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All of the good and bad...i want to hear it ALL...trying to make up my mind..my bestest friend just signed her life away with them.... Read More

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    So I had the guy come today and I signed and everything really excited. This is how the clinicals work for LPN to RN; for most states in which you are going to be licensed require some clinical hours on top of the CPNE, in that case what you will do is the foot work; find a site where you want to go, talk to them see if they will take you and then contact your rep or the school and they will do all the contracts for you. Now there are some states, like mine , that do not require any other clinical hours from LPN to RN other then the CPNE, in this case don't worry about it.

    Now I have a couple of questions. I don't really care about the money aspect, this tuition was sooooooo much cheaper (around 10000) then going back to Carrington (Apollo, 25,000) or any other tech school which will charge you no short of 18000+, which I would have to move across the country for..... so I am not quite sure why people are saying they are outrageous, because all private colleges are and hate to break it to ya but if you went to a vocational school like me, those credits an't transferable, but I digress. What I want to know it what are the test like and do the modules you buy help? What's the deal with Excelsior not taking College Network's credits??? Because they do, I have a friend who did the same thing and had no problem with enrolling in Excelsior, and last why is the clinical weekend so hard? What is it that people fail at?

    Thank you, hope to hear from someone soon!
    People with experience in this area are saying this because they already know that you will have to pay TCN AND Excelsior. You aren't paying them instead of Excelsior but on top of them. There are no credits to transfer because TCN is a bookstore that sells you books to study for EXCELSIOR EXAMS. There is no such thing as a TCN exam or credit. It would be like saying Barnes & Noble will give me credits to transfer to Excelsior. You may be surprised tro find out how much it will end up costing you in the end. TCN is a middleman that Excelsior speaks against on their website.
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    It amazes me that from the time this thread was first posted until today and after reading all the information that people still think that TCN is a credit bearing accredited college. For the life of me I just don't understand.
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    I don't understand it either. Maybe it's the name College Network that makes them think it's a "network" of colleges. Or maybe it's ppl who have already sunk money into this sham and just want someone to tell them it's ok.
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    For those who have signed a contract, they're stuck ... the best revenge is success in the program! I feel really badly for the people who sign up, pay all the money, and never take a single test.
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    Ok forgive me for sounding completely dumb as this is all new to me, i met with a lady through the college netword today, i havent signed anything yet, im looking to do the lpn to bsn through ISU, i have alot of prereqs to do first, TCN layed out the ones i needed and told me i sign up for these classes, study the material and take the exam, if i choose to buy the study materials online how would i take the classes? I called ISU after reading some bad reviews and they recommended i go through TCN for my prereqs instead of ivy tech community college as i live in a different state. The lady layed out all the costs etc but i just seem confused by everyones posts that i dont need TCN. Second i know it seems like alot of money but I just got done with LPN school that is setting me back 20,000 for 14 months of school.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! I need it
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    College Network is not a requirement for completing Excelsior's RN Program but some people (like me) have found their services very helpful. Some say it's a more expensive way to go, but having one online study guide per cousre instead of the multiple textbooks that I've heard Excelsior students have to buy and study is saving me a lot of time -- plus the practice exams are unlimited and FREE ...not free with Excelsior. I also like the fact that if I mess up on an exam they will pay a local tutor in my area to help me and may for my exams until I pass. I don't see Excelsior offering that kind of "customer service". In general, the excelsior program is not for everyone, especially those who aren't able to motivate themselves to study, or need the hand-holding of a professor, but in my college network offers a lot of support not found going directly through excelsior. Regardless of where you're at now you should always do your research before signing any contracts with anyone. go to the boards, visit the company websites, etc... i googled "college network reviews" earlier and found that tcn has a new website and blog page and and it looks like a good place for more information on there programs (kindof onesided tho). i also noticed a blog about consumer review sites and how its normal to find more negative than positive comments..haha... here;s the link: blog.collegenetwork.com/blog/college-network-reviews if want to check it out.

    happy 2011!
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    Instead of paying more than $5000 on a contract with TCN, if you must have their study material, buy it on ebay where you can get each binder for $15 to $30 each.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Instead of paying more than $5000 on a contract with TCN, if you must have their study material, buy it on ebay where you can get each binder for $15 to $30 each.
    I thought about that after reading a lot of the bad reviews on here, but I decided to meet with a rep anyway. when he came out to my house he showed me how all the guides are now offered online and that really appealed to me. i hardly use the printed modules, to be honest... i like the online version better because i think its easier for me to learn when i can interact and constantly test myself with material instead of just reading and trying to remember everything. plus i can take the practice exams as many time as I want -- my tcn advisor told me not to schedule the exam at pearson until i was passing the online tests with at least a 90% just to be sure.. got an A in Soc, A- on LifeSpan, and a B on Micro (hate that class btw). I'm pretty ADD , so I don't think the printed modules by themselves would do a lot of good -- and i'm on the computer a lot anyway bc i'm a facebook junkie!

    if someone can study w/just the modules with absolutely no support (i talk to tcn advisors every couple of weeks) then more power to them, but u get what u pay for!
  9. by   Conqueror+
    With TCN you pay for far more than you get. JMHO.
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    Quote from Conqueror+
    With TCN you pay for far more than you get. JMHO.
    have you seen or taken advantage of the online courses...? I only ask that because i think they're worth more than the $15-$30 you can spend on e-bay -- it sounds like the majority of the complaints regarding tcn material is based solely on the PRINTED modules which were offered to me as more of a supplement to what's online...
  11. by   Carolina34
    I think it's so tough trying to figure out where to go/ who to use. :/ For everyone else in the same boat - just a word of advice: I used http://www.nursingschools.net to get some advice, pretty informative and truthful site. Still a bit unsure of what exactly I'm going to do but talking with others on this forum also helps so much, so thanks y'all
  12. by   caliotter3
    Why pay them $5000 or $7000? You can find the info online for free if you are inclined to make the effort.
  13. by   nurseJennieB81
    Has anyone taken one of the nursing exams through TCN? What are they like? And God forbid, if you fail the exam, do you have to pay another $250 to take it again?