining on your account in the bookstore. That was supposed to happen today. I called and have no money there. Turns out, because enrolling in the nursing classes must be approved by the director, only the program director can enroll me in my classes. Therefore, my account shows I'm only enrolled in one class so far so I cannot get the required things I need for orientation Thursday. I called and talked with them at the school and they seem unorganized and just wanted to get me off of the phone. First they sent out the wrong textbook list with the acceptance letters. Then they don't match up with what the book store lists and turns out we are supposed to combine them. I've tried to be patient this summer as I see many people on here talking about their orientations being during the summer. Our classes start August 20th and our orientations are not much earlier than that, which already made me nervous. But now how am I supposed to get the required equipment and books I need for orientation Thursday if they haven't even enrolled me yet? I like to plan ahead. I'm the type of student that makes note cards for everything and sits down with the syllabus at the beginning of class to mark down due dates for the entire semester on two different calendars (one wall and one planner I carry with me). So for me to have to wait until the last minute like this, with the possibility that I may not have the required things when I need them is adding stress before the semester even begins. Anyone else have this kind of disorganized mess at the start of your program? I'm hoping it's temporary, but I must say the lack of consideration and organization for the new students entering the program does not give me much hope to how it's going to be once it has officially started. And don't get me wrong, it's a good school. High-ranking academically and highly recommended by medical personnel and graduates. So maybe this is temporary and there are things going on behind the scenes that are making it difficult for them to start this year efficiently. But man am I starting to STRESS already!!
  14. Bojamashell


    I am the same type of learner. Also, I never had to study until A&P. I learned in A&P II that how the information stayed in my head was to make my own practice quizzes. Also, for lab, I'd take my camera and take pictures of things (because I work full time and have kids, so I couldn't make it to the lab for extra time). For example, our final was over the pig's anatomy. I took pictures of pins in the pig at different angles. Went home, printed them out and pasted them on index cards with the answers written on the back. Quizzing myself really helped me and I was able to give my quizzes and send the pics to my classmates so they could use them to study also. It helped me a ton! I hope that learning new little tricks like this will help when I start nursing school next month! I just bought some new dry erase markers because I think the repitition of writing what I know or giving a pretend lecture will help too!
  15. Bojamashell

    3rd shift clinical...Will i get enough experience?

    I'm just starting my nursing program next month. We'll start clinicals in September. I work full time and have young kiddos, so I'm thankful my school has an evening/weekend program that I was accepted into. Our clinicals this semester are on Saturdays (mostly) from 2:30 to 10:30pm. It isn't night shift, but I'm looking forward to the time and I'm so exicted to learn everything they can teach me!!
  16. Bojamashell

    Rose State RN Fall 2012

    Zombie, glad you all got it worked out! Now that you don't have to worry about that, you can be excited! I know I am!

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