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  1. Flow Charge Nurse

    I work in an ED and we are trying to implement a Flow coordinator position. The poor gal is striking out repeatedly. Nothing seems to work. Do you utilize a flow nurse in your facility. If so, what does this nurse do? We currently have a charge...
  2. Scheduling in the ED

    I work in a peds ED that sees about 200 kiddos a day. We have many shifts to help with volume levels. 7a 11a 3p 7p. Some weekend option but not a ton so we do work weekends. 20+years = no weekends. 10-20 years = 1 of 6 weekends >10 years= 2 of...
  3. Offered a job today and flattered, but stumped.

    Follow your gut, that's why your a good nurse because you have followed it in the past and it has obviously worked well for you in the past. Congrats.
  4. QA project

    I work in a peds ER and need to develop a new small QA project. I need suggestions, what projects do you do? Examples in my department include blood glocuse monitoring ( the information the nurse inputs into the monitor), initial and discharge pain...
  5. Alzheimer's Train Ride

    This is an amazing explanation of Alzheimers. It brought tears to my eyes and I am a passenger on this train with my grandmother
  6. I'm getting written up! (Very long)

    I feel horrible for you. I cannot imagine working on a unit that requires every single complaint by anyone to go into your employee record. I would check with administration to make sure that this is correct. I would understand that the dept wants...
  7. pediatric vital signs

    I work in a level 1 peds er. In triage we only get a BP on kids over 2. A majority of our kiddos under 3 never get a BP. Only if it's warrented by condition, admission or as deemed necessary by anyone.
  8. More Strange Baby Names

    Had to call a kid from the waiting room the other day, Demon, so I said DeMON instead of the obvious. The mom stood up and yelled across the waiting room with 60 kids. It's Demonte the -te is silent. All that could go through my head is "No the -...
  9. template? matrix? How do you staff your ER?

    How do assignments work with people comming in at all hours. Does everyone just given up pt's when oncomming people come in or do the oncomming people float? Can anyone give me examples of their assignment sheets? I work in at 30 bed expanding to ...
  10. Daily Assignments

    I need help, our current assignment sheet in the ED is no longer working. I work in a currently expanding ED. Tons of construction. Which means expanding with new staff, getting them trained and ready now so when the new ED opens we will not have a...
  11. Computerized charting in the ED

    I miss EMSTAT We recently went to CERNER in our ED and I would tell anyone to run away if you are able. It is very inefficent, time consuming and not user friendly. Med reconciliation is difficult, no where to free text and impossible to read the...
  12. Policy on Peds Patients

    We allow 2 parents to stay in the room if not in the ICU. Parents may leave at any time, hoping that they notify staff. Siblings and friends cannot stay unless the parent is breastfeeding the sibling.
  13. Moving to Tulsa

    Do you currently work in peds?
  14. Advice on clinical practice council

    Roro- I found this old thread and was wondering how this went for you. What topics do you approach with this? What functions best and benefits the most from this. Can I get a copy of your mission? Thanks
  15. Discharge of Homeless Pediatric Patient

    I couldn't imagine that the hospital would discharge a child to the street. Someone, somewhere along the way should address that. It is sad that children actually have to live that life. I wish there was more that could reasonably be done to help ...