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  1. Cath lab salaries

    At my hospital, there is a ~1.00 to 1.50/hr premium. SUpposedly.
  2. Is cath lab for me?

    I've been in the cath lab for almost 2 years now, and before that my only experience was ob and NICU. Talk about a HUGE change and feeling so lost and out of place! I am a fast learner and I ask a ridiculous amount of quesstions, but it was a diffi...
  3. Ever Walked Out On An Assignment????

    I walked out on my second travel assignment. I was considered a "registry" nurse with this agency, so I was expected to work at various facilities in a certain area. THe agency promised me hours, hours, hours, then only gave me TWO hours in two we...
  4. Travel Nursing in Daytona Beach Florida

    Does anyone know of any Cath Lab travel positions in the daytona area? I'd be very interested to hear of any news any of you might have. THanks. :wink2:
  5. Applying for cath lab job, what should I study up on?

    Good for you for trying! \I went from the NICU to the cath lab with no adult critical care experience, and it was hard at first, and still is sometimes. But if you are willing to work hard to understand the job and it's requirements, then you are l...
  6. Noninterventional Cath Labs

    I don't think interventional labs will be out, because there will still be plenty to repair. I think non-interventional is going to be out of a lot of cases, though. Our MD's are expecting the 64 slice scanner to "catch" a lot more disease than we...
  7. Noninterventional Cath Labs

    We do interventions in my lab, and we have surgical backup available 24/7. We also have a diagnostic only lab in the house, but they have the same backup. If a pt is cathed in the diagnostic lab and needs an urgent or emergent intervention, then th...
  8. One hour up and two out post cath.

    We only have Angioseal, PerClose and StarClose in our lab. We have Clo-sure P.a.d. in the lab, but I've never seen it used. We rarely use PerCLose d/t pt c/o severe pain with deployment. We mostly use Angioseal. Angioseal pts are on bedrest for ...
  9. Sheath pulls

    I work in the cath lab, and I pull sheaths quite often. Worst one yet occured on a floor where I was to observe and check off a new nurse. Pt was hemodynamically stable but had a GIANT hematoma, had to be at least the size of my hand. Both of us w...
  10. Peripheral Arterial Lines

    I've never seen the drip method! We pull back on all of our lines slowly with a 3ml syringe. We then obtain enough blood for the sample, and we give back the "waste" that we pulled off. All of our art lines have heparin in them anyway, and the blo...
  11. Does NICU level IV exist???

    I work in a level IV NICU. We're a regional referral center and we do have ECMO capability and do every surgery under the sun for wee ones.
  12. Difficult families....

    We have parents that say who can and can not take care of their kid all the time. Usually it is because one nurse enforces the rules when others let the parents do whatever they want to do. Of course, there are notes at the desk saying "do not assi...
  13. CPAP or DPAP - when and why?

    We don't have DPAP either. We use nasal CPAP and are trialing vapotherms right now.
  14. NICU visitation policy-Are more visitors really better?

    We have 24 hour visitation, except during change of shift reports. Parents can place 4 people age 18 or over on visitation list to visit when parents are not there, this includes grandparents. Children under the age of 16 are only allowed in if th...
  15. Did we do the right thing? 23 wker

    Kitty, I wish we had a letter similar to the one you posted available to our parents. I have NEVER heard of our dr's discussing long term outcomes with parents except in exceptional cases----you know, baby is 6 mos old and has never reached a single...