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Katie82 has 25 years experience and specializes in Med Surg, Tele, PH, CM.

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  1. Katie82

    TB testing 2020, good riddance?

    Worked 10 years in Public Health. I know how much potential TB is walking around out there, especially if you are working with recent immigrants. I will still get tested at least once a year.
  2. Katie82

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    The only reason I can think of, if it really is a budget issue, is that PTO shows up as a liability on the books. Perhaps that line item is short on funds because of excessive use. Poor budget planning on their part...
  3. In the absence of policy on B/P, the house officer should have given you the parameters for follow-up. In the absence of his doing so, it would have been a good idea to ask. The thing that makes me so angry is your co-worker chastising you in front of a patient, an action that caused the patient anxiety. At the very least, I would have asked him to step into the hall and read him the riot act. Watch your back with this guy.
  4. Katie82

    Brand new LpN

    They actually did you a favor. Sounds like a bare-bones money-grubbing group that had little regard for patients. The fact that all the staff was unlicensed and non-certified should have been a red flag. They would throw you under the bus at any opportunity, you are much better off someplace else. They may have gotten wind that you are talking to a lawyer. Like I said before, this entity probably has a reputation for this kind of activity. Just remember to document EVERYTHING from now on. Good luck to you.
  5. Why do we all feel guilty for saying "no"? You shouldn't have to make excuses beyond "I'm not available, I have plans". I once got a call from a supervisor who wouldn't take no for an answer. After I told her I had to teach Sunday School, she offered to come teach my class if I worked the shift.
  6. Katie82

    Brand new LpN

    Make sure you document, document, document. I assume you documented giving the meds they say you missed. What kind of sharks do you work with? The nurse vs para-professional conflict is as old as nursing, but I have never encountered anything this brutal. You need to find another job, but clear this investigation first. This is the Office on Aging, which in some states has no authority other than advisory. Bend over backwards to assist with the investigation. They will see it for what it is. Pretty sure you are not the first nurse this posse has attacked.
  7. Katie82

    RN worth it?

    Without getting into an argument regarding LPN vs RN competence, I believe LPNs may soon be going the way of the Diploma RNs. Let me qualify by saying this was a frequent topic while I was working on my Masters in Healthcare Management. There are many states where it is difficult to find a job as an LPN. I believe the handwriting is on the wall. The NLN wants all nurses to be "professional", and they still consider LPN as a technical degree. Look for a Bridge Program at the Community College level. Will take you one year and cost much less than $30k.
  8. Katie82

    Help!!! New grad military spouse

    Unless it has changed recently, jobs for American nurses are almost non-existent. The German government has a "treaty" with the American military that makes it impossible to get a job as a nurse. My husband is retired Air Force and we purposely avoided a transfer to Germany. I have friends who were RNs while their husbands were stationed in Germany. I believe there is a way around the licensing issue, but cannot remember what it was. Contact your state BON or the Army, they should be able to tell you.
  9. Katie82

    Quitting HCA after 5 months

    I have a MBA in Health Care Management. When I was in school, HCA was a frequent focus of case study assignments. I formed an opinion that they are everything we should not be doing in Health Care. I would not only run, but never look back. $4k is a small price to pay
  10. Katie82

    Not enough time

    You write as if you feel responsible for not having time to do it all. I would suspect the problem may be with staffing, and you simply cannot do it all. How many licensed nurses on your floor? Support staff? Staffing in nursing homes is a major problem, and not one with a simple solution. Many nursing homes are For-Profit, which means adding staff cuts into their profit. I agree that you should speak to someone, but rather than simply complaining, suggest solutions. Go armed with detailed problem list and a suggestion for each. You will not only get attention for a "different" approach, but gain recognition as a problem solver. Keeping in mind that money often trumps concern for patient care in these entities, expect change, if any, to be slow. Have a little sympathy for your DON, she is a nurse and probably cares about her patients and staff. But she is under a lot of pressure to perform too.
  11. Katie82

    Need Career Advice

    Are you sure you're going to like being a NP?
  12. Katie82

    Transition Program Case Manager job shadow

    I do Transitional Care for Medicaid/Medicare patients. I do not work for a hospital, however, I work for the State. I am happy to see more hospitals coming on board with transitional care. You will find this job very interesting and fulfilling. There is a great need for this service, I can't tell you how many interventions I have made because the best discharge planning in the world does not seem to work once the patient is home - Rx go unfilled, f/u visits are not kept...etc. I consider myself lucky if my patient can even produce the discharge instructions they were given so we can review them. Hope you get the job, it's only a small part of what I do, but I really feel as if I make a difference.
  13. Katie82

    Practicing without a license?

    This entire situation sounds scary. I am not understanding exactly what it is that your company does, but sounds more like a slick business deal than an entity that cares about their patients. Philippines? Seriously? Bottom line here is that it might be better for you if you get your license renewed and get a real nursing job. Sounds like you have skills, shouldn't be difficult.
  14. Katie82

    Masters Degree??

    I think the CCM certification would work for you until you decide exactly what you want. Many employers are requiring Masters for case management, as well as Acute Care Experience. My Masters is a MBA in Health Care Management, which is very compatible with the type of CM I do. I do have a CCM certification, as well as CDE, but I got them after I had been in my job for a couple of years.
  15. Katie82

    How do LVN'S train to become Case Managers??

    Most employers will not allow you to work from home if you have a child at home. They expect you to devote the entire day to your work, so you wouldn't have time to take care of a baby or toddler.
  16. Katie82

    RN Case management

    I work for a MCO that is contracted by my state to coordinate care for Medicaid recipients and now Medicare, as we have been given a Waiver to manage Medicare patients as well. I consider myself a Jack of All Trades - hard to describe what I do, except to say "whatever I need to do to see that my patients get the care they need. I am a Diabetes Educator, I perform Medication Reconciliations, I am responsible for Transitional Care of patients discharged from acute care. I accompany patients to medical appointments. I meet with docs to coordinate care. I have assisted a practice in implementing their EMR. I have days when I think I can do anything, and others when I feel I am doing nothing. I even manage a little job on the side sometimes - my current focus is to cut down on the number of unnecessary ER visits my patients accrue. I deal with Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, anxious family members , and on a few occasions, the Courts or Police. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Seems like every day is a new adventure, and it can be exhausting. The thing I like best is that I am pretty much autonomous. My program uses the team approach, so I have dozens of mentors if I need them. My Manager is available any time I need her, but she does not hover. Some days I want to tear my hair out, but I would not trade this job for anything. Oh yeah, as if I'm not already having enough fun, the State has just added Mental Health to our duties. I am overjoyed.