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  1. LPN1974

    Do You Have Male Nurses on your Unit?

    My comments removed...I did not realize this was for L&D or OB GYN only. sorry .
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  7. LPN1974

    Nurses: Staffing levels are dangerously low

    I know, too, what you're saying. I've worked nursing homes before and the nurse to patient ratio is really bad. I also had around 40 to 45 patients to take care of on the night shift, 7p to 7a. Sick people in nursing homes don't go to the hospitals much anymore. If they can be treated in the nursing home they stay there. I work in developmental disabilities now, and take care of on an average about 40 to 60 people depending on staffing. Even with that amount of patients this job is not as hard as an actual nursing home. The difficulty level is lower than an actual nursing home. It's work, believe me, but I won't ever go back to an actual nursing home. A nursing home is a good place to lose your license.
  8. LPN1974

    Time outs for C sections

    Is it done while the patient is still awake so that they can agree also? Just wondering. Oh, sorry, I didn't see the post above me before I posted my question.
  9. LPN1974

    Drug Testing At Hospitals

    Some nurses on this thread feel it's an invasion of their privacy, but patients have a right to be cared for by drug free nurses and other nurses have a right to work with nurses who are drug free. Personally, I don't want to work with you if you are taking drugs. In this day and age potential employers or your current employer doesn't really know you well enough to know for sure that you are drug free just on your word alone. I don't do drugs. Never have and never will. But I've been tested twice in my life.....once when applying for a job, and my name was pulled up randomly on my current job. My DON's name was selected twice by the computer before anyone else in our department. She was tested before any of the rest of us were. And one poster's comments about it not being any of the employer's business if they are taking prescription drugs.......it is my understanding that if it is a prescription drug and you have a valid RX for it, then you have nothing to worry about. What has ruined the working situation for all of us are the ones who for years tried to get away with doing drugs on the job. Now we all are subject to be tested. I don't want to be a patient cared for by a druggie, or board an airplane or train piloted by a druggie, or ride in a taxi driven by a druggie. DO YOU??? I want to live as long as I can, until called home by Almighty God. I don't want some drug addict making the decision for God when I should be called out of this world. But alot of people's innocent lives are taken that way.
  10. LPN1974

    Chaperone or not during exam

    Me being female there is no way I would consent to a gyn exam done by a male doctor AND a male nurse. I want a female nurse there for my support. I would be totally too embarrassed. Why would any nurse want to subject a female patient to have to go thru that? This is NOT about the what the nurse thinks he/she should be able to do. This is about how the patient feels....is she comfortable or uncomfortable with it? And another thing to think about.....put a male nurse in there assisting a male doctor with certain females and they might cry sexual abuse. Why would a male nurse want to put himself thru that? Like you, I think you're going to get alot of heat over this, and I think since I'm the first poster, I will also get some heat. I was in a thread before on this site, and I took heat because of my views on this very subject. But I don't care what anybody says.....I wouldn't consent to it, and I wouldn't expect my patients to consent to it, if I worked in such an area where females had exams. On my job now, a male RN was just hired. I don't how this will be handled for intimate exams of the females from him. We do have a male LPN and he is not allowed to work with the females. I work in Developmental Disabilities.
  11. LPN1974

    Over-Restaining Patients

    I hope when I get old and in the NH that someone will have pity on me and help me to lay down on my bed instead of making me sit up in a chair all day or have to sit up straight with a thing in front of me or lean over an overbed table. Could this be the reason that some patients might be trying to get out of their chairs? Ya think?
  12. LPN1974

    Wouldn't you consider this stealing???

    I think what she means is that the thieves try to make her look petty to the other employees. Not petty to us. I was just wondering what the thieves think......."So the OP buys a bulletin board for her office, sticky notes to use....so is she supposed to buy it for everyone else's office, too?" I buy stuff to use at work, but I feel since I bought it, it's MINE to use as I see fit. I put it in my own personal drawer at work, that we all have, and I have never found anything missing. I have other stuff in there, too, that belongs to the facility and I have told some of my co-workers, "If you need sucn and such I have some in my drawer.'' But I have never had anything personal come up missing from that drawer. We have a fridge for employees and other departments use it also, but it's located at the nurse's station. I took 2 diet caffeine free cokes to work one day, put them in the fridge, and before I could go out on my med rnd. at 3pm, one of my cokes was gone. That was aggravating, because the coke machine doesn't have the caffeine free. So when I wanted a second coke, I had to go buy one with caffeine and I don't need the caffeine. It keeps me awake at night. I know it was someone from the front office who got it. Now I put my name on the top of the cans with a magic marker and also put them in a zip lock baggie and my name on the bag and a note saying, "These are MINE!" People can be so rude. You know they knew those cokes weren't theirs! And I have to stay until midnight. It's not fair that I can't even expect to place cokes in the nurses fridge and expect them to be there when I get back....hot and tired .....from my med rnds.
  13. LPN1974

    fun with implanted defibrilator....

    The link says page not found.
  14. LPN1974

    What is with the crazy parents?? --vent--

    Is that legal in an ER???
  15. LPN1974

    What is with the crazy parents?? --vent--

    I understand what you're saying about all the drama from the parents, but if it were MY baby I'd be very worried, too, being the baby is only 26 days old. I'd be worried the child would go into status. At 26 days old, they really don't have enough experience with this child's seizure activity to be comfortable with NOT running to the ER. At least that's how I think I would feel. But the drama is uncalled for. Worry, yes, drama no.
  16. What if the patient is too sick or unresponsive to do codes or passwords? Who is going to take responsibility then, for the patient? Sounds to me like HIPAA could cause trouble.