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  1. Apple-Core

    Maricopa ADN waitlist

    I went with Ottawa. I've been very happy with them. They accepted a lot of previous credits. I enjoy the class structure, and the work is challenging but manageable. If you are going to be applying for FAFSA/Pell Grants, make sure that whoever you partner with collaborates with the college so you can receive the full grant. That will make a big difference to how much grant you will be eligible for. I've spoken with a lot of hospitals, and they don't care who your BSN is with as long as it is a recognized University (i.e. not some unknown place that isn't qualified to give degrees), and all of the Universities that are part of the CEP have to meet specific standards, so you're fine.
  2. Apple-Core

    SIMS at Banner New Gead Program

    HI - Just wondering what the SIMS are like with Banner's New Grad program. I believe that they do an intensive 2 week course at the start of the program which includes SIMS. Are they just like in school?
  3. Apple-Core

    Looking to get in with Dignity Health as a new grad, any tips?

    HI MM - They accept applications year round in addition to their externship program. Do you have a specific unit you'd like to work in?
  4. Apple-Core

    Stretch/Fitted Scrubs - TShirt?

    Thank you all for your ideas - I'm looking into all these suggestions!
  5. Apple-Core

    Ortho - a stepping stone?

    Thank you all for your replies!
  6. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP-starting December

    Best of luck - keep on top of your application and attend one of the info sessions - they probably will go over stuff you already know but it was, so I assume it still is, mandatory to attend. I'd suggest spending the next months brushing up on all your A&P, start learning medical terminology / med names for diseases etc, and basic medications. Keep us posted! AC
  7. Same thing happened to us - we were forced to buy the e-book packages simply because it was linked to the Prep-U quizzes which were mandatory to take. Well - I guess you could have missed them, but then you'd lose a ton of points and it would damage your grade. In essence - I paid out over a grand for the e-books just because of Prep-U. I don't like the online books, so I always buy the hard copies, but I get the previous edition to save money. They are 99.999% identical. Had it not been for the Prep-U stuff, I would have gotten away with spending maybe $50-100 for books. UGH!!
  8. Hi Potatoz - Yeah, I know the 95.99% seems harsh, but they have to have a cut off somewhere I guess. Otherwise, if you let one person slide by, then others could argue they deserve it too. Painful to be soooo close though! Anyway - it's a reminder how every point is valuable. The scoring system is quite unique: you HAVE to achieve 76% average on your proctored exams. Then, and only then, will they add your non-proctored points. So - you may have 100% in your non-proctored stuff, but it will all be for nothing if you don't reach 76% on the exams. Not trying to scare you - (they'll go over all this at the start of school anyway) - but it's worth being aware of it so that you keep on top of your points. To get an A, you have to get 92% and above overall (proctored + non proctored), B= 84% and up, and C = 76% and up. Same rules apply there - you get 83.99%, you get a C. I thinking the DocuCare is a new program by Lippencott, so we didn't have to buy it, no. Sorry - I can't help much there. Good luck next week!
  9. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP-starting December

    Best of luck to you, and to anyone applying!
  10. Apple-Core

    University of Arizona HESI A2 stats

    No science, just math and English sections (vocab, reading etc)
  11. Apple-Core

    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    I think you'll find most degrees that are related to medical care will have limitations on how long ago you took pre-reqs. Why? Because that information forms the foundation for the nursing classes you are about to embark on. Additionally, they want you to succeed, and if you haven't studied bio in 10+ years, that's going to be a struggle. Case in point: I took my bio classes 5 years prior to acceptance. I was a straight A student, and boy oh boy did I come down to earth with a bump. I really struggled to recall the basic stuff, and I had to go back and reteach myself. I regret not retaking it closer to going into the nursing program - for both myself AND my future patients. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, but the way you wrote your posts is pretty aggressive and angry. You'll really struggle in nursing school with that attitude and sense of entitlement.
  12. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP-starting December

    Hi Candidate1 - Your GPA of 3.7 is plenty to get into ASU. I'm almost certain their GPA requirement was 3.5 and above. Therefore, if you get accepted by MCC, you're definitely in at ASU. I know the process can be confusing! As soon as you can, submit your nursing application for the traditional program. Everybody has to do that, CEP students included. Once you have all the additional co/pre-reqs done you can submit your CEP application too. Some people submit everything together, other people submit their traditional application as soon as they can, then start on the additional classes needed for the CEP, and then submit the CEP application once they've completed those classes. Not sure where you are in the process, but it sounds as if you're all set with all the classes. Obviously your nursing advisor will (or should) go over your transcripts to be sure. As far as I'm aware, they accept CEP applications year round too. There are 2 cut-off dates per year.. I can't remember exactly when they are though. Hopefully you'll get accepted into the CEP, but if for any reason you don't - remember that your traditional application is still winding through the system, and you just need to reapply for the CEP again. Technically, you can keep doing that until either you get a place on the CEP or enough time has passed that you'll get a place on the traditional program. If that doesn't make sense, I can explain in more detail (just ask). If you recall the flow of classes for the traditional program, it is set up so that you have a bunch of pre-reqs, and then you can take the co-reqs during your nursing program. The reason you have to have all those co-reqs done BEFORE you can apply for the CEP is that you'll have your university classes going on, and simply won't have time to take them! One good thing is, if for some reason you don't get on the CEP (and I'm sure you will, so this is kinda irrelevant, LOL), but at least then your co-reqs are done so you'll have more free time! Once you get accepted onto the CEP though, I definitely suggest you start on all the paperwork and get everything squared away ASAP. There's a ton of things to be done, and failure to do them in time can cause waves. HTH! AC
  13. Hi Potatoz - For us, the PrepU quizzes were mandatory because we earned points for completing them. I guess you could not take the quizzes and forego the points, but since every point counts, so I wouldn't suggest that. You have to achieve 76% overall to pass, and believe me when I say that is a strict cut-off: we lost one classmate because she scored 75.99%...no joke! However, whether they will be mandatory or not is down to your individual professor(s). The PrepUs are part of the e-book bundle, yes. They are pretty expensive. I would wait and find out if the PrepU quizzes will be part of your final score. Do you start next week? You should have heard something from your instructor by now. Have they sent a syllabus? Personally, had it not been for the PrepU quizzes being mandatory, I wouldn't have bought the e-books. I much prefer the hard-copies, and I could find them much cheaper that way. Having said that, the PrepUs are a really good learning tool!
  14. Apple-Core

    Maricopa CEP-starting December

    With the new rubric, a score of over 80 is pretty much mandatory. A few people may get in with scores lower than that, but on the whole over 80 is required, and obviously the more over 80 the better. With the CEP program, you will need to meet the minimum GPA for the University you are hoping to partner with. I don't know what that is for ASU, but let's assume it's 3.5. If your GPA is above 3.5, then you're set. What I mean by that is, it is NOT the university the accepts you, it is the community college. In your case, if you get accepted by MCC, you will automatically get accepted by ASU if your GPA is high enough. Now, technically your CEP application wouldn't have been approved if your GPA was below the minimum for ASU, so I can only assume it meets or exceeds the GPA cut-off for ASU. However, admin errors can happen. Put it this way - if you get into MCC, you are guaranteed a place in ASU. However, if you don't get into MCC, then you won't be accepted by ASU because you have to be enrolled in a CC to be accepted into the University CEP program. Hope that makes sense. LMK f you have any other questions - AC
  15. Which school are you planning to attend? There should be a library that has a gazillion computer terminals to work from. Your e-books are likely to be available via ThePoint website (unless your school doesn't use that)? That's the same place where you take the PrepU quizzes. In terms of having your e-books downloaded onto a flash-drive, you can just plug it into an available computer.
  16. HI - This class does not have exams/tests other than review tests (non-graded). It is a review class, and is also in block 2, 3 and 4. For me, some days it was really useful, others not so much. The timing sounds a bit crappy though. Ours ran immediately before a class, so it was just like an additional hour before class. One thing is though - if you do have to wait it is a great opportunity to study in the library?