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  1. MishlB

    RN vs. BSN

    It doesn't matter.
  2. MishlB

    'Hug n' Snug"

    We use the Hug n Snug...it is horrible. Difficult to do cares, and babies HATE it. Just another invention that will fail, IMO.
  3. MishlB

    Upset about pay in this area...

    That's why I am leaving San Antonio. Pay sucks, and it really doesn't matter where you go. Do you have experience? That is what I started at as a new graduate nurse. You can find better with a little experience, maybe try night shift??
  4. MishlB

    Nurse who appeared on Dr. Phil suspended

    Are you KIDDING me????????????????????????????????????????? Geez.........by the way, if anyone cares about what I was thinking as I typed the word....it was not meant to be condescending, but merely a figure of speech. Glad to see the ganging up hasn't changed. :chuckle And let's remember...this is a free country; this family agreed to appear, they were not tricked by the evil mastermind Dr. Phil. :angryfire Funny how only certain people can have an opinion.
  5. MishlB

    Nurse who appeared on Dr. Phil suspended

    He IS helping this family. I disagree that he "traded" his help for TV ratings. I hope you don't watch the evening news. How dare they show vioence and crime. This is reality honey....wake up. It could be you or your neighbor getting punched and kicked. Is it the classy thing to do to keep it quiet, not expose it?
  6. MishlB

    Nurse who appeared on Dr. Phil suspended

    It has nothing to do with our profession. Just happens she is a nurse. Doesn't mean the public will think ALL nurses beat their families.
  7. MishlB

    Nurse who appeared on Dr. Phil suspended

    Low class and tabloidish???????? Wow! How about sick and endangering the lives of their children. Not a publicity stunt but the actual truth, live footage of a woman physically abusing her husband while mentally damaging her kids. Yes, they chose to be on the show, which is a pretty BIG step in asking for help. I am sure she doesn't want to continue living like this, and I am sure there are more issues than her husnabd being drunk.
  8. MishlB

    Are you a nurse from a dysfunctional family?

    Every nurse I know comes from a dysfunctional family.
  9. MishlB

    methadone effects on newborns

    It would be a better thing if they DID NOT want the baby. It's true, many go on methadone during pregnancy to keep the baby, because they are great manipulaters of the system. I also agree that methadone is far worse than other withdrawals. Screaming, loose stools, tachypnea, sweating, inability to eat.....much rather see a family that is DRUG FREE deal with this stuff than a mom with such poor coping skills that she needs to shoot heroin AND take her methadone. Methadone clinics should REQUIRE birth control...
  10. Wow, ROLAND, I have to agree that you need to chill. Many hospitals keep GN's on as CNA's, hoping to keep them as a nurse once the boards are passed. They could easily let them go as well, not giving them ANY opportunities to learn on the job as well as continue to earn money. Critical thinking is what we do...and the NCLEX is not an easy test. Are you proposing we graduate and start working without a licensing exam? Medicine is not like the law in the way that there are many variables in different situations. (only an example, I am not familiar with passing the bar exam)
  11. I don't know about where you work, but I have NOT seen a doctor empty a bedpan.......... :chuckle
  12. MishlB

    CBC doubts

    I don't think this is the appropriate site for you. You need to discuss this info with your doctor.
  13. MishlB

    NICU visitation policy-Are more visitors really better?

    Parents and grandparents, as well as siblings if vaccines up to date; 2 at bedside at a time..noon to 2pm, 3-6pm, and 8-11pm. I dont like the kids coming in...it's an ICU for goodness sake.
  14. MishlB

    Various R/T Roles??

    We would be lost without RT...just like your palace described in original post. They are awesome!!!!
  15. MishlB

    What did I do wrong here?

    How do you know you were apneic for 2 minutes??
  16. MishlB

    Prone Positioning in the NICU

    We have "snugglies", which keep them nested, whether prone or supine, etc. We still reposition to avoid toaster heads, and don't leave them prone all shift. After seeing kids in our developmental clinic months and years down the road, it's amazing how much damage a malpositioned head can do.