Dansko clogs

  1. Anyone like these? I'm thinking of purchasing a pair. Problem is.......I'd have to order online. No store close by. These are not cheap shoes and want your opinions on wear and tear, comfort, ect. before I invest. I have foot problems and they hurt a lot. I am looking for a supportive shoe that can help me make it through the 12 hrs on my feet. Any other suggestions would be helpful. I don't like the feel of tennis shoes either. Yes, I know. I'm picky. Thanks in advance. Have a great day.
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  3. by   crb613
    I have Danskos, Nike Shox. & Crocs. I like all of them. I change the shoes I wear everyday....my feet & legs do not hurt.I do 3-4 12's in row.
  4. by   ERNRS13
    I have had my Danskos for 8 months now and I won't wear anything else. They hold up alot better than regular tennis shoes-- that I was consistently replacing every 3 months. They definitely take some getting used to, I wouldn't wear them straight for 12 hours for at least a week or two, depending on your comfort. They do not bend like normal shoes, so don't be surprised if you trip over your toes the first couple times you wear them. I also find that it helps to wear good support hose. But they are definitely the best shoes I have ever worn to work. Be cautious ordering them online, make sure you get them from a place they can be returned if not worn outside and wear them around your house to see how they fit. ENJOY!!
  5. by   Sandwitch883RN
    I absolutely love my Dansko's. They do take some getting used to as stated above. I was able to wear mine for the whole 12 hour shift the first time I wore them. My feet and back feel so much better now. I really have little to no pain or fatigue at the end of the day. I do wear support hose as well because my legs swell after being on my feet for that long regardless of the type of shoes I wear. Just realize that Dansko's fit different than any shoes you've worn and may take some getting used to, not in a bad way though! If you purchase a pair let us know what you think! Take care
  6. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    I have a couple of pairs of Dansko's - one pair that I leave at work, and one pair that I wear at home instead of slippers. I've tried other shoes, but always come back to my old clogs because I feel much more supported in them than tennis shoes or 'nurses' shoes.
  7. by   SunnyAndrsn
    I have tendonitis in my right foot, I won't wear anything else. Best shoes ever! You may want to consider getting custom made orthotics too. Some of the Danskos have a removeable top insole, they are designed be replaced with orthotics. I can't pull out the top insole in my professional clogs though. But I still love them!

    I'm not comfortable in tennis shoes either, these are totally different. As other's have said, they are very different from any other kind of shoe out there and take a little getting used to.
  8. by   Mellowchick
    Danskos are great! They have the arch support that I need and they make me taller!
  9. by   vashtee
    Funny you should ask. My first pair were purchased 2 1/2 years ago, and I absolutely love them. They are still in great shape, but unfortunately, they are white. Now that I have graduated nursing school, I want some in a new color. I went out yesterday to buy a new pair, but they just didn't feel the same. The arches fell in slightly different places on my instep. I talked about this problem to two different high-end shoes store managers, and they both told be that about a year ago, Dansko's contract with Sanita (who made the soles of the shoes) ran out, and Dansko is now using a Chinese company to make the shoes. They just aren't the same anymore, and now I am looking for a Sanita dealer.
  10. by   Katie82
    I would suggest that you find a store that sells them and try them on before you order. I bought my daughter a pair and she loves them. But when I went shopping for a pair, I found that my instep is too high and cannot wear them. I have never had a problem with shoes fitting before because of my instep, and wear clogs all the time, so was not expecting this problem. Glad I tried them on first.
  11. by   ghillbert
    Order from somewhere like zappos.com that has a no problem return policy if you're not sure.
  12. by   lilo2010
    Loved the Dansko Clogs when I was a lab/xray tech! Unfortunately my nursing program won't allow them! My Nike Shox are the next best thing!
  13. by   xos4eva
    I have always wanted a pair of Danskos but I have wide feet. I definitely reccomend that you try them on first. I tried them on and they hurt my feet because of my feet being wide. Make sure they are comfortable on your feet first.
  14. by   SoundofMusic
    Oh, wow -- a forum where I can sing praise to my Danskos!!

    These shoes saved my feet, my back, my career, my sleep -- my LIFE. I used to go home w/ excruiating pain
    from walking in the wrong shoes all day. Bought a simple pair off black Danskos and they immediately
    corrected whatever problem I had. I can go days on my feet and all that hurts now is my LEGS, maybe, at the
    end of a very long day -- but absolutely NO pain in my feet.

    I just love these shoes and wear them also on my off days.

    Life is too short to go through w/ aching feet!

    Usually better stores that sell them will offer some sort of guarantee - just try them and walk around a bit before
    you buy -- but it was the best $100 I've spent in a while!