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  1. muffylpn

    CEO Says More Nurses Won't Improve Care

    I just wonder as it does not say. Will it be a similar law to Calfornia, because they included ALL nurses where as Massachusetts only considered in their bill that Rns were nurses
  2. muffylpn

    As an RN, am I responsible for the actions of an LPN?

    Furthermore if your cna takes someone to the bathroom and they break their hip are you responsible. No, you will have a lot of paperwork but you will not loose your license. True story, my uncle 25 yrs ago was an LPN in CA, he had just come back from vacation and was working with an RN who told him to do something the wrong way. He admitted in open court he knew this was wrong, the RN admitted in court she told him to do it ( Pt. old with dementia died as a result). My uncle lost his license the court and BON found that since this was WITHIN my uncle's SCOPE OF PRACTICE it did not matter what the RN said ( she never touched the Pt). Unless an LPN does something out of her scope of practice that is when you can be held responsible. I give the wrong med. and the Pt dies it's not coming back on you. I DON'T WORK UNDER YOUR LICENSE I WORK UNDER MY OWN
  3. muffylpn

    As an RN, am I responsible for the actions of an LPN?

    I hate this question, it's call Scope of Practice. If my license says I can do it, I can and I will be responsible for my actions not you.
  4. muffylpn

    Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    If you work those types of jobs in long term in MA the DON is the person " who technically covers that"
  5. muffylpn

    Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    I have been an LPN for 26 yrs in MA. I work 40 hrs a week ( 32 in a hospital and 8 in a NH). Last yr I made 69,000. Yes it includes the occ. OT with every other holiday. And no I don't work in Boston ( 90 min outside the city). And no I don't work every weekend.
  6. muffylpn

    IV Nurse Day - January 25th

    Wouldn't it be great if we just said nurses. Cause LPNs also do this job.
  7. muffylpn

    Must we "pay our dues" by working night shift?

    Just FYI. Plenty of LPNs work the night shift in hospitals.
  8. I hate these types of posts as you always get some nasty comments. I honestly try to avoid them. The answer is: What state are you talking about? The state matters. And YOU can find that answer on the website for your board of nursing
  9. We got socks-yup I said socks with our hospital logo
  10. muffylpn

    Can a LPN delegate to RN?

    I read one comment at the start of this post. LPNs work under no one's license but their own. Working under someone's license is like an RN saying "go head I said it's ok for you do this thing out of your scope of practice cause I'm an RN and you are in LPN" no that wrong and it has NEVER been this way.
  11. muffylpn

    What would you do if you got overpaid?

    This has happened twice to me just recently last week. The first time the payroll person was so rude stating she did not make a mistake, I was wrong according to her. I told she could check it out and remove the money out of my next pay check. She never did-oh well. Last week when it happened they just thought it was so wonderful I was willing to tell them they overpaid me. They took the money back over the next two checks, so I would not be really short in my pay-I thought that was nice of them
  12. Yes of course CHF and dialysis would be exceptions to the rule. But it's what we do as a routine with our elderly Pts. first before we start IVs on them. That is me and the other RNs I work with. Including our supervisors who would ask if we tried pushing fluids first.
  13. What did your supervisor say? If I was placed in that position the very first words out of my mouth to that doctor would be " The 3-11 RN supervisor told me I needed to call you about this B/P" lets see where it goes from there.
  14. Did not read all the comments. But many x's vs are taken at night. We seem to have established that. I have worked in both hospital 23 yrs and NH 16. I would never call a Dr. for that B/P ever unless s/s were noted. I would ALWAYS push fluids if I had an 80/50 and recheck in an hr. 70/40 would get a phone call but only after I did everything else. And this might have been mentioned but ( and I'm sorry) the Dr. does not seem to want phone calls if that's the B/P so why are you still calling him? ( it's just a question-not meant to sound rude)
  15. muffylpn

    Sucide lies: is it CYA or blaming?

    First I did not read thru the comments. I have worked psych. in a hospital setting for 23 yrs. 1) If it was a Dr.'s order you are in the wrong-and you and the charge nurse could both be screwed if something happened. 2) You asked the charge to pull the CNA and the charge nurse agreed-that person can now be blamed ( there is a charge nurse for a reason-this is one of them).3) If you have a hospital policy about 1:1 and constant obs. that is what needs to be followed-if it is not, the hospital will NEVER support you should something happen. 4) Lots of Pts contract for safety and LIE. Lastly in my state a 1:1 is done with a person being in arms length of the Pt. Constant obs. is Pt must be be in view of the person watching them but a written hospital policy will overide what is considered the norm. Lastly with this person's labs being all messed up was there a potential fall risk cause people say all sorts of stuff after a fall as to why it happened-biazzar lawsuits happen and people who lie win them-just saying
  16. The person did not lie about his title. It was his perception, which was not correct. But we don't know the whole situation and the actual nurse was not offended so whats the big deal. Many times when dealing with our dementia Pts at the hospital I will refer to the CNA as a nurse, as I don't think the dementia Pt is up to the explanation of the vast difference. I know this was not the case in this situation, but again we don't know the whole situation cause we were not present.