Nursing 'legacies'? How many of you have nurses in your family?

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I was just wondering how many of us became nurses (or decided not to!) because they had family members who were nurses, and how this might have affected your outlook or enthusiasm for nursing. Anyone? My mother was a nurse and made me swear every day that she came home from a horrible night shift on the SCU that I would NEVER be a nurse. :D Sorry, mom! Her sister is a nurse, and so are two of my cousins. It seems to run in the family!

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In all I think there were and are 9 nurses in my family(including me). I did not start out wanting to be a nurse because of my family. I wanted to be a physical therapist, was told that no therapy school would take me because I had no volunteer hours, "go into another field, honey, and then go back to school"

Well I never went back for therapy;)

I have a picture of my grandmother and great aunt in their uniforms that my mom gave me when I was thinking of quitting. She said Gram would have been proud of me regardless- still hanging in there:cool:


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My sister is a nurse, as are five of my cousins and a cousin-in-law. They all think I'm crazy for doing this. :rolleyes:

They all took their classes in their early twenties and have been nurses for many many years. Back then, I never was even remotely interested. Now here I am in my forties, determined and fascinated! Life is strange. kavi

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4 aunts, 2 on mother and 2 on father side

1 cousin



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I come from a whole family of nurses, missionaries and ministers. I only caught on to the nurse part!


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My mom's a nurse, my brother is an EMT (and firefighter), my sister-in-law is a respiratory therapist.

My pastor dad and piano teacher wife really enjoy family dinners! :D

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I`m the first one in my family, but may have started something. One daughter is RN, another manages a HHC , one son was an RT, and oldest granddaughter is taking her pre req`s...


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I'm the first and only in my family.


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One of my aunts (dad's side) is a nurse. She quit nursing when she had her kids & just within the past 10 years went back to school & got her certification in school nursing & has been doing that ever since. I don't think I got the desire to become a nurse from her though, as she wasn't nursing while I was growing up at all.

My step-mother isn't a nurse, but is a medical assistant. She's helped talk to me about working in hospitals, etc. Her mom was a nurse, as is her sister and her niece.

I think what really drew me to the field was the nurse that worked in my doctor's office when I was growing up. She was an amazing lady. Was really my doctor's "right-hand gal" so to speak. He wouldn't do a procedure in his office without her. :)


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My mother was a nurse during WWII. She was trained in Ireland, (born there), and worked in England. Met my father and here I am. I also

have an aunt in Ireland that was an OB RN for over 30 years before retiring.


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Originally posted by JohnnyGage

My mom's a nurse, my brother is an EMT (and firefighter), my sister-in-law is a respiratory therapist.

My pastor dad and piano teacher wife really enjoy family dinners! :D


It's the same at our house!

My Nana is a retired practical nurse (I think she'd be an LPN today), my mother is a Certified Medical Assistant, and then there's me (in the immediate family) - I cannot tell you how often we hear - "Hey!! Guys!! We are eating here!!!" bwaaahahahaha.

In my extended family there are several nurses in various speicalties (from burn units, to ER, to ski rescue and on and on), I even have a cousin in Harvard Med school!! (still waiting for my sweatshirt!!!)

One of my bestest friends from high school is getting her doctorate in Neurophysiology (gag) and my other bestest friend is getting her masters in psychology (will be a licensed therapist) - her hubby is an LVN at a local prison. We all had dinner with some other HS buddies one of whom is a cardiologist with a trauma surgeon husband...HAHAHAHA THAT was an interesting dinner lemme tell ya!!


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my sister is a nurse but she came after me. My daughter is going for her nurse practioner. I tried to talk her out of nursing for years but she decided to go further than me. Maybe the working conditions will be better.

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