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CityKat is a BSN, RN and specializes in Trauma.

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  1. I'm sure there will be.
  2. CityKat

    ObamaCare/Health Reform Law Blamed for Nursing Strikes

  3. Why does this NOT surprise me? Increase comes despite a decade-long drop in bacterial pneumonia (HealthNewsDigest.com) - SACRAMENTO, Calif.)-A comprehensive national study by UC Davis researchers has found that the introduction of an early childhood vaccine for bacterial pneumonia nearly a decade ago has decreased the incidence of pneumonia, but the drop was accompanied by a dramatic increase in the incidence of a serious and sometimes life-threatening complication. Entire article here: http://www.healthnewsdigest.com/news/Children_s_Health_200/Serious_Lung_Infections_in_Children_Jump_After_Introduction_of_Pneumococcus_Vaccine.shtml
  4. CityKat

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    CA is going to be on a hiring freeze, once again. The governor just rolled out his newest budget plans and healthcare is among the cuts. The competition out here is FIERCE and there are MANY new grads out here without jobs who have been searching for over a year. Nurses are NOT in high demand out here like in many other places. Before you move out to CA, have a job or you will regret it. And I've never heard of a new grad being paid $50/hr.
  5. I think it's a good idea in theory, but I think a few years into it, the nursing model would become molded to the medical model. The AMA likes to control things. I don't know, maybe I'm off here.
  6. Wouldn't it depend what type of isolation? If the stuff is "unused and unopened"...
  7. CityKat

    Family-Centered Maternity Care and Rooming-In

    Thanks LJMoats:) It's definitely going to be an adventure! Some other friends told me it's a good idea to stay the second night, regardless. My mom will be here with me for three weeks, but she may arrive after I've already given birth. So, I do think I am going to stay that additional night. I cannot have too much help and I KNOW I will be FULL of questions!!
  8. CityKat

    Come to the beach...catch MRSA...

    It's not surprising being that SO MANY people take antibiotics and some waste is getting to the oceans. I don't remember where I read about the testing of drinking water around the country in different cities, but here in SF, they found high levels of sex hormones in the drinking water. In other cities, they have found high levels of residue from cardiac medications and diuretics. It's yet another sign that we are over prescribing medications and TOO many people in this country are medicated. In my opinion, it's scary and is something that really needs to be looked at and prevented. What about the effects on the marine life, I wonder if this bacteria affects them in the same way or even similar?
  9. CityKat

    Family-Centered Maternity Care and Rooming-In

    I just talked with my midwife today about what happens after the birth. She said it is a mandatory 24 hour stay with a normal vaginal birth. I will meet with a lactation consultant and learn how to breast feed and if I want to stay an additional day, that is fine with them. My baby will stay in the room with me and I will have the care of a nurse to walk me through everything. That is very exciting to me since I have absolutely NO IDEA what to expect or even how to embark on this journey that is about to take place this fall.
  10. CityKat

    My Father Died Today

    Sue, I've never lost a parent, but I understand that the healing process takes time and no ones words can heal you right away. I hope that you and the rest of your family can find peace and tranquility during this difficult period:heartbeat
  11. While I agree with the first part of your statement, I completely disagree with the second part. Most nurses I know are overworked indeed. But, this seems to compel them even more to advocate for change in the healthcare setting. Not to mention the many patients they're seeing denied everyday b/c something in their life at some time, set them up for pre-existing conditions and therefore, are no longer covered.
  12. You say that being a NICU nurse, you're trained to expect the worse. I really encourage you to watch the film "the business of being born". It shows the "other side" that you may have not been introduced to, as well as the side you HAVE been introduced to. When I hear stories from women that had their children at home on a bed, without pain meds and only a nurse to deliver their healthy babies (these are personal stories from people I know and have also read about), I then have to ask myself what else it out there and open my mind to other possibilities. A woman with a normal pregnancy can have a much calmer AND safer birth at home than in the hospital. While this may be hard to believe, the majority of problems that come out of normal healthy pregnancies are caused from being born in a non-natural setting and not allowing the mother to go fully and patiently through the birthing process on her own without the assistance of medical doctors and drugs.
  13. BabyRN: I believe that your research on HOME BIRTHS is bias somewhere along the lines and NOT for the truth of it all. I have found far more good coming out of a home births where the family are all in their own environment which leads to a much more relaxing labor and birth. Midwives don't show up at homes without 02, pitocin or other such necessary tools in case of an emergency. They have the necessary tools they need in case there is an emergency. People in this country have become so PROGRAMMED to believe that the ONLY WAY for a woman to safely give birth is through an MD in the hospital. But the reality is, it's false information that has been drilled into our heads over the years b/c the AMA wants a tight hold on their OB's scope of practice. How do you think children were born before hospitals came about and someone in the world of business figured out that birth is a major profit making business?
  14. Has anyone seen "The business of being born"? It's a movie directed by Ricki lake about birthing here in the US. If you have netflix, it is an instant watch movie. I HIGHLY recommend watching it if you have not and especially so if you're a CNM, and an OB or NICU nurse:) In 1900, 95% of births in the US took place AT HOME In 1938, 50% of all births took place AT HOME In 1955, LESS THAN 1% of births took place at home. It remains the same today.
  15. I think people are so programmed into thinking and believing that the "safest" way to birth a child IS in the hospital and therefore, are quick to dismiss the positive results of home births. There are lots of women who do not want an obstetrician involved in their birthing experience; for many reasons I understand. I agree with Setmctenn, license midwives!
  16. CityKat

    Swine flu spreading at 'unbelievable' rate: WHO

    Eh, I find that a bit fishy. "It hasn't hit the papers yet"? Normally, our corrupt media will find anyway they can to open up a story to "scare" the public. And especially about this. I'm just finding it a bit hard to believe that they would let a story like this go, especially since it involves a child who died from the swine flu; regardless. Just my thoughts..