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RN-BSN in 3rd year of law school. Work at a defense firm doing medical malpractice.

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  1. Lawnurse

    Ever had a M.E. notify u in LTC

    the purpose of an autopsy is to determine the cause of death. why would they call you? they need the family's permission. Seems anything they want to know from you is evidenced in the body. were they just calling to let you know?
  2. Lawnurse

    Do 'goodlooking' nurses earn better salaries?

    These things happen so often on such a small scale that its hard to quantify. Example: nurses has a pretty face and MD is naturally more drawn to make eye contact while the nurses is speaking, and pays more attention while nurse is speaking. MD has ...
  3. Lawnurse

    Nil by mouth error

    I agree w/ Pricklypear that the NA is operating under her own license, not yours, so you are not liable. And you didn't "delegate" the passing of the tray to the NA for two reasons 1) that's not a nursing duty, any unlicensed person can do it 2) you...
  4. Lawnurse

    concealed medicines?

    Well said elkpart, Chat, and speculating. Has anyone who is actually dealing with this situation at work explained to the DON that is is highly likely other nurses are either lying in the charting or forcing meds illegallly? plaintiff's lawyer: You n...
  5. Lawnurse

    I made a med error

    The plaintiff also has to prove causation. He would have to prove that it was the Teg. and not any other drug that caused his dizziness. This would be extremely hard to prove in a court of law - however, this case is not going to court. No (defendant...
  6. but why not? this seems like a great way to clear the waiting room :chuckle
  7. Lawnurse

    concealed medicines?

    The "severely demented" part is key. This person is not competent to consent or refuse. When a pt's not competent, his/her guardian assumes this role. So, yes, it follows that the legal guardian could consent to the meds, as long as there is no co...
  8. Lawnurse

    concealed medicines?

    LPN1974, I understand what you are asked to do is a very difficult job. However, any lawyer would *tear you to SHREDS* with a reasoning like this. Remember, only YOU can protect your license.
  9. Lawnurse

    Epidural drips and Demerol sensitivity

    He coded taking demeral and they didn't tell you?? And then ordered for you to give him MORE demerol? Who else have you reported this to? IMHO, the aneth. is very lucky and fortunate you knew what you were doing with the narcan and we able to bri...
  10. Lawnurse

    I made a med error

    I've been thinking about your situation for the past day, and some more things came to mind. Ideally, what should happen (although I understand you probably followed your procedure exactly) is that a call should be made to the family member to chang...
  11. Lawnurse

    I made a med error

    to sue there has to be 2 things - bad medicine and bad outcome. I'm using these terms loosly - but my point is, there has to be a bad result. Feeling dizzy for about a week with no other effect...? Don't rely me here, but I'm guessing that's worth ab...
  12. Lawnurse


    Sounds like you are not acutally a party to the suit? If not - whew! If you are, you need your own lawyer. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have your own lawyer. Your employer/hospital may have a lawyer - but YOUR interests and the hosp...
  13. Lawnurse

    concealed medicines?

    elkpark, I agree with you. The comment that "if these people were't MR they would know they needed their meds and take them" is inaccurate...does every non-MR person know they need their meds and take them? No - which is why we have the concept of i...
  14. This is not a strong statement - any employer can fire any employee at any time for (almost) any reason. Its called at-will employment which is what all nurses have. I think we are being too hard on Roland. We all know one person who failed NCLEX the...
  15. There should be no change in what she is and is not allowed to do. She was a GN yesterday - she is a GN today. :deadhorse