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    Nurse-Patient ratios in rehab?

    I work with anywhere from 13 to 19 patients. I find once I get over 15 it starts to get really tough. Everything is fine of all I'm doing is standard care - med pass, G-Tubes, IVs, TPN etc. Once any slight thing happens, such as a patient starts to go downhill or there's a fall or an IV needs to be placed, then my day starts to tank. Since Covid hit, the acuity of the patients has risen...hospitals are pushing people out to make way for Covid patients, and we also seem to get patients that they just don't want to deal with. The end result is that patient care is weakened, and small things that can have significant consequences get overlooked. I love SNF work, I love the patients, and I love my colleagues, but the patient to nurse ratio is terrible. When I did rotations in acute care, they were upset if they got over 1:6. That would be a dream to me .
  2. That is wonderful news - congratulations!
  3. and yet you keep responding to me .... so please do the same and continue with yours, preferably in a thread that has something to do with your own nursing application and not those in the Maricopa area. I won't be responding to anymore of your posts because yours are filled with ridiculous insults that just makes you lose all credibility. AGAIN - if you have anything positive to add, please do. Otherwise please don't. Thanks.
  4. What is it you want to know about EMCC and NAU? My advice before you start school would be to brush up on your A&P, especially diabetes, heart, lung, bowel diseases. Start learning/refresh medical terminology. Start looking into medications. Brush up on math.
  5. Hi gomezy - That must be something new because I have never heard of a lamp lighting ceremony being done before you complete your course.
  6. Most likely yes.
  7. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP

    The GPA for the CC is taken from specific classes, NOT from every class you've taken. For example, I had a previous AA degree, with a certain GPA. However, they didn't use that GPA, they pull the specific classes and work out a "new" GPA just from those classes. Same applies to your University if you're doing the CEP route, but they may have additional classes over and above those required from the CC to add to make a GPA.
  8. Yes, basically. Most people - if selected to get in - will get their first choice placement. If you're not chosen for your first choice you'll be forwarded onto your second choice, who will select from that pool in the event that students decline their offered position. Believe it or not, people do turn down their seats because of a multitude of different reasons so these places do open up! The goal of each school is to fill every possible seat available.
  9. Our lamp lighting ceremony was during our pinning at the CC. It usually takes place about a week or so after your final exam and classes. That allows them time to audit your file to be absolutely sure that you have done everything you need to do in order to be granted the degree. During our pinning, which was about an hour to hour and half long, we received our pin (on a ribbon that was placed around our neck) and we did the lamp lighting as a group. You choose someone special to pin you - such as your partner, parent(s), best friend, or whatever. From my understanding my university will do a pinning/graduation but no lamp lighting.
  10. HI gomezy - You will definitely have a pinning ceremony at your CC. The universities will have their own graduation and/or pinning, so you'll get two!
  11. I received my acceptance email and letter from my university first, contingent on my acceptance by the community college. I then got an email about 2 weeks after the close of the application date from the CC. It gave me a week (if I recall) to say yes or no to the place offered. From that point on, I got periodic emails that kept me abreast of what was required. There was quite a lot to complete before CC starts such as immunizations, purchase your lab-kit, books (about $700 give or take), uniform, shoes, and so on. We had to sign up for a website (you have to pay for) where you upload your documents into one place for ease of tracking by the school, as well as a website where all your clinical rotation information has to be uploaded. There is also a website where your attendance and feedback from clinical rotation is uploaded. Most of these are available as Apps, I believe. For the university, it depends on which Uni you are with, but you'll be starting those the semester before CC (typically, although each Uni is slightly different so obviously check with your particular one!). I think NAU has an in person class, for example, whereas all my classes were online. As it got close to the start of the CC classes, we had to attend an orientation. This gave us an overview of what to expect, a chance to meet our classmates and professors, and ask questions. It's definitely worth attending if you can. As for preparing for your first CC class, I would suggest brushing up on A&P, disease processes, medical terminology, and math. HTH! AC
  12. EMCC has typically been among the first to send out acceptance emails, which have started to go out about 2 weeks after the close date in the past. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will stick to that timeline, I am just going from experience. I submitted my application on the very last day possible, and 2 weeks later I received my acceptance letter. So - I don't think the day you submit is relevant, as long as it is within the timeframe. EMCC has recently introduced an additional class though - there are now 2 incoming block 1s, (which of course eventually will mean 2 of every block) so that may slow things down some? Typically over the past few years though I have noticed that EMCC is among the first to send out emails (and they have usually gone out mod month) and GCC and MCC have been among the last to send theirs out. Nothing is set in stone of course, but that has been the historical pattern. I feel ya - the wait is horrendous!!!!
  13. They won't release these numbers because it is protected information...a bit like HIPAA, they have an equivalent thing with educational information. However, people typically find out by asking around their cohort.
  14. I'm 99% sure that they will not go out on the weekends since it is a formal email. In fact, looking back I don't think I have ever received an email from Maricopa over a weekend or holiday.
  15. I believe EMCC starts mid month. I know when I applied I heard 2 weeks after I submitted, and others didn't hear until the 3rd and even into the 4th week.
  16. It depends on where you applied - some CCs may start releasing acceptance emails in the next 5 days!