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AtlantaRN has 13 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med Surg, Hospice, Home Health.

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  1. AtlantaRN

    question about visits

    still the same----2 days rn visits/week is still 2 days a week, no matter how many physicians they visit.
  2. AtlantaRN

    My Spidey Senses Say 'be careful'

    When you apply at other companies, i wouldn't go into real detail WHy you left this one---I would just say "an ethical conflict....." My current employer understood when she saw who i worked for last..... Good luck to you, move on and don't look back.
  3. AtlantaRN

    My Spidey Senses Say 'be careful'

    Madea says "if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck.......AFLAC!!!!!!" Turn in your notice and move on.... Your license is toooo toooo precious to risk it for an unethical company..... BTW-are you required to wear TEAL uniforms??? just wondering----
  4. AtlantaRN

    question about visits

    md's are required to make home visits with the new regs-before a pt is recerted at the six month point, and every 60 days thereafter..... rn visits are different, so 2x/week is 2x rn visits/week
  5. AtlantaRN

    Do you hospice nurses attend funerals of patients?

    social workers, chaplains, and alot of the home health aides go from my company-i don't attend.
  6. AtlantaRN

    New to Hospice Nursing... a bit overwhelmed! Need advice

    here is a thread from 1999 about constipation and solutions https://allnurses.com/hospice-nursing/constipation-remedy-42812-page2.html
  7. AtlantaRN

    New to Hospice Nursing... a bit overwhelmed! Need advice

    ive also heard of vaseline balls rolled in powdered sugar, given orally.....for constipation.
  8. AtlantaRN

    Source Program and Hospice at the same time???

    yes-source is the above..... thank you for your help===i didn't understand and my branch director and mcp have bigger fish to fry than explain to me.
  9. AtlantaRN

    Do you hospice nurses attend funerals of patients?

    I personally do not attend funerals for our patients. 2 other nurses at my location do attend funerals. Im a weekend call nurse, so i pronounce the majority of our patients. I agree that a funeral is a celebration of life and i don't want to be that reminder of death.
  10. AtlantaRN

    Caseload for a Full time Case Manager

    i'm a weekend nurse and i'm salaried. I do 24hr follow up visits, and take care of emergencies/med issues. I was a full time case manager for 3 yrs prior, we averaged 12-18 pts and we did 40hr/week and got time and 1/2 for over 40 hrs. Average visits are 4-6/day. if you do an admission, then they move 2 of your visits to another nurse. no-they don't look at the time it takes you to drive-which sucks for the m-f case managers-that is one of the reasons i do weekend call now. if i am asked to do an admit during the week, i get $100, $50 for a visit that takes less than 45 minutes, and $75 for any visit taking more than 45 minutes (like a death, or a whole lot of wound dressing changes), i prefer on call. the girls during the week run their butts off.
  11. AtlantaRN

    How to inform family that pt is dying?

    "Gone from my sight" is a great booklet-it is in our admission packet. all families are different, you may have some on board that understand, and other family members that believe "we can't just let her lay here and die...."
  12. AtlantaRN

    Odyssey/Gentiva -No call returned?

    Odyssey and VistaCare was bought out by Gentiva. I understand there is a problem with integrating the application systems. I recently met an ER nurse that has a heart for hospice, and she filled out on the VistaCare site, and it bounced her to the gentiva site, and she was called by a vistacare home health location...... Anywhoo, i told her to go to the gentiva site directly, my boss called her the same day she sent the application online. Sorry you had a bad experience-I don't understand why they wouldn't talk to you and then have you send your resume through the online system, if that is what is required.
  13. Can a patient receive both Source and HOspice at the same time? 40 yr old with brain cancer.....Source is at the home 3 days a week, so manager is saying we are to visit 2 days a week. I thought source was to maximize outcomes for the elderly or debilitated with chronic illnesses. From what the state website says, medicare pays $1500 flat to a source provider. I don't see how we can then bill a perdiem for hospice. Thanks for your help.
  14. AtlantaRN

    Tell me about your continuous infusions

    with ivf-i've seen more pain and increased secretions.... as for iv morphine and dilaudid and such-didn't really see a difference....it is just easier to use sl/po/pr and topicals (although my current employer doesn't use topicals 2nd to questionable absorption and cost)
  15. AtlantaRN

    Looking for a hospice caseload acuity tool

    we have some families that will just want a nursing visit every 2 weeks, and others that don't need it=but will insist a patient have an aide 5x/week in the morning, and a nurse 5x/week in the afternoon (that isn't declining).... i like the idea of an acuity tool....our place just counts the number of patients and doesn't look at acuity.... although sometimes the patients are great, but the families are a challenge.
  16. AtlantaRN

    Unstable crazy situation-Help!!!

    situation continues......aps was contacted-no word yet......but i can guarantee he will say he likes it there..... squirrels and feces......maybe my situation isnt as bad as i thought lol