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hello, i'm new to the forum. what is your favorite shoe and why? i was wondering what shoes are the most comfortable. i have heard that dansko's are well made and very comfortable. i would... Read More

  1. by   jenrninmi
    When I worked in the hospital, I wore Crocs and New Balance shoes.
  2. by   mitchsmom
    I have a pair of Danskos that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    But, they are a model that I don't think they make anymore - they have a more athletic sole that is not a wedge, so no ankle twisting issue.

    Does anyone have Keen's? Any feedback?
  3. by   truern
    I have a pair of Danskos that I paid over $100 for, wore exactly twice, and there they sit in my closet. They may *get* comfortable, but I can't stand feeling like I'm wearing bricks on my feet long enough to find out

    Today I bought a pair of Nike Air somethingorothers...with springy things in the heel. They were comfy as all get out in the store...we'll seeeeeee....
  4. by   1219ERRN
    Dansko's are the only shoes that don't cause my feet to hurt after a 12 hr shift. They take 4-5 shifts to break in- I took another pair of shoes to work with me the first couple times and alternated them with the danskos. I wear the Professional Clogs.
  5. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    I love my Dansko's shoes. I work float ICU/ER and they are the greatest. I use to wear NB and Nike, but they just don't last long. The Dansko shoe is a well worn investment for anyone.

    My 2 cents.

  6. by   harley007
    I love my Dansko's! You need to remember that each pair is handmade. So, you need to try on more than one pair in your size to see which one is the best fit. I have a wide foot and the first pair I tried on really hurt. Thankfully the shoe clerk told me the story about the differnces in the same size and had me try on a few different pairs in my size. I am on my feet all day in a Cardiac Cath. Lab. and they are the only ones that let me make it through those long cases.
  7. by   TracyB,RN
    I tried on Dansko's several times before I actually bought a pair. I thought the inside was not cushy enough. Last time I tried the pro clog on, I was in the store for a good hour....
    Having a bad back, the support is great. I just bought some Dr. Scholl's massage gel inserts to give me that cushy feel. The top is rather unforgiving when trying to squat down to do something, but I went a whole size larger & wear thicker socks than normal... No problems there.
    I love them, despite the occasional ankle roll, & will never use another shoe for work...I have to admit, I've only worn them for working in surgery...didn't have any when I worked the floor...
  8. by   SkateBetty
    Quote from truern
    I have a pair of Danskos that I paid over $100 for, wore exactly twice, and there they sit in my closet. They may *get* comfortable, but I can't stand feeling like I'm wearing bricks on my feet long enough to find out
    Ditto. I tried for weeks to wear them, and finally tossed them in the back of the closet. Please try Merrells. So comfy right out of the box. I wear them for 14+ hrs/day, and not even a smidge of discomfort, and they cured my heel pain. Now I have many styles in sandals, casual, etc. Affordable too. Try
  9. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    I think Danskos work best for those with high arches, otherwise they will hurt your feet. I personally love my danskos! tried the crocs but they don't provide enough support, I think they work well for low arches or those who have flat feet. I also have a pair of merrells and they are very comfy too!
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I too=ssed Merrells back on the shelf after trying them on. $10 tennis shoes would have felt better than those things.
  11. by   CityKat
    Yeh, I had the same experience with danskos. I nearly broke my ankle I don't know how many times. I finally realized they weren't worth the $110 I spent on them and gave them to goodwill. My friend who is a physical therapist, told me when I bought them that they are not anatomically fit for the foot in the way that the bottom of the shoe is too slender for the proper support of my ankle. Therefore, I would be rolling my ankle more than I would be walking properly. Anyhow, she was right. I use these cute, lite weight, rubber clogs that I can wash everyday and put an insert in. After 8 hours so far, they are great and my feet hardly hurt I bought them at this medical supply store here in NYC and there is no brand name on them for me to give you, unfortunately.
  12. by   Indy
    I have 3 pair of danskos. One, white backless clog that I wore until I caught the buckle in an IV line, tripped and nearly yanked an IV out of a patient's arm. Two, brown oiled leather professional style that I wear when shopping and they're comfortable and cute. Three, white professional style with the back on that I bought after the backless kind were catching on things.

    All three of them prevent back and leg pain as a general rule. I shuffle in the backless clogs so now I have a new callous on the bottom of my left foot, despite the fact that I haven't worn backless in 6 months. In the last month the foot pain has come back, though. Usually it's after my 3rd night or a really difficult night where I do more walking than normal. The bottom of my feet sort of feel like someone took a big ole wooden paddle and beat the crap out of them; they tingle and have a throbbing sensation.

    That pain is actually 10 times better than my feet felt before buying the danskos brand but it's starting to get on my nerves. I also can't figure out why in the heck they put such a narrow little sole on those things. It really hurts when I turn my ankle, I'm not 20 any more and I don't want to break or pull something! So what I did was buy a pair of Klogs and plan on maybe wearing them one day a week to see what happens. I like the insole and I know I'm gonna shuffle but... will keep my fingers crossed.
  13. by   birthmamaew
    I had Danskos and also twisted my ankle repeatedly. A friend did the same thing and fell down a flight of stairs doing so. I have found that the Quark Pro-Air are very comfortable with good arch support. I love Danskos (other models) for everyday, but I dspise the professional line. My feet really killed me after a 12 hour shift.