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Sbhayes09 has 1 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Ambulatory Care.

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  1. Sbhayes09

    Is this a safety concern?

    I can see both sides of the argument. I think if a patient wanted to request this information through the formal channels so that there is a paper trail and people would know that the patient was requesting said information, it would be better. It's just a little concerning with this technology driven world and how easy it would be for someone to find my home and phone number.
  2. Sbhayes09

    Is this a safety concern?

    Thanks so much! I wasn't sure if this was common practice or if I was just being paranoid but it really bothered me that I could see her full name and picture.
  3. Sbhayes09

    Is this a safety concern?

    I recently had to be tested for covid at my own testing site due to some nausea I had while at work. One of my coworkers tested me and when I got home, I looked at my online chart just to see what it looks like to our patients (not in the hospital system, it's an online version of your chart that you can access at home). I've never really paid much attention to the notes section in this program but I happened to look at it. When I did, my coworkers full name and picture was on the note and it made me wonder if this is a safe practice. Right now, we're seeing hundreds of people per day at this testing site. Sometimes they're unhappy with us due to wait times, line lengths, testing protocols, etc. Would you guys raise this to your one-ups? I'm a little more than concerned that this amount of patients have our full names and photos. Even our badges don't list our full last name. What do y'all think?
  4. Sbhayes09

    I'm thinking about going back on meds....

    I'm feeling those same pressures. I'm not in the same environment but working when you're exhausted and running on fumes is super difficult. I'm glad you were able to change to float for the COVID unit, we all have to learn our limits with this marathon. Keeping you in my thoughts!
  5. Sbhayes09

    I'm thinking about going back on meds....

    Absolutely, I'm so sorry you're having the same feelings I am. It's a terrible place to be right now. I've called the employee mental health line one time in May when I realized that the "temporary" wasn't going to be so temporary and vented on my way home. It did help a lot at the time so I'm going to make use of it again. I hope you stay well 🥰.
  6. Sbhayes09

    I'm thinking about going back on meds....

    Thank you! I haven't had to be on meds in about 8 years but I'm also a new grad thrust into a pandemic on day one. It's very reassuring to know that I'm not the only one.
  7. Sbhayes09

    I'm thinking about going back on meds....

    Thank you so much. I guess everyone is feeling the pressure right now. I know there are a ton of nurses that have it way worse than I do but the struggle is real no matter where you're assigned. I think I'll at least make a video visit to speak with a doctor about all this. Thanks again!
  8. So, I've been working at a "temporary" covid testing site since mid March. I'm part of the ambulatory float pool (basically a fill-in nurse for the outpatient clinics) and when covid hit, all the clinics shut down in my area. This made our group the obvious choice to staff our testing sites for our companies. The hours and days have slowly dwindled down to two or three per week and half days. The other half of the days, we leave the outdoor (and exceptionally hot) testing sites, eat lunch, change into scrubs and cover for the clinics too. While it's nice to have a change of scenery, the stress of making it to the clinics on time and feeling disgusting no matter how many baby wipes we use, is getting to me. We aren't really getting any guidance on how long this will be going on because no one knows. We keep hearing we may open the sites back up full time if there is a Fall surge. We hear it's gonna be the end of the year before we close the sites, they're gonna stay open through flu season, etc. I think my biggest stressor right now is the unknown. My husband was in the military and I'm no stranger to this feeling of limbo but it's always made me extremely anxious and I started meds during that time (eventually going off of them when he got out). I know that's got to be part of it. The other part is of course just dealing with the pandemic as a human being. I'm having a lot of guilt any time I leave the house. We obviously mask but it doesn't change that guilty feeling of "you should be at home". Especially if we let the kids come out with us (very rare). I know I'm all over the place but I just want to know. Is this a normal stress reaction to all of these emotions or should I seek out some help with a provider? If I'm home, I'm OK but as soon as I have to leave the anxiety hits and it's affecting me now. TL;Dr: my anxiety has kicked back up, should I see a doc or is it a normal stress reaction?
  9. Sbhayes09

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    I had a patient tell me that the local hospital supply store is out and isn't sure when they'll get them back in. He asked our clinic to give him a box of masks 😬
  10. Sbhayes09

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    There was a suspected case in Raleigh NC but they just confirmed it wasn't the coronavirus.
  11. Sbhayes09

    NCLEX tomorrow!

    I passed in 75 questions 😍
  12. Sbhayes09

    NCLEX tomorrow!

    My NCLEX is tomorrow at 1 PM! If y'all could say a little prayer for me, I would surely appreciate it :).
  13. Sbhayes09

    Dreaded wait for ATT

    I'm honestly not sure but if all of your paperwork was complete, it's probably Pearson. I've got some classmates that are still waiting. I think it also has to do with how early you registered with Pearson. I registered in October because my job thought it would allow me to schedule my exam and I didn't know any better lol.
  14. Sbhayes09

    Dreaded wait for ATT

    So I just got the email that our program will be verified today at the BON. Anyone else a December graduate that can tell me how long it took to get ATT? There's rumors that it won't be until January but I wanted to find out from people who have been through it. Thanks! 🙂
  15. Sbhayes09

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    To me, this is the same as them saying they can't afford to pay you for days you work. They've run out of money for days that you are guaranteed to have in the agreement. If you lose them if you're not allowed to take them, I would find out if they can add them to next year or something to fix it.
  16. Sbhayes09

    15 Minutes in the Life of a Nurse

    This is exactly why I chose a job outside of the hospital. All clinicals have done for me, is show me why I don't want a hospital bedside job. I'm sure it will still be stressful and chaotic in ambulatory care, but at least I have the luxury of shaving 4 hours off my work day and keeping my nights, weekends, and holidays for self care. I'm praying for you guys in the hospital settings! Your jobs are so incredibly difficult. 😘

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