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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   Gompers
    Quote from tiggerforhim
    Question, why is Regina so odd? Isn't it Latin for queen (salve Regina!) It's one I've certainly heard of before, but, then, I read lots of old British Lit (grin).
    I don't think it was Regina the poster was concerned about. Just pointing out how it rhymed with her twin's *lovely* name.
  2. by   lauriesalRNC
    Yes that was her married name....but I would have to tell my husband, sorry I am NOT being Anita Dick for the rest of my life! I'll keep my maiden name! The baby's name was Zack Dick. UGH. Nothing goes with that name!

    Quote from LPN1974
    That is just absolutely pathetic. What in the world was that baby's mother thinking with anyway???
    Not HER brains, apparently.
    uh oh, strike that, I didn't say that. lol

    Maybe I misread your post...maybe that was her married name, Nevertheless, i think I'd change my first name if that was what I had to live with.
  3. by   scarlett1975
    Let see...

    Before i was in the medical field, I worked in a grocery store as a checker, and had a woman sign her check "merry christmas", I felt like a fool when I told her she had to put her real name down.

    There was a boy who lived down the road from me as a child that was named chris cross

    A friend of mine named her baby girl Sapporiah Catherine (I still havent figured that one out)

    A patient of mine was named Holly Wood

    There is a dentist here named Harry Dickey.

    a student i was helping train was named richard (or nickname Dick) Head

    I also had a patient named Casseiopiea

    and what about a movie start naming her child Apple?????

  4. by   Ami_J
    I have heard of a girl name Female, because her mother thought the hospital had NAMED her baby! Anyway, it is pronounced Fah-malia.

    I have also read in the paper a baby named Precious Pearl.

    And a child named Yo'majesty was admitted to the hospital last summer!

    What were these parents thinking??
  5. by   dettwiller5
    When I lived In Ft Bragg, NC, I was looking at birth announcements in the paper and came across Sgt and Mrs King who named their baby boy Elvis (first name) The (middle name) and, of course the last name was King. ELVIS THE KING? HUH? I'll never forget that one!
  6. by   palesarah
    one of my cousins (whom I am not really close to) had a baby recently. They named him Thor. I have no idea what they were thinking!
  7. by   mysticalwaters1
    My one friend's boyfriend if they have a boy wants to name him Bow Hunter Farmer. Yeah he's into bow hunting!
  8. by   amy
    I have cousins, their father is an arab, last name Zagha, First girl Roseanna, next Muna (like moona), last child Zayna (zay-na). We always called Zayna "ZZ".
  9. by   asher315
    Years ago, I took care of a set of twins, John and Johnny.
  10. by   sockov
    my friends named their son, Chaston.
  11. by   KJRN79
    Quote from sammycat
    As a nurse in Wisconsin, I ran across a physician named Dr. Doctor. He had a sister who was a nurse (nurse Doctor).

    In my area, there is a pediatric practice with married physicians, both last name: Doctor. So, would you like "MRS Dr. Doctor"? or "MR Dr. Doctor"? Good grief.

    I once was assigned a female homecare patient in Arizona whose first name was Arizona. She wasn't born there. I forget where she was from.
  12. by   redwinggirlie
    Birth announcement for a new baby girl for the Belcher family.....
    They named her Champagne.
    Champagne Belcher.... how'd you like to go through life with that!
  13. by   Lawnurse
    Quote from palesarah
    one of my cousins (whom I am not really close to) had a baby recently. They named him Thor. I have no idea what they were thinking!
    perhaps a fan of "Adventures in Babysitting"? :chuckle