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  1. Please note that not allowing students to take courses in CA does NOT mean that one cannot be licensed in CA upon completion of the program and successful completion of the NCLEX-RN.
  2. Check out the LPN-BSN Track Summary document - course / clinical logistics start about pg 5
  3. Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam!

    You might look at the information shown at KAT Admission Exam | College of Health and Human Services
  4. Indiana State University

    You can request information about the LPN-BSN Track by using the form at Indiana State University: Nursing Inquiry
  5. A map of current states in which the LPN-BSN Track is available for enrollment is located at States that Recognize the LPN-BSN Track | College of Health and Human Services
  6. Indiana State Online LVN to BSN

    If you complete the inquiry form at Indiana State University: Nursing Inquiry , you'll receive current information about the track.
  7. The document at LPN-BSN Track Summary Document | College of Health and Human Services will explain must about the track and the courses.
  8. The quoted information above from ISU website means that students cannot take the programs in California. It does not mean that licensed RNs cannot obtain licensure by endorsement in California or any other states shown on the linked map
  9. Please check this information out yourself.
  10. Phone number to call is Toll-free 888.293.4842 option 2
  11. Required pre-requisites are listed in the document at
  12. Update ISU nursing school in California

    You are correct. It would be like anyone from any program gaining licensure by endorsement from another state.
  13. Indiana state university LPN to RN

    The map on the ISU website indicates states which allow / don't allow students IN those states to complete the LPN-BS Track in those does NOT refer to whether those states accept nurses with degrees from ISU to be licensed in those states...
  14. Clinicals for ISU LPN to BSN

    The comment that you would not be eligible for licensing in a state if the LPN-BS Track is not available in that state is not correct. Please do verify info
  15. It is true that the LPN-BS track is not available for residents of the states shown in yellow on the map at to complete in those states. That d...