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  1. Hospitals East of St. Louis?

    Memorial in Belleville does hire new grads. I believe they too have a residency program . Magnet status basically just means more paper work as far as I'm concerned. But, Memorial's standard of care far exceeds St. Elizabeth's. I know, I have worked ...
  2. Do you want to know what I find scary...

    We all make mistakes...It's the "perfect" nurse that scares me the most. They are just better at covering those mistakes up...
  3. Do you want to know what I find scary...

    Please don't take this the wrong way..But, maybe it's the way you approach it? Or it could be that the nurse is terrified they may be in trouble over it? We have some over zealous writer uppers that I work with.
  4. Bedside shift report.

    SOme very informative responses...SOme like it and others don't... Like I said, I'm willing to try it. And I too am concerned with getting out in a timely manner. That hardly ever happens now with the acuity of our pts, transfers out of ICU, and trai...
  5. That's inappropriate. Getting suspended for telling the truth...What did they want you to do? Tell them you could save her? Crazy!
  6. I think the best thing you could do in a situation like that would be to document fully what the pt, family, doc, and nurse manager said...I gave up fighting a useless battle a long time ago.. I now cover my butt as best as possible. I also make sure...
  7. It seems to be very common as of late where I work. I shouldn't be happening..but, when supervisors and managers don't care and are only concerned with numbers, then, that's what happens.SO, I've decided that I will not bust my butt anymore to appeas...
  8. Call in sick, or risk getting patients sick?

    Our facility is starting to dinge employees for calling in. So, if i'm sick, I'll be family had the swine and I got a point for it. Even though our medical director told us not to come to work sick..I laughed and thought whatever..Doesn't ...
  9. Bedside shift report.

    I was just wondering if your facility utilizes bedside shift reporting. Is it working well? What do you feel are the pros and cons with it? Our facility is going to start to use this method of report very soon. I'm willing to try it..But, don't see ...
  10. I once had a woman disconnect her dad's chest tube so he could get up and go to the bathroom. He was on bedrest and confused, mind you. She was a nursing student and knew "everything." Yeah....that was a really fun day!
  11. We are doing peer reviews at my facility. I haven't gotten mine yet or have been asked to do one. But, from what I'm hearing from other staff members is making me very uncomfortable. Some of the feedback is malicious. I'm concerned because I don't un...
  12. Dont know what to say....PLEASE help

    I totally agree. Perfect answer!
  13. Inappropriate Demands

    Oh and yes, it's my fault because I won't let them. "Sure, I'll be glad to call the supervisor." Not a problem. LOL.
  14. Inappropriate Demands

    Pt in for elevated cardiac enzymes, shortness of breath, high blood sugar, and diaphoresis. But is demanding to go out and smoke in between bouts of chest pain. Why do they even bother coming in?
  15. what is your biggest pet peeve while at work?

    I have just few that really irke me. 1) The all hateful malicious gossipers. Gotta love them! 2) Not being able to find a place to sit and chart because people are unwilling to get up because they are in the middle of gossiping and talking about o...