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  1. dreamon

    Relocating to Charlotte!!

    Are you renting an apartment?
  2. dreamon

    How will you pay for nursing school?

    After I run out, I'll be forced to apply for loans I guess. I keep my expenses to a minimum, so I hope a PT job can cover those.
  3. dreamon

    ECPI Charlotte, NC

    I am interested in knowing also. I'm planning on applying to the program at the CC I'm currently in next year, but I want to keep this as an option. Are the ECPI classes transferable into a local LPN-RN program?
  4. dreamon

    School so far

    Good luck! I'll be right behind ya
  5. dreamon

    How many pre-reqs do you have to go?

    A&P 1/2 PSY math CNA license im currently taking electives this semester.
  6. dreamon

    Student Loans

    I too, am divorced mom of one with no family help in my area. I have a night job waitressing. The money is up and down but it barely covers the bills. I will try to keep this job as I go through my LPN program. If I can't for some reason, the only being that if affects my grades, then I'll take out a loan. im hoping that I won't have to at this point, because I wanted to save the loan option for a private college when I go to get my BSN. I'm going to calculate my expenses, and get what I need to cover them. I'll ask my Mom to keep me in check and I plan to run everything by her to 'keep me honest'. Lol I'm going to cut back on as much as I can. Thankfully, in living a slightly meager life as is. 14 year old car, the cheapest rent I could find in a decent school district for my child. I'm thankful that she is old enough to understand the process, and things will be tight before they get better. I dont one watch cable, but she does so I keep that so she doesn't have to sacrifice everything in her childhood. Good luck to us all.
  7. dreamon

    What NC nursing school did you choose and why?

    I going the LPN then LPN to RN route, so I'm currently doing pre-reqs at South Piedmont outside of Charlotte. i wasn't sure which RN program I would continue into after, until meeting a woman who is currently in CCHS' program. She had NOTHING but praise for it, from the instructors to the preference their students get for clinical sites, and how the staff make them get in there and not just watch on the sidelines. I do like the sound of Stanly CC's program after reading the first post. Maybe I'll keep them in consideration also.
  8. dreamon

    CPCC Nursing 2015

    I don't have an inside scoop, but the fact that there are available seats is really great news. I was told that the SPCC program didn't have enough applicants to meet their criteria so they had to start the semester with less students than they could hold. All the more motivation to get high grades in class and on the Teas. Good luck!
  9. dreamon

    UPS Drivers make HOW much????

    It wasn't until I started dating a UPS driver did I realize all the BS many of them have to put up with. He has a pretty tough route in a major US city. Many days he doesn't take his hour lunch. He starts at 9am and gets home anywhere from 9:30 to 11:00pm. His overtime is lovely, but even he realizes he can't do such backbreaking work for another 20+ years to get a pension. He does make close to what the OP stated but he is not happy at all with the stress and hard work. He does nothing more than work, sleep and eat (less than he should since he has little time to do so) during his work week. So don't go apply to UPS so quickly.
  10. dreamon

    Best state to work as as a new grad RN?

    MacGirl which general area of NC is this?
  11. dreamon

    My degree is not worth the debt!

    Deployment 'Not likely' isn't much comfort for some. If someone joins prior to becoming a nurse, their likelihood increases. Guess it doesn't seem as scary now that the war is over, but who knows when the powers that be will decide it is time to grab more land, power, oil, what have you. I am a vet that is extremely thankful that as least for the time being, loans aren't something that I have to entertain. For now, that is.
  12. dreamon

    My first year of nursing :)

    This is so refreshing to read- thank you so much for the insight.
  13. dreamon

    For Those Considering A Career In Nursing

    Wonderful reading!
  14. I can't wait to explore all the areas, and go with what jumps out at me. I don't think I will choose psych, L&D, or ER. Certainly not pediatrics. Tentatively I am interested in surgery/OR, ICU,or geriatrics. I would also like to work with our nation's vets in a VA hospital since I am a vet myself, and it is close to my heart. It'll be interesting to see where I end up.
  15. dreamon

    Best time to buy textbooks

    ^^^Thank you for that site.
  16. dreamon

    Arriving at My First Duty Station

    Very interesting! I'm a vet so some of this is so familiar. I hope after nursing school I will be able to join again.