Ok, RANDOM question.What do you think of anne geddes pictures?

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This is random but I was looking at anne geddes calenders online. Anyway, I do think her pictures are visually nice but was surprised to see that some people find it cruel for the babies. One person wrote how the babies are put in unusual positions, but isn't the fetal position comfortable for them? anyway, what are your thoughts? t.

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It's been a while since I looked at her photos but from what I remember they mostly seemed very developmental. I don't know how she conducts her photo sessions but I imagine if the kids are sleeping most of the time they must not be too uncomfortable.

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I very much dislike them. Not that I have any reason to beleive that the babies are mistreated, but I don't like to see them used as objects. I also saw one picture of a premie in a man's hand that looked about 2lb. In all seriousness that baby was mcuh too small to be out of an isolette (or dead already). I have disliked those picturse ever since.


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Ahhhhhh....this thread is funny....I can't STAND anne geddes pictures. I love babies but I just hate those pics. They give me the heebie jeebies. I questioned that preemie picture too. And then when she paired up with celine dion...It's like to evil forces combined or something. I don't think she mistreats them either...those pictures just give me the creeps. Everyone I work with is obsessed with them...it's like porno for pregnant people. I just don't like them

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Quite a few of her photos are digitally altered to give the effect she goes after. I don't like them all that much, but I don't dislike them either. I think the preemie one is an altered one, IIRC

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Interesting thread ...

As a former longtime NICU nurse, I have mixed feelings about the pictures. Some, I like ... others, I do not like. ...But ... then... that's the way "art" should be.

I don't think she hurts the babies. I think she take great care with them. So, that aspects doesn't bother me.

As far as the "objectification" goes ... well ... isn't that true of any artform that uses human models? Artists have been using human models for thousands of years and it's not all bad. Art studies/expresses the human condition all the time, and the condition of being a baby is part of that general classification of subject matter.

However ... I do find some of it "overdone" and I am definitely turned off by the obsessiveness of some of her fans. The previous poster who refered to it as "porn for pregnant people" hit a button for me and made me smile. That aspect of it gives me the creeps.



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Some of her pictures I like, and some I don't...I agree that I don't like the...um...business aspect of the whole thing? I feel like a lot of times people see babies as status symbols or something (and then get a nanny to do all the "baby" stuff!) and then it just doesn't sit right...


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I generally like them. In fact, we have anne geddes pics all over our NICU. Interesting, huh?? :)


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Some of the pictures I think are very nice...others not. I could take it or leave it truethfully. If there was any concern regarding the care of the infants, I'm sure it would have been addressed long before now.

People are proud of their baby, and I don't see any difference to this or any other picture that is shared with the public.


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Interestingly we just touched on this subject on my preemie parenting bb while discussing the frustration over the misconception of what preemies actually are. While I enjoy some of her work, we were discussing how this type of "glorification" can propagate and perpetuate the gross misconception that preemies are just cute little babies, and the desire among unsuspecting women to have one.


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remember when cabbage patch kids also came as cabbage patch PREEMIES? how crazy is that! i had one (i was six)...i just remember how good it smelled. i didn't have any concept of preemies i don't think back then, just liked the doll. funny i then grew up to be a nicu nurse.

p.s. i have a pic of a baby sleeping by a violin that is a geddes picture. the baby looks very peaceful sleeping.


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I am very surprised at the mixed reactions to these pictures. I think they are beautifully done...porno for pregnant people? Come on! :uhoh3: I wish more of our parents would treat their babies as lovingly, instead of shooting heroin for 9 months, then decorating their cribs with rosaries and pictures of Jesus.

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