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  1. HazeK

    where are the nursing shortages?

    reasonable, for the area's cost of living... I've been here 23 years, and earn $30/hr, at the top of the pay scale for staff nurses. Per Diem's usually make $30-$35/hr. New Grads, Hmmm not sure. Compared to California, lower salaries...but not quite as high of cost of living. does this help any? Haze
  2. HazeK

    where are the nursing shortages?

    We have built four new hospitals in the past decade...with three more to be built in the next five years... Yes, we need nurses! Haze Sunrise Hospital RN x 23 years... Spring Valley Hospital "moonlighter"
  3. HazeK

    Own uniforms or hospital scrubs?

    Changed several months ago from hospital scrubs to wear-your-own-from-home scrubs. No increase infection rates thus far. Doubt there will be! I loved the no cost part of hospital scrubs, but is surely is nice to wear some colors now and then besides a 'barfy-celery-green'! :chuckle
  4. HazeK

    Do you clean B/P cuffs between pts???

    Love our disposable cuffs for L&D! We quite often have bloody messes at delivery...it is so nice to not have to try to clean out the nondisposable cuffs! Haze
  5. I had RNY Gastric bypass last June, very successfully. Those who know me "before" and "after" often ask questions about the procedure, risks, benefits, etc. I often refer them to www.obesityhelp.com, a huge website full of info, data, stories, photos, reviews of MDs and hospitals, etc. I also refer them to OSSG at Yahoo!Groups.com, for an online support group. I also refer my L&D patients experiencing perinatal loss to websites for online support groups.
  6. HazeK

    old skills that we do not use anymore

    Yup! Come on down to L&D! Haze
  7. HazeK

    Do I LOOK Like A Nurse To You?

    LOVED the photo of Klinger, in his best "nurse garb" of the early '50's! Hugs, Haze
  8. HazeK

    question about preeclampsia

    aldomet: used long-term in pregnancy to help control the BP, NOT for crisis management apresoline and Labetelol: used IVP for extreeme hypertensiive episodes where bringing down BP quickly is essential. Procardia: used sometimes post-delivery to help keep BP down, for short term use. Mag Sulfate: anti-seizure med, with nice side effect of lowering BP 10-20mmHg. Hope this helps. Haze
  9. HazeK

    Guess What?!!!

    i am green with envy, yet excited for you! keep us all posted on how it is going! i wish my life had lead me that direction earlier. i would have enjoyed it! hugs haze
  10. HazeK

    Hydration, the importance of

    Our themesong in Las Vegas, in the desert: "A Hydrated Uterus is a Happy Uterus"! LOL!
  11. HazeK

    What is Harlequin's Sign?

    My very healthy, but Down's Syndrome, 9 month old nephew was visiting. His mom treated him like he was "going to break" all the time, like he was delicate and fragile like a piece of glass. I suggested she instead treat him as she did her other child, only even moreso. (Like working with PT to strengthen his limbs his breathing, etc. rather than keeping him at home, in a car seat or stroller all the time). We all went to the pool. I, the eternal optimist. insisted the kid be hauled into the children's pool with all our other children. He LOVED the water, kicking and splashing everywhere....BUT after about 30 minutes, he deveolped a vivid Harlequin's Sign! We couldn't miss it! One half of him was pale pink, and one half of him was CYANOTIC BLUE! Of course, we hauled his cute little butt out of the water, and warmed him up pronto! I am NOT a peds nurse, but I had her get him to a cardiologist within the week...Yup, sure enough, he had cardiac defects that had been overlooked to that point! He since has had two major surgeries and is doing well. We tease each other that either I nearly killed the kid by freezing him in the pool OR I saved his life by noticing the Harlequin's Sign and getting him to a proper cardiologist. Haze
  12. HazeK

    The BIG word - RETENTION!!!!!

    all good points... I have worked w/ managers that supported their staff...and those that didn't. Definately makes a big difference. Continuing Ed would be nice...I am 23 years in my field, so the little "in-house" attempts at CEUs are boring...an annual stipend for quality higher ed would be nice I want to know how to limit the patients to only nice, friendly patients! In L&D, we get visibly excited when we have married, educated parents! LOL! How about microphones on a lapel clip so we can just dictate our notes as we go? Woouldn't this be a big help?!? Haze
  13. HazeK

    GOOD nursing shoe suggestions other than Danskos??

    I wear New Balance also, as they actually come WIDE enough for my short, wide foot! They are the only brand I have been able to take out of the box and wear immediately x 12 hour shift, without "breaking them in" like in the olden days of Clinics, Nursemates, etc. Haze
  14. HazeK

    do you iron your scrubs?

    I use the "dry until just damp then hang them up" technique, no ironing! My patients don't seem to care if I am a bit wrinkled... as long as I bring the analgesics promptly! LOL! Haze L&D RN
  15. HazeK


    great info...keep it comming...the inspectors are here on Wednesday! thanks! Haze

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