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  1. Sarah, RNBScN

    Info on RPN scrub nurse

    It really depends on the facility where you are or want to be employed. Some hospitals have both RN and RPN's as scrub nurses. The hospital where I am employed, only has RN as scrub / circulating nurses. Years ago, they did have RNA's (RPN's today) as scrub techs. Either can do the job. I know that in London, ON they have RPN's in the OR as scrubs. For a course in perioperative nursing, you will have to check out your local community college or others in Ontario. In Toronto, Centennial college offers a perioperative certificate for the RPN. You can call 416-289-5303 or 416-289-5000 ext. 8055. I know this because I just rec'd there continuing education calendar in the mail. Best of luck. Hope this helps.
  2. Sarah, RNBScN

    Visiting in...

    Northern Michigan, around Cheboygan, Macinaw Island, and Boyne. Do you know of any great shopping areas. Outlet malls, Victoria Secret, Nursing Uniforms, etc...Any hints or tips. Leaving soon. Thanks, Sarah
  3. Sarah, RNBScN

    What meds require a filter?

    The only ones I know of are: dilantin mannitol Are there others that someone can share? Thanks, Sarah
  4. Sarah, RNBScN

    Operating Room Q

    Check out http://www.bcit.ca or .com Campusaccess.com You should check with your local colleges/university and see what they have to offer. You may end up doing a course on line and will need to do practicum hours later. Hope this helps. Sarah
  5. Sarah, RNBScN

    Courtesy Assessment

    What is on this? Can you describe it? Sarah
  6. Sarah, RNBScN


    I did mine from Laurentian University. I found that they were very disorganized with the courses. The prof(s) on the other hand were the best. Usually late with modules for learning and texts. They were very heavy with "touching feely" courses. Limited clinical experience, not everyone wants a M-F job 8 to 4 at the health unit. My advise for you would to be research both areas well. Hope you get more info. I graduated in 2002. Sudbury, ON. Sarah
  7. Re: does anyone know of a web link to a simple metric conversion table. Ex: 1cc=1ml...et -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally Posted by skittlebear does anyone know of a web link to a simple metric conversion table. Ex: 1cc=1ml...etc Try this one, it has a long list of all kinds of conversion and equivalents and dosage times abbreviations. http://www.simetric.co.uk/si_medical.htm Have a good one! ======================== The link is not opening, not available. ??? Sarah
  8. Sarah, RNBScN

    ACLS in Ontario?

    Recert ACLS is 2 days Day 1 : 4 hrs. in pm (18 - 22) Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2006 Guidelines Breakout sessions 30 mins each on: A/W management, Defib/AED, Bradycardias/PEA/Asystole, Tachycardias, Stable and Unstable Day 2: 08:30 to 16:00 hrs Coronary Artery Syndrome Megacode Practice (groups of 4 at 4 stations; 45 mins. stations) Lunch Testing Evaluations / Cards Cost $329.58 / per person (GST included) ; instruction/certificate/precourse material. You can check the michener website if you are in southern ontario.
  9. Sarah, RNBScN

    Questions to expect for OR interview

    Relax. Check the post that are listed. Good luck. Sarah
  10. Sarah, RNBScN

    Married / engaged nurses...

    Depends on what your facility dress code has in place. Where I work, we are advised to wear flat band. High settings can tear glove, or tear a person's skin. It is infection control who has this in place. Good idea in my opinion.
  11. Sarah, RNBScN

    new to triage

    =============== Take a triage course and emergency nursing pediatrics course. It will be beneficial to you. The hours for you are our busiest in ER. Good luck.
  12. Sarah, RNBScN

    2 married ER nurses having an affair

    2 coworkers married each with 2 kids. Male coworker spouse also works in ER but usually opposite for childcare issues. We (staff) suspect that she has no clue of what is going on and has been for 5 months. :nono: The problem: We (staff) feel uncomfortable working with them due to blatant affection, playing footsie at the desk in plain view, just to name a few. We (staff) already have morale problems in our department due to increase work load, short staffed, etc...This is an unsightly situation. What do we do? We are a close unit in a small hospital. We (staff) feel it is a problem because they are not showing professionalism while behaving like that at work. The wife who we think has no clue is the nicest, most giving person. She is a coworker that you would want 10 of. Any thoughts or has anyone ever had this in there ER? Please advise.
  13. Sarah, RNBScN

    Florida RN's please advise

    thanks for the information and the link. i really appreciate your help. sarah
  14. Sarah, RNBScN

    Florida RN's please advise

    Hi I missed the July date for renewing my license in Florida. Is it $65. US or if late fee $120. US? Can I renew on line without further penalty (despite the cost). Many thanks, Sarah
  15. Sarah, RNBScN

    What do you think of where you work?

    I'm from Ontario but do not work in those hospitals listed. I would suggest that you research and attend recruitment events. They usually have them in Nov. and early spring for nurses. Sick Kids is a great, world wide teaching facility. I have attended APLS and PALS course through them. They are very team orientated from what I saw just at the workshops. Ottawa General have great staff and facility. They offer a lot in the forms of continuing education for staff. They want you to be not only qualified but competent in what you are doing. I met a group of them at the NENA conference in May 2006. They were awesome. Sunnybrook - I don't know anything about it. Hamilton - I work with a surgeon who is from there and he said they are very education and staff focused not only for physicians, but for other health disciplines as well. Good luck and hope this helps. Sarah
  16. Sarah, RNBScN

    Do CRNAs exist in Canada?!?

    Check out this site http://www.michener.ca They have courses that are opened to RN's, RT's with respect to nurse anesthesia, etc... I hear that it is coming to Ontario. Hope this helps. Sarah