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  1. bettyboop

    St Joseph's Medical Center Phoenix, AZ

    I am the traveler madwife is talking about i adore St Joes can not say anything but good things about the hospital even though i am a traveler and was off sick for 15 weeks this yr they have supported me through out and truely care about its employees i hope you have the experience i have with St Joes
  2. bettyboop

    Socialized Medicine Part 2

    I have experienced both and the NHS has many many faults waiting time are apauling no matter how the figurs are distorted, the concept behind any national health system is fantastic but it cost money and lots of it. Dave says if he gets ill the state will pay i wonder if he realizes how much SSP is it certainly wouldnt pay my bills in the UK, and the pension has never kept up with inflation ask any pensioner in the UK exactly how much they live on it is ridiculas and dont get started on wait times in A & E if you do break your arm, it is not all roses neither system is but i do think there will be some kind of system brought in over here in the US and it will not be brought in quietly or to sounds of appaluse 10 yrs from now it will still be debated as is the NHS decades later
  3. bettyboop

    update on UK TO USA

    Feel really guilty did not post when originaly got the shout from cariad. It took me 6 yrs to get here and at times i lost hope but kept on pushing and am so glad i did we have been here since May 08 love the life love my job and i have had a majot issue with my health since i arrived but am now the healthiest and fittest and thinest iv been in 20yrs the American health system actualy diagnosed and cured my chronich lung problem iv had for 20yrs although am now faced with a $10,000+ co pay on my medical bill i can honestly say i love every single day there are ups and downs but in the UK we had the ups and downs and i wold rather have ups and down under blue skys sunshine and of course in a job a adore, i feel more valued as a RN here thani ever did in the UK my pt ratio is now 1:4 i am the bedside nurse i trained to be my stress levels as far as my work are concerned are non existent and of course i have a gorgous house with a pool somthing i could only dream about in the UK. Truely i drive to and from work and i still carnt beleive we are here. My eldest DD went back to the UK because after 6 yrs her life changed and she had a BF he also wants to live here but i see no way he can come she still has her green card but how long she will be allowed to keep it we will have to wait and see, my youngest DD has a truely fantastic life she has a wonderful job has learned to drive and has her own car and is off on a cruise in september none of this would have been possible in the UK. We are all even comming aclimatized to the AZ heat i have always loved the hot hot weather but DD and DH struggled at 1st but not any more we love it. In the morning i go home and jump in my pool how many UK nurses can say that. Stick with it for all you on the long road it is truely worth the wait.
  4. bettyboop

    Quality of Care and Foreign Nurses

    Great entry although i had the opposite experience my orientation was expected to last 12 weeks but by week 5 was already eager to get of orientation and did so, i do beleive the facility learned from those before me one of which was madwife thanks hun:D Even now after being off sick for 14 weeks and returned they asked weather i needed orientation, nice offer but didnt want it and all the staff and management are always there for me anyway, i am so lucky to work were i do also the manager is English that may have something to do with the in depth orientation:idea:
  5. bettyboop

    jade goody

    RIP jade my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family XXX
  6. bettyboop

    Happy Nurse Roll Call

    There is nothing i would change about my life as a nurse i love my job every aspect, my chosen career has afforded me the ability to emmigrate to the USA mid life and because i was a RN my family also were given the treasured gifts of green cards. The job is one of self exploration and knowledge expansion always, In over 20yrs of nursing i have never had 2 shifts the same i never get bored, of course the biggest plus for me is the faith and trust our pts have in us to guide them through often traumatic times. The best thing for me personaly if im feeling down or sorry for myself i go to work and things are put into prespective and i realize what a good life i do have, i would and do posativly encourage anyone to make the 1st step and become a nurse i have never regretted my choice.
  7. bettyboop

    Foreign Trained nurses in the US

    Thanks for this i was also very concerned about the previous article about foreign nurses taking jobs. Its nice to get fully informed 1st and understand what the foreign nurses have to do to actualy come here, a lot of nurses here didnt know we have to take the NCLEX the same as them, regardless of qualifications and experience and you like hun i was a 1st time passer as well kudous to us both.
  8. bettyboop


    Found this article a while ago found in helpful http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=2516026 hope this answers some questions
  9. bettyboop

    How often do you get sick?

    usualy only go off sick with a bad chest but since moving to USA had a stomach bug, threw my back out coughing i might add and now given up smoking and have never been well since constant cough and cold for 2 months or more, my beleif is that in the UK the sheer cold killed every bug off, but here in a warm climate the bugs in system are having a field day.
  10. bettyboop

    international autosource

    Like sue and MW said the accent is a huge advantage they adore the accent i have a strong northern england accent and they seem facsinated and sometimes it can be a little time consuming as they just want to hear you talk and of course i do get pts and staff who dont understand me due to the thick accent, pts i find are not more demanding but as sue says they are very knowledgable about their medical problems and most know medical terminaology unlike in the UK i find the pts here very polite as are the people still find it amusing to hear staff pts etc all me miss so and so or ma'm and thats the norm rather than the exception. Aslo forgot to mention i do only 3 nights a week here not 4 or 5 and they try to give you the same pt assignment back each night but unlike the UK the pts get discharged very quickly.
  11. bettyboop

    international autosource

    hi fruit shoot, the transition was good for me i have worked in the UK med/surg, ortho and ICU and high dependancy to name a few i was assigned a fantastic american nurse on arrival and she was my mentor in the UK on nights i had 12 pts minimum on surgery here i work on a heart lung tele unit that specializies in lung transplants and have 4 pts max at first i thought OMG transplants but really enjoy it, even though you only have four pts i am kept going most nights so to speak but find theres not that running around like the UK the biggest difference i found is the checking and correcting the med sheets etc i initialy was on orientation for 12 weeks but found that to be to long and i cut it down to 6 weeks. The shift goes as follows i arrive at the hospital at 1830 sign in at the staffing office go to my floor find out my assignment i then sit down look on the PC for their notes and vitals etc any impending test etc then at 1900 find the RN and get report on the 4 pts then go around introduce myself to my pts listen to their lungs, heart check for bowel sounds and do a quick nearo assessment (this takes approx 10 min) on each pt, in the mean time the PCT does the vitals when i go back i check the pts notes for any change of orders and get the MARS (wardex) and double check doses times ect or any that have been discontinued and alter or add accordingly then fax new sheets to pharmacy etc then i chart my vitals on PC write a brief note on each pt. Then its usualy around 2100 when the 1st meds are due, themeds are retrieved individualy per pt from a machine called an omnicell i go and administer each pts meds after i go round make the pts comfortable etc in my unit they do somthing called hourly rounding were during my shift i go back into the pts rooms and check on the 3 P's as thye call it pain, potty and position all this is documents in the PC at midnight pharmacy send the new MARS and you sit down and go through them again double checking yours orders are correct pts go for CT Xrays and other test and procedures during the night the RN is responsable for filling our the consents etc in the morning in my unit RNs do line blood draws from PICC lines and porta cath and any blood test that involve a needle stick the lab techs come up and do them 0600 morning meds are due and given finish PC charting and then the day RN take over. So as you can see the night ticks over nicely, i find that 99% of the time im off well on time unlike the UK were i was mostly of late. I hoppe you find this helpful BB
  12. bettyboop

    Communication 2

    oh how right you are MW still have problems with the American citizans understanding me:imbar We had a discusion here on the unit about this very same thing tonight, have put my foot in it a few times the most embarassing one was when i was stood at the telemoniters sneaking a peak or as i said when a RN asked what i was looking at i said "its OK im just tooting at the moniters" now were i come from tooting means sneaking a peak at somthing, imagine my toal embarassment when the RN said i was very open about it:confused: i looked at here puzzled then she told me that i had just told her i was farting at the moniters:eek::imbar:imbar no i said and explained what i meant i tell you everyone on the unit were falling about laughing. I wont even go down the route of trying to figure out why it was handed over to me that someone had a catheter in there arm:stone which in the UK we call venflons and urinary caths are called foleys. There again we are in a different country and sometimes we are just reminded of the fact.
  13. bettyboop

    international autosource

    I am with OGP as madwife explained and yes im thrilled to be here in AZ even though it took me several yrs. we had a fantastic meat and great who took us evrywere like cariad, but due to the long wait for the visa interview etc we had already purchased our home out here in Arizona so we didnt need the meat and great to much, we also used international auto source to purchase the vehicle and i can say i would highly recomend them. I did have a few "words" with OGP during the long yrs of wait but maily out of pure frustration than anything else, but they have and always been 100% supportive of me, durng my fist weeks OGP was on the phone every couple of days asking wether i was OK etc and if there was anything they could do for me, and even now they ring me about once every 2 weeks to touvh base so to speak. Sadly with the immigration in the state that it is in it could be many many yrs before your out here, but best of luck with your plans.
  14. bettyboop

    Welcome to the forum - UK nurses chat

    Well i carnt say im missing the UK life out here in Arizona is sweet:D every day is better than the last, it was definatly worth the 6 yr wait. I love my new job the staff are 5***** and wow the hospital well lets say if we have anymore food nights i will be as big as a house:no: My DH now has a job here in Phoenix but for the nxt month he now has two jobs, but am releived he did get one. My eldest DD and her BF are here again for the 2nd time and DD loves it here two but has a strong bond with her BF abd of course he has no greencard so for the time being they are doing the vacation thing every few months. Youngest DD now is at high school 5 mornings a week studyingAmerican and Arizona history and i carnt beleive it she love school over here, in the UK she despised school:confused: she also has a saturday job as a receptionist so enjoys the freedom of having her own money, she passed her written driving test in August now she has to wait 6 months to take the practical but in the meantime drives my car at every opportunity, so as i say life is sweet:D
  15. bettyboop

    moving to arizona from UK

    I am especialy grateful seeing a the UK has had such dreadful weather my eldest DD who returned to the uk in July is comming back out in a couple of weeks keeps telling me how bad it is back over there, i still keep waiting for someone to burst our bubble but everyday we are here is better than the last and we to still tink sometimes we are on hols we have to pinch ourselves to realize this is not a dream its our lives:D One day Belina we will all get together and compare notes on our lifes still not seen your pool yet
  16. bettyboop

    moving to arizona from UK

    Well we have been here for 6 months, and i love every single second of every part of my life. The new job is fantastic way beyond my expectations the staff are fantasic so supportive we have truley become great friends in a relativly short time. My house is slowly comming along of course my pool was a godsend in the high summer temps, swiming under the stars was a nightly experience that everyone should experience, i think i walk around with a huge grin on my my perminantly:D. Have had a couple of minor dings in my new car but even that didnt put me of, the sunset are out of this world i can not describe how beautiful they are, would love to get into photography just because of the scenary. Each morning i drive down the freeway and gaze at the mountains surrounding the valley, i truely have fell madly in love with AZ:redbeathe my paradise on earth.