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english_nurse specializes in renal,peritoneal dialysis, medicine.

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  1. i will take that as a no then....
  2. english_nurse

    I am gutted

    well thats pants.. you cant help being sick! also doesnt that encourage people with colds/flu/D and V to go to work and infect their patients?
  3. as the title says really.. visa dates are moving forward slowly and i wondered if anyone had managed to make it to the USA who was waiting, especially if you are from the UK??? I know a few of us made it over in 2005/2006 but has anyone made it since?? cheers :)
  4. english_nurse

    OGP nurse salary

    just to revive this very old thread.. its now 2011 and im still in the UK!!!
  5. english_nurse

    can an english midwife practice in the usa?

    as the title says really, can an english midwife practice in the usa or do they need to do the cnm qualification? many thanks
  6. english_nurse

    Enough nurses or not?

    as a UK trained nurse it took me around 6 months to study for the NCLEX and pass with the minimum questions and in the minimum time.....
  7. english_nurse

    student midwife to be...

    hi i am not sure if a mental health background qualifies you but the best way to go about it is contact your local university or nhs trust and see if they are offering the course then ask for the entry requirements
  8. english_nurse

    student midwife to be...

    Hi Guys So moving on what was once our dream to travel to the USA today I got accepted for the post grad shortened midwifery course at Staffs Uni Im a bit scared but really really pleased!! So there is life after OGP!! heheh :) EN
  9. english_nurse

    ogp revised contract

    hi there i started this thread.. AND Im still in the UK, I got my visa but hubby didnt so hes stuck in retrogression, OGP were actually very good and didnt put pressure on me to go without him but I see now that the visa dates are moving forward, hopefully his date will become current again soon and we can actually get to the USA
  10. english_nurse

    Smoking in Unform..unprofessional???

    thanks for the replys, its certainly been interesting!
  11. english_nurse

    If I do Midwifery course?

    I am about to have my interview for the english version of this course, good luck with it all, personally Im bricking it!
  12. Hi guys I have been working in acute medicine for 7 years and have recently applied to do post grad midwifery training!!! are there any midwives on here who could give me some interview advice? The interviews are informal (nice) but I havent had ANY interview apart from USA ones for 5 years! cheers in advance! :) EN
  13. english_nurse

    Smoking in Unform..unprofessional???

    thats just smashing!!! i see your stuff on Fb sometimes and i smile! thanks for the advice :)
  14. english_nurse

    Smoking in Unform..unprofessional???

    hi mrs dragon! we are not keeping too badly at all thanks....although I have just submitted an application to be a post grad trainee midwife.. something which i would have done staright from nurse training if i hadnt started NCLEX study etc!! any advice anyone??? im a bit concerned about the interview... hows tricks in Canada???
  15. english_nurse

    Smoking in Unform..unprofessional???

    Hi Guys!! I am a long time member of this forum, recently inactive for various reasons..anyway, hello to all of those who know me, and those of you that dont!! :) Heres a little question i wanted to ask the forum, this week my trust has introduced a ban on nurses smoking in uniform by the front door of the hospital as it gives the patients a bad impression and looks unprofessional, all smokers (im not one myself, i add) must now go to the back of the hospital to smoke in the loading bay area. there are smoking shelters at the front of the hospital (patient use) the nurses must not use these but go to the rear of the hospital as stated above. so, my question is...what is your opinion? is this right, does a smoking nurse look unprofessional?, whats next, fat nurses banned from eating crisps in their uniform?? I am not saying that the trust is wrong (heaven forbid) just wondered what you all think?
  16. english_nurse

    Welcome to the forum - UK nurses chat

    oi missus! did u nick that off my facebook?