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CityKat is a BSN, RN and specializes in Trauma.

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  1. CityKat

    Nurse walkout set at Children's Hospital Oakland

    I would LOOOVE to know who these RN's are?! I have quite a few RN friends who work here in San Francisco and in Oakland too. We have talked about salaries and for a private hospital, a new grad may make $47 an hour, but that isn't going to equate to $136k a year. I know trauma NP's who aren't even pulling that much per year. The numbers are skewed and THAT is the truth. I'm not sure if you're living in a bubble of "fantasy" here. How in the heck do you think nurses and especially so here in CA have paved the way for themselves in regards to nurse to patient ratios, higher pay and fair working conditions? You really think it came from negotiations? I'm sorry, but in the real world, it doesn't work like that. Yes. Ideally, it is a better idea. But most of the time, nurses voices are ignored.
  2. CityKat

    Nurse walkout set at Children's Hospital Oakland

    I work in San Francisco proper and I can tell you with 100% assurance, they are skewing those numbers. SF nurses make more than Oakland nurses do b/c the cost of living, etc is much higher and we're not making that much. Not even close. APRN and managers? Yes. They always try to make it out as if us nurses in the bay area are over paid, but the reality is we cannot even afford to buy a home on our salaries and let's not forget the taxes we pay! People really have no idea. Eh. And the nurses crossing the picket lines? Just wrong. It's like stabbing all of the nurses in the back who came before you and have fought so hard for nursing as a whole and the recognition we currently get. Lastly, I work directly in trauma and I can assure you that a new grad willing to come in and take my job over for less than what I am making now, wouldn't last.
  3. I think it's FANTASTIC and overdue! I have three great friends who are CRNA's and I have a male cousin who is an anesthesiologist in NYC. All are in favor of this and my cousin has said he works alongside some amazing CRNA's and thinks it's a good idea to allow them to practice without supervision. In many hospitals they do that anyway. CRNA's have PROVEN their performance and their safety when administering anesthesia. BRAVO to CRNA's:)
  4. I'm sure there will be.
  5. CityKat

    North Shore-LIJ Requires New Nurses to Have BSN

    Eh, I'm kind of offended by your thoughts on nursing. It IS laboring work, true. I'll give you that. But it's also a profession. I've watched many nurses do things that I've never seen doctors do in my hospital. If doctors deserve to have "profession" behind their titles, why not nurses? Most of the NP's and midwives do close to the same things MD's are doing. Surgery, no. But you see the NP's replacing MD's in many clinics these days. How can you discount this?
  6. CityKat

    North Shore-LIJ Requires New Nurses to Have BSN

    If you already have a Bachelors, why go backwards and make more work for yourself? Why not just get your MSN instead of taking the longer, more costly route?
  7. CityKat

    ObamaCare/Health Reform Law Blamed for Nursing Strikes

  8. I wish I COULD remember. I read the article and then called my parents, both of which were on statins at that time. I've tried to find that article and even saved the old link for a few years before finally tossing it. *Poof*, it's gone. It was about a trial performed by Stanford on patients taking statins and showed clear evidence that statins were causing cancer in people taking statins. When you look up studies about statins now, you find that they protect from cancer, which is incorrect. People with high cholesterol levels naturally have lower rates of cancer than people without high cholesterol. So then I guess by taking a statin and having high cholesterol; by relationship, the drug is "preventing or protecting" you from cancer.
  9. I read an article put out by Stanford about a year before I left for nursing school in 2005. In the article it stated that statins cause cancer. Ironically, I couldn't find the article again after I bookmarked it. The link I saved to the article was not there. My second semester of school, I was in pharmacology class and when I told the professor about the article I had read and it disappearing, his response to me was that he wasn't surprised. The pharmaceutical companies have very large lobbies and can sweep whatever they want, under the rug and no one will ever see it again.
  10. CityKat

    RN dies after Med Spa Treatment

    It's seems crazy. But here in CA, an RN and a physician are the only ones allowed to perform laser hair removal, botox injections, chemical peels and other filler injections. I know a few RN's who do it here in the bay area. They're truly amazing at what they do and they've had excellent training and hold the necessary skills to perform these treatments well. We have medi-spas all over CA that perform these types of services. I have NEVER seen one of these spas offering liposuction though or any other means of plastic surgery. Those types of things should ALWAYS be performed by a plastic surgeon, imo. Either way, this whole situation is sad. It was so avoidable and now, her children don't have a mother:(
  11. CityKat

    RN dies after Med Spa Treatment

    Wow! That is awful!! I hope the family finds peace, what an unnecessary and avoidable tragedy.
  12. CityKat

    15,000 S.F. workers face layoffs, shorter weeks

    I am a SFGH full time RN and I received a "pink slip" on Friday. Booo. There are soo many rumors going around. Some are saying it is a political ploy. Some saying it's going to start with seniority and others are saying we'll give up our raise and some retirement. Who knows what is true. All I know is that we won't know much of anything for at least a few weeks. We have a meeting on the 11th with the union. How can they shut down the ONLY level 1 trauma center in the city? Not going to happen. My nurse manager said they are going to cut hours from the people, not just nurses, who are working 40+ hours. Yet the majority of the nurses work 36 hours. We'll see what happens. This whole situation sucks. EVERYONE in the hospital received a pink slip, with the exception of the doctors and only because they are not paid through the city. I can say with humor that the whole "pink slip" lacked it's heightened energy, b/c it turned out to be a "white slip" instead.
  13. CityKat

    Today's Media Shows Make Nursing Trendy?

    Nope. It returns with new season this summer.
  14. Why does this NOT surprise me? Increase comes despite a decade-long drop in bacterial pneumonia (HealthNewsDigest.com) - SACRAMENTO, Calif.)-A comprehensive national study by UC Davis researchers has found that the introduction of an early childhood vaccine for bacterial pneumonia nearly a decade ago has decreased the incidence of pneumonia, but the drop was accompanied by a dramatic increase in the incidence of a serious and sometimes life-threatening complication. Entire article here: http://www.healthnewsdigest.com/news/Children_s_Health_200/Serious_Lung_Infections_in_Children_Jump_After_Introduction_of_Pneumococcus_Vaccine.shtml
  15. CityKat

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    CA is going to be on a hiring freeze, once again. The governor just rolled out his newest budget plans and healthcare is among the cuts. The competition out here is FIERCE and there are MANY new grads out here without jobs who have been searching for over a year. Nurses are NOT in high demand out here like in many other places. Before you move out to CA, have a job or you will regret it. And I've never heard of a new grad being paid $50/hr.
  16. I think it's a good idea in theory, but I think a few years into it, the nursing model would become molded to the medical model. The AMA likes to control things. I don't know, maybe I'm off here.

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