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xos4eva has 9 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics, Med-Surg.

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  1. xos4eva

    Robert Wood Johnson

    ​Hey all, I've interviewed at Robert Wood Johnson, a hospital in Central New Jersey and was trying to find out what the starting salary is for an FNP. I'm not looking for anything exact but at least a ballpark figure. Any help would greatly be appreciated and thank you in advance.
  2. xos4eva

    Not Sure How To Proceed

    Seriously Zenman hook a sister up lol. Whitney, I'm an active member in my church, help teach the youth class, and minister whenever they need me and I read the word and pray each and everyday but even in my spiritual life I feel like something is missing and that I need more. I looked up MHNP in my area and found 2 females but haven't found/made the time to call and schedule an appointment, kind of nervous and not even sure how to go about it. Like I said I'm only 29 and I feel like life is passnig me by.
  3. xos4eva

    Not Sure How To Proceed

    Canuser, I'm not sure that FNP will fill your void. I here where you're coming from though. I've contemplated leaving nursing, I've contemplated going to medical school but even when I sit down and look at the long term, I'm not sure either would make me happier overall. My husband tries to be supportive but he just can't grasp why I'm not happy. At times it puts a strain on my marriage because he feels as though I'm unhappy with him. I try and explain I'm unhappy overall but he can't understand how someone so blessed (smart/job/husband/family) can be so unhappy. He tells me sometimes I'm looking for more and that there may not be anything more. It also bothers me when others tell me that I'm so lucky because I overcame the odds and am a professional, have a job, a husband that loves me and etc.... etc.... I was telling him last night I'm thinking of going back to therapy and he was like OMG my wife has relapsed lol. I told him sweetie I don't know when you thought I was fine because I haven't been. Not sure what to do. I actually dread coming to work some days, my pts would never know it because I smile and take my time with them but inside I just don't know what would make me happy. :o/
  4. xos4eva

    Not Sure How To Proceed

    Mamma - I can honestly state that I am a suffer of CDS, always have been, I did go to therapy once but I didn't really make any progress and so stopped going. I know about making rash decisions, I was a travel nurse for approximately 3 yrs because I could never feel satisfied where I was, I ended up working for 4 yrs at my last job because a month after starting I met my husband and he told me if I wanted a relationship with him I couldn't just pick up and go all the time. I've been at this job for 5 months and am trying to work on my CDS, and as I told Zenman I'm going to look into finding a MHNP see if I can get to the route of it. It gets me angry as well because my rational mind tells me that I should be happy but my brain doesn't follow what I should be feeling. I always feel like an outsider and like I don't belong, no matter where I am, it's as though I'm not comfortable in my own skin. :0/
  5. xos4eva

    Not Sure How To Proceed

    Mammac5, I like interacting with the patients, I love when they come back and tell me that I've made a difference in their life, or when they tell me that I'm awesome not because I know everything but because I take the time to explain to them the test I'm ordering, the reason they are being ordered and the disease process that may be affecting them. I love learning and sharing that knowledge. Zenman - I have thought about going to a psychiatrist. I have the overall problem that I always feel like there has to be more not only in my profession but in my personal life as well and my Husband always tells me to just be hapy with what I have but I find it hard. I might have to check my medical insurance and see if i can get a MHNP or something set up.
  6. xos4eva

    Not Sure How To Proceed

    Here's the short version, I'm 29, been an FNP 1yr, working in a Primary Care clinic for 6 months, was an RN for 7 yrs prior to becoming an NP. Currently feeling bored and unfilled, not quite sure where to go or what to do. Not sure what would make me feel fulfilled. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone XOS4EVA
  7. xos4eva

    Being On Call :0/

    Have been working at my current job for approximately 3 months and have started to be on call for this week, covering for my collaborating physician, I feel like I have not had adequate training but at the same time I don't want to be considered a complainer, any tips from you guys who are doing call regularly that might help? I'm not sure which pts actually need to be woken up at 3 am when I get a call and which pts can wait for the morning, also how do you deal with some critical labs that are given to you on a Saturday/Sunday and there is no contact info for the pt? Thanks in advance for your answers. :redbeathe
  8. xos4eva

    Do FNP's really make 80k to 90k a year?

    I graduated last August, am in NY and was working for a city hospital making 65 K base salary, this is low for NY but common in the city/state hospitals. I'm curerntly working for an private organization and started as an FNP at 85K/yr, not sure how much growth potential there is in this salary, I know that others who I graduate with are working in private clinics and are making more than I am and at Private Hospitals they are making over 100 K.
  9. xos4eva

    Haven't even graduated and already burned out...

    I feel your pain and as BC grad I also work in a health care center where many people come in for pain, I try my hardest not to prescribe narcotics, and if I have to prescribe i give a very limited supply and refer to pain management, let them deal with it,they have a better idea of what is needed. You will have to be firm and many patients will curse you out if they don't get what they want but truth of the matter it's your license. For anxiety I may also give BusPar, I don't write for Oxycontin no matter what, the most I'll write for is Percocet and even then I'm stingy. I have a pt who has MS and keeps coming for percocet and motrin, I told her this month that I will not give her any more meds and that I'm sending her to pain management to better manage her because it is very likely that Percocet is not the best medication for her and I also write for like 40 pills even if its every 6 hours to at least attempt to keep some control. I'm sorry you feel burned out but its a reality that we have to deal with, don't let the drug seekers turn you off from those who really are having pain and need some help, also remember that many psych issues may manifest as physical symptoms so you have to do a thorough history to try and weed out what's going on.
  10. xos4eva

    Lab Interpretation

    Thanks so much mom. ) All info is greatly appreciated.
  11. xos4eva

    Lab Interpretation

    New NP here, just started working in a primary care clinic and as I'm family, I see from Peds to Geriatrics. Just having a little bit of a hard time finding some info on lab interpretation. I have found information regarding assessement and treatment of newborns and infants but I'm looking now on how to read my labs such as the CBC, CMP, etc...... Anyone with any websites, book reccomendtations, etc.... It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Ericka
  12. xos4eva

    Job market for new grads

    I think there are available jobs but sometimes the job offer isn't what you expect. I was offered a position in an Internal Medicine clinic, where I did my Clinical Rotation, but the MD offered me 75K/yr, working 10 hour sifts w/t/f and working every saturday, the commute would have been 2 hours, I didn't think that was in my best interest, other Primary Care practices have offered the same starting pay and its sad becasue I was making that as an RN, I guess it depends on what you want to do, right now I don't feel fulfilled as an NP but it has only been 3 months that I have been working in this role and I hope it gets better. I miss working my 3 12 hour shifts and have not gotten used to working 5 8 hour shifts. I wish all of you the best of luck and I know that regardless of anything I thank God everyday that I'm blessed with a job.
  13. xos4eva

    Glum :o(

    Ok, so I left my nice comfortable RN position back in January, started at a facility which did not share the same vision I shared for myself so I immediately began job searching, 2 months later I find a job that offers more structure, is computerized, etc..., I accept the position and start working at this new facility, only to find out that the facility is strapped for cash and is having diffculty making it's pay roll, now I feel stupid for leaving my other job, which if nothing else was secure. I'm working with a collaborating physician who is psycho and total Type A and hard on themself which in turn trickles down to me. I'm not sure what to do, I'm trying to stick it out and see what happens but should I just start looking for another possible job offer??? I truly feel like an utter failure because I've already had 2 jobs, please any input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. xos4eva

    New NP Job

    Thanks Max, I don't think the physician wants me to fail but he is too pre-occupied with whatever he feels is important and isn't really to caring regarding new grads. I just hate that the other NP's believe that this is the way things should be. I think it's not horrible but it's also not what I want. I feel bad about complaining because I had lunch with a former classmate of mine and she is currently seeing 40-50 pts a day and has no time to go to the bathroom or eat lunch :confused: I was like wow, I shouldn't complain at seeing 10-15/day. Hopefully things get better for me and at the same time I have my feelers out for any other possible positions which may suit me better. I'll keep you guys posted.
  15. xos4eva

    New NP Job

    I've emailed the person who hired me and have not gotten any response, spoke with one of the other NP's and was told I know you want a support system but you can't count on me because I've been here x amount of time and don't know what I'm doing either, I just read up on the disease and treat, and hope for the best. That kind of left me in shock because if anything I thought she could be a resource person since she has been at the facility for some time. My collaborating physician just comes in and asks me are you ok, smiles at me and then says great and walks away. My office manager states that my notes look good and that my numbers look good so I'm doing fine.
  16. xos4eva

    New NP Job

    Hey all, just started a new np job 2 weeks ago, am having a bit of a hard time adjusting to 5 days a week 8 hours/day. This has not been the most difficult challenge though. I accepted a position in a in patient drug rehab facility. I knew that the population would be a challenge but the biggest challenge I have faced so far has not been the clients. On my first day I was informed that I should strive to see 10 or more patients per day, I was not given an orientation unless you count me sitting in a corner watching the other np write an orientation, I was then expected to work on my own after. I don't expect my hand to be held but I would appreciate some feedback or some guidance especially since this is my first job as an NP. Any words of wisdom from anyone? I don't want to be a quitter and just give up but I'm just not feeling this right now. I don't think I will grow if I'm expected to hit the floor running. As of right now I see clients by myself without any guidance or overview.