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May 8th is National Student Nurses Day and it's your time to shine! Celebrate the fact that you are the future of nursing with this awesome Caption Contest sponsored by Kaplan Test Prep. Don't overthink it but come up with a caption for the photo above by commenting below and you're entered to win one of two $250 gift cards as the grand prizes.

Fear not though, nursing students, if you don't win one of the two grand prizes you're still eligible for one of our two amazing runner-up prize packs containing everything shown in the photo below and more!


What are you waiting for? Shower us with photo captions in the comments below and y ou could be on your way to winning!

There are more contests, too...

Have fun, thanks to all of the nursing students across the country and Happy National Student Nurses Day!!!

National Nurses Week Celebration

30 Days of Celebration / 8 Days of Giveaways

UPDATED May 17 ... and the winner is...

As promised, the winners are posted below. Thanks for all of the awesome and creative entries!!! Feel free to share!



Specializes in Mental Health.

Probably easier if half the picture wasn't covered lol

That moment when all the medicines are correct - but which one is the *best* correct?

Professor: So we give this med P.O. a.c B.I.D for AFR. OK?

Student: (thinking) Just keep grinning like an idiot and she'll think I understand....

Specializes in School Nursing, Home Health.

Professor: "They have NO idea we don't do it this way in the field. Muahahaha"

Specializes in Ambulatory Care.

Student: Escitalopram?

Instructor: Yes, and what is it for?

Student: Ummm..... excitement?

Specializes in Tele, ICU, Staff Development.

We call this a Pyxis, ladies.

This is how to RETURN DEMO in Biochem.

Specializes in Tele, ICU, Staff Development.

OK, role-play: One of you administer the meds, the other one takes them.

Specializes in NICU.

Instructor Morpheus: This is your final exam. Choose the blue pill and the story ends. You fail and wake up in bed and believe what you want to believe is the cause. Choose the red pill and you pass. You become a nurse and I show you what it is really like to be a nurse.

Specializes in Neuro.

"This is here is our last dose of sanity, use it wisely"

Instructor: "All of these meds are correct for the patient's condition, but which one is the most correct?"

SN: **cussed under her breath**

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