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has anyone received one of these?????? Ive had a couple of emails from people about this, it sounds horrendous. opinions please... Read More

  1. by   TrudyRN
    What is OGP?
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    What is OGP?
    nursing agency Ogrady Peyton
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    This is a very interesting thread and I have watched it with interest since it began. Unfortunatly you are never really going to read on here how nurses have been used and abused by OGP. The main reason is that most of the unfortunate nurses who have had problems with this Agency are too frightened to speak out against them because of fear of reprisals. This has the knock on effect for everybody because although we live in a democratic world with free speech this in not true when faced with a law suit from OGP for liable.


    I do not think that many nurses come to the US with the intention of trying to defraud OGP-many of the nurses have unfortunate events happen to them, and then are punished further by OGP who demand money they dont have or OGP simply ignore the situation. There is NO support mechanism from OGP in the US. They do try but what they need is a UK person who has been through the emigration process, instead of an American who has no clue of what it is like to move countries and jobs.
    I hope and I pray that many of you have good experiences when you come to the US, but if you dont I am sorry. Make sure you establish a support network as soon as you can, because it is lonely here until you do. Remember you have no back up.
    I have been a support for many UK nurses, I have been there bought the T shirt and read the book. Trust others who say it takes a year to settle, it does and it will be a long year.

    Once you have settle and understood the rules and regulations of the country you will have a great life.

    Good Luck

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    yes i agree
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    I heard today that some OGP nurses in Jersey, are taking a class action law suit against OGP-after they arrived in this country their nursing licences ran out and it took OGP months to sort out and they didnt get paid during the time it took to sort the licences out!!! Another example of lack of support.
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    I had OGP today... Would you believe I was told that amongst 400 contracts sent by OGP, I am one of the 20 who have not send back and sign the forms..That my application is on hold until I don't sign them..... Those who are from OGP and have not sign the forms,,,I need your hands and comments please!!!!
    It seems to me that OGP are blackmailing their clients into signing an ammendment to their initial contract, now i wonder by law if this is acceptable unless both parties agree.
    Of course the blackmail bit is the fact that you will remain in the UK unless you do it.
    If everybody stood together and refused then they would be unable to complete their contracts/committments stateside-of course you will all sign and they know this. They are playing on your desperate need to get to the US.
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    nursing agency Ogrady Peyton
    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't O'Grady Peyton part of the "Evil Empire" American Mobile Healthcare/Nursing.

    That should say enough about them. I've worked as traveler for them....and NEVER again.
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    Quote from caroladybelle
    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't O'Grady Peyton part of the "Evil Empire" American Mobile Healthcare/Nursing.

    That should say enough about them. I've worked as traveler for them....and NEVER again.
    I believe so... sold out to them a few years ago
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    not signed have serious concerns
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    I have followed your journey with interest and it certainly seems you have been shafted
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    They give every nurse an amended contract to sign just before their US immigration interview and expect them to sign it. Funny, wonder why they do not do it before that? They think that they have you over a barrel and will sign anything.

    I wounder if USCIS and US Embassy are aware of these practices? Your I-140 was approved on the basis of the original contract, not the updated one, and I am sure that they are not resubmitting it each time to the authorities to be approved.

    A realistic cancellation clause is $5,000 to $10,000 US. $45,000 and that just means that way too many nurses are walking away from them, and I wonder why. A contract is a two way street, and both parties need to agree to it. But that is a full year's pay in some states.

    What in the world were they thinking..........???????
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  12. by   Bongsau
    They have given me till tomorrow to sign. I wont sign it. It's a **** amendment.
    The orignial contact says, both parties must agree in writing and sign.
    It also says, OGP will petition for the nurse.
    They can stick their amendment.
    Read your orginal contacts people.
  13. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I am an American nurse. OGP tries these tricks w/ travelers here, who are just looking to travel from state to state.
    I got wise and did not sign. I know some one else who did, and regretted it very much.