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  1. kitty29

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Your words resonate to me! After spending 40 years greatly devoted to my career in Nursing many chapters in your story are my own! No support from management, back-stabbing, bullied....it all happened causing me to retire 4 years earlier than planned. After a year the hurt is still there, although the nightmares have diminished. Medicine became a business Not a art. As a business at the height of your nursing career instead of respect you find you cost too much. I gave my youth, my life to nursing. My advice to the young nurses, some who think they are above it all, save for an early retirement!
  2. kitty29

    Is it wrong to turn down a shift?

    You have an at risk child....your priorities are correct!
  3. kitty29

    Retired nurses responding to Covid-19

    I just turned 62 and did get a notification from a travel company I used to work with. I do not plan to take this or any offer. Not only am I at risk, I am unable to keep up with the physical demands of the job anymore. It was getting very difficult 2 years before I retired! Spinal stenosis throughout my back, and now injury to the IT Band in my left leg!! Been at least sewing homemade masks for my community and former coworkers....but that's all I can do.
  4. Boy I think we all have worked with people like that. The social butterfly!! Love to hear themselves talk! Usually members of the clique...beware! Back-stabbers!
  5. For myself when I worked I tended to be very organized....I worked NICU. How "busy* my shift was depended on the acuity of the assignment. I also worked nights. If all caught up and no family around I often did computer lesrning....so many free CEU"s online! But that was after offering help to my colleagues.
  6. kitty29

    Herd immunity

    I listened to an expert saying they felt it would not mutate again because it reached the high ability to spread. I am not as pessimistic...I feel this will end sooner than later. But people do need to follow the recommendations.
  7. kitty29

    Would you refuse to care for a COVID-19 patient?

    I am retired. Although I am not in the workforce I feel for my colleagues. I am making masks for my community hospital and nursing home. Because I am considered at risk I would not re-enter the workforce. If I did I would not care for close iij vents with CO-19 without PPE and training. Please Be Careful.
  8. kitty29

    Herd immunity

    I am retired, following this closely as well personal concerns being considered at risk. My understanding f is the vast majority have had or will have this in such a mild form they never know! In my area people now believe they had CO-19 but it was unknown. I believe Ameri is a is heading toward "herd immunity".
  9. kitty29

    Almost A Year

    Hi! So I did renew my RN although I do not at this point plan to work again....yet??? Interested on hearing if any of you did something within the field after retirement? Red Cross? Doctors Without Boarders? Camp Nurse? I had once thought about part time but honestly carry too much baggage from what was done to me at my careers end. Thanks! Stay Well!
  10. kitty29

    One more day closer to retirement

    Almost a year of retirement! First of all I remember and thank you who posted for all of the support offered me back then. It was such a tough time. I still shed a tear from time to time. Christmas was hard because I used to read to the baby's. But over-all I am doing well. Or as everyone in the world I was until CO-19! Physically well....just everything we all are coping with...Right! I have had mild cold symptoms so sticking at home. Want to get fabric to make masks for some of you! I am concerned at risk, so not picking up the torch. A hard decision as I still hold my RN. Can not get to sleep. Still trouble after 25+ of my 40 years straight 12 hour nights. Ugh! Got my cottage, started a little business on the side....busy finding the days fly by now! More smiles than tears! Trying to get past the hurt of a year ago. That has been the most difficult thing. Most days I leave it. Only resurfaces when I travel back and happen to see those who were so cruel and are back-stabbers. Had attended a colleagues funeral. Got through it because that day was to honor her! I have decided life really is too short not to be happy. And I am HAPPIER! Again thanks. Please be careful. I pray for you!
  11. kitty29

    One more day closer to retirement

    I am doing ok. So busy packing and prep to move. I had intended to move over a year not 2 months! There was a family gathering a couple of days ago and many just learned of my retirement....so there were a few tears as I explained. But I am better away from there...work I mean. I do still have several friends who work there. One was beginning to feel bullied....also close to retirerment. Sad. I sadly do believe there will be gossip because I have seen it happen there. Nurses in the clique who feel they are so superior. Some of them are who stabbed me in the back. Karma will have to deal with them. I pray I will never be like that! Thank you for your kind thoughts!
  12. kitty29

    One more day closer to retirement

    Yes I realize I have been havi g an adjustment to loss....and I knew it would be difficult leavi g no matter when I decided to do so. In taking control by leaving I did act...I kept my dignity. It's been hard. There are financial classes and advisors. I have an advisor....I have invested since 21. Emotional prep...not so much. But I have many goals and plans....I will be ok. I am lucky I had options.
  13. kitty29

    One more day closer to retirement

    About 4 hours left....honestly it has been so emotional I am kind of glad I will be gone....kind of wished (even thought this sounds very harsh) but where was all this support when I was going through personal hell???
  14. kitty29

    One more day closer to retirement

    I did my exit interview and was frank.
  15. Unbelievable!!!!
  16. Wow....you are very lucky! Can honestly say have Never seen any of our managers pick-up a night shift. I think by now I have had about 15 d iffrent ones in all!!! And burn out is very high on our unit right now!