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  1. kitty29

    Sugar for newborns does not relieve pain: study

    I won't flame you...but your inexperience in NICU is very apparent in your responce...sweeties is used for the lesser types of proceedures (heal stick, placing ng tubes, peripheral IV placement)...the other types of proceedures we use appropriate "moderan options". Actually Sweeties is cuting edge...or rather new. So hopefully you've learned something today!
  2. kitty29

    Sept 15th National Neonatal Nurses Day!

    Nothing happened here to my knowledge anyway...........I didn't even know we had a day??!! :)
  3. kitty29

    Sugar for newborns does not relieve pain: study

    What our CNS had to say: This study has been discussed on the NIDCAP listserve, especially by the Europeans because the study came out of the UK. What the lay press is not sharing is that the accompanying comment in the Lancet On-line (which is where this article appeared, not in the Lancet print journal), states that they feel the study authors' conclusions are premature due to methodological/testing processes used. It is interesting how there can be volumes of studies supporting some practice and then people get all excited when a single nay-saying study comes out. Apparently this particular study has stirred a hornet's nest of responses with one on-line group now stating that sucrose causes brain damage. The question of whether or not oral sucrose actually reduces pain sensation or somehow "simply" limits motor/behavioral activity has always been around and so will continue to be explored, I'm sure. This recent study of 59 term babies looked at if it changed cortical pathways known for pain, but not so closely at if it heightened some other pathways that can cancel/or block pain sensation.
  4. kitty29

    Sugar for newborns does not relieve pain: study

    I've sent this on to our CNS for a comment...stay tuned.
  5. kitty29

    CCRN Renewal Running out of Time

    Thanks...I've started them...
  6. kitty29

    Need to "grow a pair"

    "Grow A Pair"? LOL!!! I've honestly not felt that type of confrontation got one anywhere. I've been more of a team approach sort of person...for the most part anyways. As far as my own comfort level...I suppose it came in about 2 years...but we were all about the same ages the nurses and doctors. I've been a NIC U nurse for 31 years now. Now I find the young'ns are afraid to approach me? Never wanted that to be happening but in the last 5 to 10 years many of the younger nurses and doctors prefer to consult with their own age group? Strange for me. But there it is. Just keep seeking out knowledge and you'll be fine.
  7. kitty29

    CCRN Renewal Running out of Time

    Like always I've got less then a year to get all these credits...so anyone know of any place to get the type for Neonatal CCRN --- a lot of CEU's CHEEP? Any online stuff you can suggest? Thanks!!
  8. kitty29

    Good, cheap nursing shoes

    I have Even A Better shoe for you....they now are copies of the shape-ups and I found some at Target! Only $30 and they are Wonderful!!! I had tried the Shape-ups on and these feel just as good and I love the feel when I walk --- I work 12 hour nights and wear them all the time now. Plus they are So Darn Cute!!!
  9. kitty29

    Potential MN Nurses Strike?

    Not long for sure....I bet chayah you could do it in "two shakes of a lamb's tail"!
  10. kitty29

    Potential MN Nurses Strike?

    I had believed and supported the fact that the MN nurses seemed to be striking for better staffing ratios...however in the end they did settle for just more money....so tell me who really won? No one really...Nothing good happens or results when a strike is decided in my view. I am glad they settled...and honestly think they should have stopped when the one day thing was over.
  11. kitty29

    Potential MN Nurses Strike?

    Yes in the NICU...someone had to care for those babys...but the money got me there. Honestly I'd do it again but can not due to family visiting. Someone mentioned some events done by the striking nurses....I do know that several did hit their signs against the windows of the NICU in the night. That angered me --- come on it's a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit...and parents were there too. Not good. Like a temper tantrum or something...and I think Both Sides are having one...not just the Nurses. I realize the Nurses are being put in a difficult position making a difficult choise. Yet in all due respect...I just do not agree with unions in this situation...not for Nurses...I just don't. There are loads of ways to look at this action that will support it or negate it. I do wish the Nurses who feel they are doing what they must the very best as a professional. I hope wisdom triumphs here and soon!!! Peace.
  12. kitty29

    Need the name of this item for developmenal care

    No it was not Z-flo...that is too big...this only extended to the shoulders not the whole body.
  13. kitty29

    Potential MN Nurses Strike?

    I am aware that the MN Nurses will be striking a second time...and although I do support some of they are asking for...I Do NOT support a nurse or any medical professional striking. I see no good to come from this only hurt and anger...and in the end it's the patients who suffer and their families. I work in the NICU and I did cross the picket line...I am sure I will be flamed here for say this. It's ok...those babys need a nurse...those families did not ask to have this situation happen to them (the early birth I mean). I was paid well. In saying this I feel my being there for the babys and families did support the striking nurses. I know they do not agree. BUT...the hospital paid dearly for my nursing skills. This will encourage a settlement. This allowed the Nurses to make their statement too. The press is out there. The problem is...the press is turning against you guys now. I hear all over from regular people why are they striking they make twice or four times what I do...and they have a pension. Some of your nurses did not even know why you did strike - they told this to someone I know personally. Staffing, money, safety...I'm not saying you shouldn't stick up for these things...you should! But you need to not have tantrums...you need to sit down and settle! Both sides need to sit down and settle!!!! I see nothing good coming from this second strike. Nothing. Flame away...I'm not going to care. It's how I feel. I work in an area where the patient comes first. Sit down and settle - work something out both sides. You know deep down I'm right.
  14. kitty29

    Please be honest!

    Be Honest???!!! OK --- I work the NICU and have done so for just over 31 years. Most days I love my job/career still! Since I work straight nights I do not have to deal with the day shift politics for the most part. I find there is a give and take. If I had to do it all over again...prob. still be an RN in the NICU. This is a very unique, creative , team orriented area. There are problems with geration gap and management...like most places I suspect. Money...we are paid well here with very good benifits over-all. The problem has been lately we have been slow and I've not been able to do my FTE...I'm single ...just me....no big divorce settlements...or rich family to fall back on...so when I don't get the hours it hurts my over-all plan for my future. Lately I have considered becoming a traveling nurse to suppliment this job. I have completed one assignment. Scared to death but I did it and glad I did. The pay was Great and loved meeting nurses from all over. Great opportunity! Did I answer your question?