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  1. Katie71275

    How much is a normal raise

    I believe mine was 3% last year plus I received a bump in pay (as did all staff) to bring the hourly pay more in line with what other hospitals in the area were paying)
  2. Katie71275

    Nurses smoking weed?

    Absolutely not and no interest in doing so.
  3. Katie71275

    Bad Habits Picked up from being an L&D RN?

    I will be starting CNM school in August and have (almost) 3 years experience as a labor nurse. Personally, I think it's a great experience to have. You know how to read strips and know what interventions work in situations and know that some situations that first appear to be an emergency are not actually an emergency. Also, many potential employers of CNMs want you to have L&D experience.
  4. Katie71275

    Anyone applying to East Carolina Univ for 2016?

    I start the program in August! I am super excited(and nervous!)
  5. Katie71275

    Texas Tech

    Thank you! Do you have to find your own preceptors or do they help with that?
  6. Katie71275

    Texas Tech

    Did you ever start the program? I am interested in applying if I am not accepted into the program here in NC where I live. I am curious how it is going.
  7. Katie71275

    CNM in the Army?

    I am curious if anyone here is a CNM(or even FNP/NP) in the Army? I will find out next week if I am accepted into the CNM program, but I am considering the ARMY for CNM if accepted. I'd love to hear more about your role, benefits, pay(if able to post), and really what the entire process was? Thanks, Katie
  8. Katie71275

    Anyone applying to East Carolina Univ for 2016?

    I will be interviewing Tuesday!
  9. Katie71275

    Bad at conversation

    You develop it eventually. I despise small talk and yet I do it because it's expected. Ask your parents about their day, how they are feeling. Are there any problems they feel they need to be addressed? When you introduce yourself, introduce yourself to the entire room and visitors. Find out who the people there are. Tell them a little about yourself. Starting there opens up a lot of other topics.
  10. Katie71275

    L&D nurses in Austin

    I am currently in Raleigh, NC and am applying to CNM school here. If I get in, I am thinking of Austin after graduation....if I don't get in, I am thinking of moving my family to Austin Summer of 2017. Are there any hospitals that are better for L&D? What is the average pay for a nurse with 4 years of experience? I will have 3 years this June, and 4 by the time we are looking to move if I don't get into grad school. I'm looking for a hospital that preferably does EBP and is nurse friendly and supportive. I work night shift here, but am looking to go to day shift if we move as I am a single mom of 4 kids (currently 13, 11, 9, 6). Thanks and if you like, you can PM me. Katie
  11. Katie71275

    Overtime pay?

    I think that's completely within your range to ask for. I work prn at a hospital and they were paying moonlighting docs thousands of dollars per shift they were working so I think 100/HR sounds very reasonable.
  12. Katie71275

    Experience before RN/CNM worth it?

    Personally I do feel any nursing or tech experience while in school is helpful. Will it prepare you for CNM school? Probably not. I would advise you to get labor and delivery experience while doing your BSN and CNM
  13. Katie71275

    How does it feel to have a Foley insertion?

    I've had several while in labor and also after surgery. Didn't bother me at all.
  14. Katie71275

    Have any of your patients ever told you that you're a good nurse?

    It makes me feel good. But I also work labor and delivery so these are usually happy times. And I've helped them have their babies.
  15. Katie71275

    Future CNM Advice

    Personally I feel as a labor nurse and future midwife that being a labor nurse would be beneficial. You learn how to treat and react in critical moments during labor and events that may occur and I feel it helps you know why you are doing something. Also there are some clinical sites that want you to have labor experience and there are also some jobs that will not hire a CNM without 1-2 years labor experience. I have a coworker who couldn't get a job as a WHNP without labor experience because they wanted her to have that clinical background. Probably one hindrance I can see is learning to think like a provider when you do have previous labor experience.