What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 37

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   JAHJF
    Odd first names from the last 2 months:

    Teunna (Tuna?)

    and Hracelx

    (Odd spellings, ethnic names????)
  2. by   Jolie
    Quote from tnacrn
    i dont know if someone else has posted this yet...but as a child i hated my name. its not greatly unusual but no kid likes having the same name as a crayon...i know it could be worse.

    kelly green

    sad but true. thank goodness i'm married now!

    i cared for a little girl named amber kelly. all i could think of was "yellow green".
  3. by   kbclary4
    A friend of mine's parents are named James and Janice. They named their kids Joyce, Janet, Jamie and Julie. They then named their farm the six JM's or something like that.
  4. by   lizscott nurse
    My husband works with a fellow who named his son Blade X after a shaving
    product....this was about 30 years ago.

    Have a cousin who was in class with a Dick Harry. Teacher always did roll
    call by stating last name first, then first name.....Harry, Dick. :chuckle
  5. by   Tracey "Amber"
    I have 3 friends named Tyranny, Entity and Aubrion (last 2 are sisters).
  6. by   MamaTheNurse
    when I worked L&D, we had a baby named "Tequila Rose"

    my kids have pretty unusual names for this day and age - John and Michael
    for some reason, no one can grasp the concept that "John" is not really short for "Jonathan" and he gets called that all the time.............

    I went to high school with a girl named "Lisa" - she was the youngest of 5 kids - her older siblings were Linda, Lorna, Loretta, and Larry

    also knew a family who had Jeff Jr, John, Jacob, Joel, Jeremy, Joshua, James and then there were their two sisters, Mari and Carrie

    I have cousins in Canada with names like "Jade", "Jesse James", "Storm", "Deneige" (which was actually my grandmother's middle name), and "Alphee"
  7. by   JAHJF
    Took care of a Espher last night.
  8. by   tonet0908
    Why in hell would you name your baby Pacenta and Uterus ? :imbar Sometimes I think the social security office should have a say about what we want to name our babies since they can't speak for themselves. But then again, that would be violating our rights. I don't know.

    Quote from ftr_bb_catchr
    My uncle, who is a pharmacist, also has kept a notebook of strange baby names. Among his are... Placenta AND Uterus, and he's had those MORE THAN ONCE!

    My girlfriend's husband wanted to name their third child Elec Tricity (as in the power source). Thank goodness she convinced him to shorten is just to Trisitea (which is still pretty strange if you ask me!)
  9. by   tonet0908
    That's so funny, I also met these two siblings, boy and a girl, and their mom name them "Beyonce" and "Jay Z." Why would you do that to your kids? What are they going to do if God forbids they break up. Also, this girl I know who is Italian, named her son "Guido" pronounced Gweedo. If I was Guido, I would change my name as soon as I can legally.

    Quote from sddlnscp
    Ok, I didn't read the previous thread, so I hope I'm not repeating any. (Sorry, not a nurse yet - but know a couple people with these names): Girl in Highschool: Free Mercy (yes, that's the full name), then there's Snow White and Candy Cane. Hmm - poor girls - and can you imagine having to smile after someone makes the same stupid remark that they think is sooooo original when you tell them your name for the nine-thousand-nine-hundred & 99th time!
  10. by   malibu03
    I'm loving this thread! The only one I can think of lately is "Larry Dwayne". Not that it's that wacky of a name for an adult, I just found it awfully funny to call a baby by that name.
  11. by   midwife2b
    How's "Pisces Episcopal" strike you? And they are Catholic, btw...
  12. by   malibu03
    Quote from midwife2b
    How's "Pisces Episcopal" strike you? And they are Catholic, btw...
    Nice one. I seem to remember Jayden Jesus Christ as well. And I have to say the whole Larry Dwayne thing was a lot funnier when I was working nights...
  13. by   leslieanne
    I knew of a girl with an interesting name back in highschool.

    The story went that after a traumatic pregnancy/delivery a baby girl was born. Her mother was inspired to name her daughter Miracle. Nice hunh? It so happens that the last name was Fingers, hence the name Miracle Fingers.

    Turns out Mom knew what she was doing, little Miracle turned out to be a fantastic basketball player.