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  1. abugrey

    Nursing program for second coursers

    hi Didi, as of the moment there is none. you really have to be persuasive on your goals and plans. don't worry, by 2022 when you graduate the nursing boom will still be fine, the forecast is on the next 5-10 years nursing will be "on demand". don't lose hope, study well and graduate with colors.
  2. abugrey

    drug calculation

    800 mg ________ 500 mg/ml 1.6 ml x 3= 4.8 ml
  3. abugrey

    Staff Nurse Application at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Hospital

    congratulations Nurse010203. Sorry if I need to reiterate your question, do they require the 3 month trainee stage? thank you in advance!
  4. Hi ahyaah, I like your plan, go ahead and pursue your dreams. You are still young, there are people at 41 who are still aiming to go back to nursing. I am not sure about the curriculum placement it is BEST to inquire directly to a nursing school, they can give you the exact feedback on it. K-12 are for the grade/high school I believe, there is no weight on that. Good luck!
  5. abugrey

    Student loans killing me!! stressed!

    the simplest advise I can make is to cut out on personal expense and focus on the roots. you have to have a realistic target (within a year maybe) that that amount will go down, slowly and gradually.
  6. abugrey

    USRN BPO Dayshift suggestions?

    I do not know anything specifically but I know they are based in Makati. Try using Jobstreet, there are plenty of them there.
  7. abugrey

    Renewing PH RN license from ABROAD

    You have to follow the PRC procedure by obtaining the required CPD units for RN profession. Visit prc.gov.ph for the recent update and the required CPD points. I have a friend who went to PRC last 3 months and was able to renew bypassing the CPD. She was told that since it is the first year of implementing they are not that strict, but please follow the procedure, it happened last 3 months, if you renew now things might change. Good luck!
  8. This is how to RETURN DEMO in Biochem.
  9. To live a successful life avoid comparing yourself to others. Instead, compare yourself to the previous YOU and strive hard to become a better YOU. -by Anonymous
  10. abugrey

    A CRNA places second in the Boston Marathon

    Inspirational. She was not expecting to be 2nd. There were around 15 runners in front of her but they all dropped because of the tough wind and rain. This lady is immortal.
  11. In order for you to be PRODUCTIVE in work, reward yourself REGULARLY. Rewards such as taking a month vacation, spend time with friends and family, buy your favorite item, feed cats/dogs in the streets, share to the people who need help. Rewarding yourself DOES NOT always mean YOU and YOURSELF only, mind the others surrounding you. You will be MORE HAPPY if you share your HAPPINESS to OTHERS.
  12. abugrey

    First week as an RN

    good read, thanks!
  13. abugrey

    Create a Meme - WIN $250! Nurses Week Contest 2018

    Nurse: Are you sure you got this Dr. Worf? Dr. Worf: ENGAGE!
  14. "Sometimes, I feel like I'm a banana." says one of my Psych patients when I was still a student.
  15. When you realize your flu shots are useless.
  16. his NETFLIX subscription expired.