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Katie82 has 38 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med Surg, Tele, PH, CM.

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  1. Katie82

    HELP! Don't know what to do.

    Start from the beginning. I think you'll need a refresher course before you take the NCLEX, because that is your first step. Doubt if you will be able to get into a topcap to BSN without being a RN, so get that done as soon as possible. How could this happen? All my school preached about during my 2-yr program is the NCLEX. What have you been doing for the past 3 years?
  2. Katie82

    Too strong of a personality?

    You didn't mention what you mean by "strong personality" - that could be a positive or negative. But since this has never resulted in a bad review or caused mention by your manager or charge, or by instructors, we can only assume that this assessment is subjective. What would prompt them to say this? Could be they are resentful of your success or recognize your strength as leadership skills and feel threatened. Do they offer specifics?
  3. Katie82

    Nurses Refilling Prescriptions

    While I was working as a Practice Administrator in a Family Medicine Practice we introduced Allscripts. Under certain circumstances, I was authorized to fax refills on medications that had a 12 month order. These were mostly chronic meds like blood pressure, PPIs, etc. I was not allowed to issue a new script. The doc always received a notice that I had faxed a refill. This was done in accordance with a written protocol, Never refilled if the patient was having problems or had questions. System worked well for us.
  4. Katie82

    Starting to feel the burnout

    I strongly believe that all new grads need to work at least a year of med/surg after leaving school. That having been said, there are many challenging, rewarding nursing jobs out there that do not involve bedside nursing. I worked med/surg for 11 years while my husband was active duty military. Easiest place to "start over" every three or four years. When he retired, I left the hospital and never looked back. Public Health, Administration, and finally Case Management, I loved it all. Get out of the hospital before you totally burn out.
  5. Katie82

    Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    ICU might not be a safe place for someone with your health history. Unfortunately, this is not the last time this will be happening. Might be good idea to re-evaluate your future in the ICU. Human nature being what it is, you can probably expect some of your co-workers who stick it out to feel a little resentful. Hopefully they won't say anything out loud. Can't say what I would do. I also have asthma, and have had bouts of bronchitis that have lasted for months. I left the bedside many years ago, but I still come in contact with illness every day. You have to make the decision that is best for you, then just ride out the blowback if there is any.
  6. I took my ASN to a BBA in Health Care Administration then a MBA in Health Care Management. It has become a trend, my classes were filled with RNs and even a few docs.
  7. Katie82


    Sorry to say, this may meet the legal criteria for abandonment. The argument would be that if you were capable of walking out of the hospital and driving home, you were capable of a two minute report to hit the high spots.
  8. Katie82

    Reported for a swear

    Who turned you in? What ever happened to having each others' backs? I do not condone profanity in a professional (or any, for that matter) workplace, but I would have approached you first and discussed it with you before going to management. And this was definitely not patient abuse, who made that decision. I agree that you should fight this, you don't want that on your record when it is not true.
  9. Katie82


    I really hate to mention this because I have no idea if this pertains to your case. Rather than going the BSN/MSN route, I have a BBA/MBA in Health Care Management. Most of my classmates were already employed in health care. In one of my HR classes, we discussed that some hospitals were trending toward over-hiring new grads, with the thought that they would just fire those whose performance was on the lower half of the spectrum. I really found this difficult to believe, but several classmates shared that they thought their hospitals were doing just that. Hiring 20 nurses to fill 10 slots then keeping the ten they liked best. I only mention this because I have seen a lot of posts lately that were made by nurses who think they were fired during orientation for no cause. I hate to think this happens, but who knows. I just hate to see all these new nurses being fired because they thought they did something wrong.
  10. We could always import them from China. I hear new infections have slowed considerably in China. As will happen everywhere.....
  11. Katie82

    I quit during orientation.

    You have just described the experiences of 95% of new grads for as long as I have been in nursing (many years). Nursing school prepares no one for the trials of that first real job. Do not allow yourself to throw away all those "wonderful" experiences and hard work in nursing school.
  12. Katie82

    TB testing 2020, good riddance?

    Worked 10 years in Public Health. I know how much potential TB is walking around out there, especially if you are working with recent immigrants. I will still get tested at least once a year.
  13. Katie82

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    The only reason I can think of, if it really is a budget issue, is that PTO shows up as a liability on the books. Perhaps that line item is short on funds because of excessive use. Poor budget planning on their part...
  14. In the absence of policy on B/P, the house officer should have given you the parameters for follow-up. In the absence of his doing so, it would have been a good idea to ask. The thing that makes me so angry is your co-worker chastising you in front of a patient, an action that caused the patient anxiety. At the very least, I would have asked him to step into the hall and read him the riot act. Watch your back with this guy.
  15. Katie82

    Brand new LpN

    They actually did you a favor. Sounds like a bare-bones money-grubbing group that had little regard for patients. The fact that all the staff was unlicensed and non-certified should have been a red flag. They would throw you under the bus at any opportunity, you are much better off someplace else. They may have gotten wind that you are talking to a lawyer. Like I said before, this entity probably has a reputation for this kind of activity. Just remember to document EVERYTHING from now on. Good luck to you.
  16. Why do we all feel guilty for saying "no"? You shouldn't have to make excuses beyond "I'm not available, I have plans". I once got a call from a supervisor who wouldn't take no for an answer. After I told her I had to teach Sunday School, she offered to come teach my class if I worked the shift.

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