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    L&D nurses in Austin

    I am currently in Raleigh, NC and am applying to CNM school here. If I get in, I am thinking of Austin after graduation....if I don't get in, I am thinking of moving my family to Austin Summer of 2017. Are there any hospitals that are better for L&D? What is the average pay for a nurse with 4 years of experience? I will have 3 years this June, and 4 by the time we are looking to move if I don't get into grad school. I'm looking for a hospital that preferably does EBP and is nurse friendly and supportive. I work night shift here, but am looking to go to day shift if we move as I am a single mom of 4 kids (currently 13, 11, 9, 6). Thanks and if you like, you can PM me. Katie
  2. Katie71275

    Texas Tech

    Thank you! Do you have to find your own preceptors or do they help with that?
  3. Katie71275

    Texas Tech

    Did you ever start the program? I am interested in applying if I am not accepted into the program here in NC where I live. I am curious how it is going.
  4. Katie71275

    CNM in the Army?

    I am curious if anyone here is a CNM(or even FNP/NP) in the Army? I will find out next week if I am accepted into the CNM program, but I am considering the ARMY for CNM if accepted. I'd love to hear more about your role, benefits, pay(if able to post), and really what the entire process was? Thanks, Katie
  5. Katie71275

    Anyone applying to East Carolina Univ for 2016?

    I will be interviewing Tuesday!
  6. Katie71275

    Bad at conversation

    You develop it eventually. I despise small talk and yet I do it because it's expected. Ask your parents about their day, how they are feeling. Are there any problems they feel they need to be addressed? When you introduce yourself, introduce yourself to the entire room and visitors. Find out who the people there are. Tell them a little about yourself. Starting there opens up a lot of other topics.
  7. Katie71275

    Any midwives in Texas?

    Are there any midwives who are working in Texas who wouldn't mind talking to me about your career there? I plan to start school next Fall 2016, and Texas is a potential place I may consider relocating to....From Louisiana, but live in Raleigh, NC. If you would like to PM me, or post here, that would be great!
  8. Katie71275

    2016 Salary thread

    1)North Carolina 2)RN-labor and delivery. 21.67/HR. 5.00/HR nights diff, 10.00/HR wknd diff. Non Union 3)rents 1200-2000, mortgages 175k-325k for 3-4 bedroom homes.
  9. Katie71275

    PICO question

    It's really going to depend on your interest. For example, I did one of mine on thermoregulation of the newborn. Skin to skin vs radiant warmer.
  10. Katie71275

    Fall 2016 Vanderbilt Applicants...

    Is there anyone here considering applying to Vanderbilt for the Fall 2016? I am in the process of getting all of my ducks in a row to apply. I am almost done with my BSN and will have been an RN with a little over 2 years of L&D experience when I apply. I also still have to take the GRE, probably this Spring 2015. I plan to apply to the CNM program.
  11. Katie71275

    References when appying for CNM school

    Who did you use for your references when applying for CNM school? I am applying Fall 2016 admission, and the requirements are 3 professional references. I am considering asking one or two of the OBGYN I work with (I work L&D), but not quite sure how to ask. There are several charge nurses I could ask who know about my work as a nurse, plus my desire to become a CNM, but I wasn't sure if that would be "professional enough". Would love to hear your thoughts! (PS ignore any typing errors, sticky keys!) Thanks, Katie
  12. Katie71275

    Trouble in the O.R.

    Learn from your mistakes. When I first started in labor and delivery, we were required to scrub. I contaminated the field at least twice. I promise you aren't the first and won't be the last!
  13. Katie71275

    Administering Fentanyl

    I work L&D. I give fentanyl IV often.
  14. Katie71275

    So I thought I would ask if you guys can share...

    Straight out of nursing school. I graduated May 2013, started in L&D in end of June 2013. I worked at a teaching facility and LOVED it. worked there for just under a year and then relocated to a bigger city/bigger hospital in L&D.
  15. Katie71275

    Moving to NC (Raleigh-Durham)

    I work in the Raleigh area. I had my ASN in nursing with a BA in Sociology. I did not have a hard time finding a job, but also came in with a year of OB experience. There are other hospitals in the area also to look at: Wake Med Raleigh, Wake Med North, Rex, just to name a couple. Rex is opening a brand new heart hospital, I think in 2017.
  16. Katie71275

    Night shift scheduling!

    Where I work, we self schedule. I work mainly weekends, so I do Friday/Sat/Sun. I do that because it's more money. Otherwise yes, I do prefer 3 days in a row, b/c I feel like I get more time off. If I were doing every other day, I wouldn't be able to have a normal schedule with my family.
  17. Katie71275

    Bedadine for vaginal birth

    We are still using a betadine prep and then washing off with a soap/water solution.
  18. Katie71275

    Graduate School & Finances

    Personally, if it were me, I would spend the time while you both wait to go to NP school, to pay off any debt you have(credit cards, loans, etc), and not buy a house. If you need to downsize into something smaller and more affordable, do so, and save more money. If you don't have any debt, cars included, and put any extra money you have into savings. This will help ALOT when you have to reduce work hours or quit working altogether. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey. Also, another reason why not to buy a house, is that when you both are finished with your programs, you may not be able to find jobs in your current location and may have to relocate.
  19. Katie71275

    Babies on a plane!! (and also cord clamping)

    One of our OB docs tells the parents that delayed cord clamping leads to increased RBC in the baby, leading to increased jaundice. She says for a normal term baby, she prefers not to delay cord clamp, but that it is beneficial for pretermers......Any thoughts?
  20. Most of the patients I have are happy, as I am a labor and delivery nurse, but not all of them. I remember this one because of a variety of reasons that I won't go into, but she was a mom with a full term IUFD(fetal demise) that I labored and delivered. It wasn't a great situation at all, but I remember caring for the baby and holding her because the parents could not do it. I also remember us taking photos of the baby and giving them to the grandparents in case the parents ever decided they wanted them. It rips a hole in me thinking about this, and how sad this situation was for the nursing staff, but most of all the family and the parents.
  21. Katie71275

    University of Louisiana-Lafayette online RN-BSN

    So I found you actually can't take 353/354 with any other nursing classes. They must be taken alone. I have finished my first term and am almost done with the second term, which included 421, and chem! Chem has been very hard. The professor is great, and gives great video lectures,but the information is a LOT. If I pass Chem, I move on to the second half of Chemistry. Not really looking forward to it.
  22. Katie71275

    Mental math very important in nursing?

    YOu do not need to do mental math in your head for nursing. First of all, pharmacy almost always does all of the calculations, but you do know how to make sure it is correct. I've had pharm send down something incorrect and I have to call them back and tell them it's wrong...or sometimes the doc orders something and it doesn't come in that concentration, so you have to titrate it. I always call pharmacy though and make sure my calculation is correct if needed. And you will learn how to take blood pressures in nursing school by listening to the start and stop of the pulse and paying attention to the meter. You will get it!
  23. Katie71275

    rant.. "4 weeks notice"

    4 weeks notice is pretty common. That's our requirement where I work.
  24. Katie71275

    L & D Experience

    From what I have observed most employers want the cnm they hire to have labor and delivery experience. It is very helpful! I just saw a cnm student ask about how to read fetal monitoring strips. That's just one example where the experience would be helpful.
  25. Katie71275

    Twelve hour shifts. Are you doing 3 or 4 days a week?

    I work 3-12 hour shifts a week. Our week runs Sun-Sat. No mandatory overtime, but we do have to pick up call which averages 20-30 hour a 6 week period. And yes are paid 1.5 pay for holidays.

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