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  1. Apple-Core

    Nurse-Patient ratios in rehab?

    Hold up - are you saying your nurse to patient ratio is 1:140??????????????
  2. Apple-Core

    Ranking the Universities Affiliated with Maricopa CEP

    It will make zero difference. Choose the University that best suits your needs in terms of the classes offered, price, etc.
  3. Apple-Core

    Nurse-Patient ratios in rehab?

    I work with anywhere from 13 to 19 patients. I find once I get over 15 it starts to get really tough. Everything is fine of all I'm doing is standard care - med pass, G-Tubes, IVs, TPN etc. Once any slight thing happens, such as a patient starts to ...
  4. That is wonderful news - congratulations!
  5. and yet you keep responding to me .... so please do the same and continue with yours, preferably in a thread that has something to do with your own nursing application and not those in the Maricopa area. I won't be responding to anymore of your post...
  6. This was a very pleasant thread of pre-nursing students encouraging and supporting each other until you posted a third-hand-"knowledge" post about some hypothetical situation that may-or-may-not be the case about someone from a University that is not...
  7. You have proven my point. Introducing "hypothetical situations" that "may or may not be the case"... "points could have been miscalculated", and "how could I possibly prove"..... what exactly is your goal here? To heap even more anxiety on top of alr...
  8. As someone who has *served on the selection committee* plus has gone through the CEP program, I can assure you that this information is incorrect. Since I doubt you have served on a selection board (although correct me if I am wrong), and since you a...
  9. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP

    I absolutely agree with this - many of my classmates who were CNAs essentially walked right into jobs on the same unit once they passed NCLEX. It really helps to build those relationships, plus you have already proven yourself workwise (hopefully). ...
  10. What is it you want to know about EMCC and NAU? My advice before you start school would be to brush up on your A&P, especially diabetes, heart, lung, bowel diseases. Start learning/refresh medical terminology. Start looking into medications. Brus...
  11. Hi gomezy - That must be something new because I have never heard of a lamp lighting ceremony being done before you complete your course.
  12. Most likely yes.
  13. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP

    The GPA for the CC is taken from specific classes, NOT from every class you've taken. For example, I had a previous AA degree, with a certain GPA. However, they didn't use that GPA, they pull the specific classes and work out a "new" GPA just from th...
  14. Yes, basically. Most people - if selected to get in - will get their first choice placement. If you're not chosen for your first choice you'll be forwarded onto your second choice, who will select from that pool in the event that students decline th...
  15. Our lamp lighting ceremony was during our pinning at the CC. It usually takes place about a week or so after your final exam and classes. That allows them time to audit your file to be absolutely sure that you have done everything you need to do in o...