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Mimi2RN has 27 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. Do You Still Believe These 6 Shingle Virus Myths?

    I had shingles at age 13. It affected the left side of my face, from my temple to my nose, and in my sinuses. I broke out on the last day of school for Summer vacation. I have been told by my doctor that I should get the Shingrix vaccine. It’s ex...
  2. Just Curious... Retirement

    I retired about 3 1/2 years ago at age 70. I had worked for the previous 20 years as a NICU RN, the last few years as charge nurse. My departments was changing, partly due to some poor management decisions, staff were leaving, some to retirement and...
  3. Hanging It Up

    Congratulations! With your background you should do well. I retired this year at the age of 70. I enjoyed my work, but the politics were getting to me. I've been a NICU RN for years, but management issues and excessive educational requirements, meani...
  4. Working during Nursing School

    The local hospital usually hired a couple of nursing students as CNA's after our first quarter. It was good experience for me, I already had worked there as a volunteer for a couple of years. Unfortunately, that hospital and the other two within 20 m...
  5. Visitation during handoff

    We close from 05-07 and 17-19. It's a small nursery and gets very crowded. Unfortunately, there are HIPPA issues if family members stay through report. It's not so much family members hearing about their baby, but there is a lot of interest in every...
  6. I retired in June at the age of 70. I graduated from nursing school in 1986, did a stint on med/surg, moved to Peds and when management decided we didn't need a Peds unit or dedicated Peds nurses we decided it was time to relocate.My Peds experience ...
  7. We use Tegaderm or Veniguards, with or without armboards. I get very irritated when I find an IV with the insertion site covered with tape!
  8. Lab draws, redraws and use of IStat or Gem

    We draw our own labs, line, venous or heelstick. We also have a Gem for blood gases. Some of our staff do art sticks if need be.
  9. NICU certification

    How things do change! This was started in 2006, and next year, certification is going to be mandatory in our NICU. That is the joy of becoming a Magnet hospital. No, there won't be any increase in pay.
  10. Malpractice insurance for RNs

    I use NSO, Still less than $99 a year. There are other companies, too.
  11. Cup, syringe and finger feedings - BFHI

    We don't cup, syringe or finger feed in our NICU. You don't learn anything about a baby, maybe he's not breast feeding because he's sick? That happened to us, we had the educator showing us how well cup feeding worked, but when she tried to demonstra...
  12. TPN

    We don't since we no longer have Multivits in the TPN.
  13. Liability Insurance?

    I have had my own coverage since I became an RN. I've never had to use it and hope I never will. Would you trust that the hospital you work for now would cover you for an incident at your previous place of employment? I think not. When I retire, shou...
  14. Bracelets in the NICU

    We have to have at least one on the baby, the other can be taped to the bed. Those bands are frequently cut off for IV restarts, but can be repaired and replaced. The hospital arm band stays attached to the sheet that it prints on, and that gets tape...
  15. When to start CPAP vs. blow by 02 vs. PPV?

    First of all, stop feeding when her sats start to drop. if she doesn't recover quickly, but keeps on dropping, then CPAP or PPV would be appropriate. To me, any baby that desats like that with feedings even when paced is getting tired. At that point ...