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  1. by   Sersey
    Hi guys,

    People have said my name was strange. It's Sersey, dad got it from Greek mythology which is spelled Circe, my dad was out to see and mom did'nt know how to spell it, so that's how I got my spelling. I have a niece named Athena. We like the Greek names.
  2. by   nj_nurse
    i see all kinds of crazy names..i work in an inner city ob clinic..currently i have a pt named Ndifreke
    I also have three sisters who are all pregnant..their names are Love, Special, and Harmony
    Can't think of all the crazy ones now.i'm sure they will come to me later!!!
  3. by   KaraLea
    My neices and nephews are
    Ariel (girl 16yr)
    Luke (boy 14 1/2yr)
    Clayton (boy 13yr)
    Zoe (girl 11yr)
    Wesley (boy 3yr)
    Madden (girl 11mo)

    All pretty much straight forward, except people get mixed up on Madden's name. Just tonight a waitress asked her brother, Wesley, what her name was and thought he was saying "Madison" and then "Madelyn" before figuring it out (I thought he was saying it very plainly myself).
  4. by   dnellnelson
  5. by   inna
    They named their daughter PRINGLES and the son OREO.... and reserving the name KIT-KAT in case they get a third child
  6. by   trogdor
    My dad wanted to name me Feather, thank god my mom chose Lisa, I was over 9 #. As a teenager I baby sat for a pastor Sinn. In college I knew a guy named Faimous, he was a body builder/ health instructor. My mother in law's maiden name was Summer Ayers (airs).
  7. by   dreamon
    My little sister went to school with a boy named Hennessey. I think its pretty cool (lol). On top of that they go to Catholic school. Wonder what the faculty thought.
  8. by   kimtab
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  9. by   LilRedRN1973
    I went to school with a girl named "Anal". She was from India and people weren't very nice. I was almost named Timber (my maiden last name was Wolff) and my dad joked around with the first name "Where"!! They also considered Summer and Sunshine. Thank God my mother had a favorite singer back in the 70's and it was a toss up between Carly after Carly Simon or Melanie. I got Melanie....which is funny because it means "dark" or "black" in Greek and I'm very fair w/freckles.

    My husband's family had a tradition that stopped with him. The men are all named Clyde William, William Clyde, Clyde William, etc. with the generations alternating. He ended up with William Henry, but he should have been a Clyde William since his dad is William Clyde.

    I also went to school with a Charity, Hope, and Faith..they were sisters.

    I have also dated some unusual ones....Mathaniel, Heath, Alexis, Landrin, Aiko, Donovan....and I ended up marrying a Bill!!! LOL We have decided on kids names already....a boy, it will be Brody Alexander (his initials will be B.A.M....look out Emeril!!) and a girl will be Sophia Lynn (middle name taken after my mother in law). I figure those aren't run of the mill names and they aren't so far out there that nobody will be able to spell them.
  10. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Lots of Brodys out there gal. My daughter has a (girl) friend named Brody, who is 22 years old. Not so many Sophias though.
  11. by   kmrmom42
    Originally posted by janfrn
    Lots of Brodys out there gal. My daughter has a (girl) friend named Brody, who is 22 years old. Not so many Sophias though.
    Actually, here in CT Sophia has been VERY popular for the last couple of years. I keep joking that the kindergardens will be full of them in 5 years!
  12. by   kimtab
    Sophia was in the list of top ten girls names last time the Social Security office released it.

    There was a tragic news story here is Atlanta about a murder. The suspects name is Divineking. His brothers names are Justice, and Supreme.
  13. by   bluesky
    When I was pregnant we bought a baby book and decided to let chance have a run and randomly picked a name from the book with our eyes closed. Would you beleive we landed on "dingbat"- this name was in the baby book. Well, we settled for Dillon Donald Prochnicki but his wicked uncles call him d*ldo and unfortunately it's stuck.