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  1. kavi

    Have you read Echo Heron's book?

    Thanks! I'm going to a different town tommorow and i'll try their book store. I appreciate the suggestions. kavi:)
  2. kavi

    Mediocrity anyone?

    Dublin, count me in as a squeaker. I'm an older student. Had to take a Chemistry course just to understand the textbook for MicroBiology and Physiology. I am definitely not a super achiever. I struggle long and hard for every ounce I learn. I'm at the beginning of the road. But I'm determined. So we'll cheer each other on, okay!!!?
  3. kavi

    Have you read Echo Heron's book?

    I've heard a few others mention her books here. So yesterday I went to a book store and asked if I could order some of her books. The clerk did checked the computer (or pretended to) and said there was no author listed or books by someone named "Echo Heron". Is this the character's name? Could someone tell me the author's name? I love to read and she sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks!
  4. kavi

    Am I Nutz?!?!

    Definitely give it a try! Good luck.:)
  5. kavi

    Finally did it!

    Good for you! Hey, someday we'll be alumni together! pam:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  6. kavi

    Right now, I'm really not liking this!

    I was reading through the Excelsior student site---you weed through a lot of talk and questions. But someone else mentioned using the Cliff Notes for A & P. That they had used them and aced the test. So I recently bought the Cliff Notes and I'm so glad that I did. It seems to keep things in focus----the textbook and lab book have SO many details. So I think there may be a good idea in using this. I just hope they don't c hange the test.
  7. kavi

    To everyone who is in an Associates program

    I plan to go straight to work with my ADN, I need the money. Then I'll work part-time on the BSN. Everything I've heard, the pay is not that much different. And I assume the experiences will help me in BSN classes. But mainly, I need the money after all the costs of school.
  8. kavi

    microbiology with excelsior collge

    me, but i'm not ready to test yet. how did you know you were ready?
  9. Are you sure that you want to do that? Everything I've seen of Nursing---you really need that background in Chemistry to apply and facilitate a lot of the coursework. And on the job if you are doing labs, etc.. Good luck.
  10. kavi

    Right now, I'm really not liking this!

    As someone who has been driven insane by A & P this winter---I feel your pain. I've finally put it aside for a while and am focusing on other classes. You can always go back to it. Unless it's the only pre-req you have left. It is a tough tough course. Everyone says so. It helped me alot to use the coloring books. But I still don't feel confident enough to take the test. I go to online sites and test myself and seem to get about 70% to 80%. I don't want to pay for a test until I can increase my average. Anyway, the one system at a time thing has helped. Mnemonics has helped. And like I say, the coloring books somehow help keep it together and stuck in my mind. Don't give up. Let's encourage each other.... kavi
  11. kavi

    How hard is college level Chemistry?

    I never had Chem. in high school. Took an intro course last semester (and I'm 48). It was fascinating, but a lot to remember. I don't know if I would call it 'difficult' it was more a matter of taking up a lot of time. Good luck!
  12. kavi

    New students over 40

    Good luck!:)
  13. kavi

    Excelsiour College

    Go to the "Student Nursing" forum. There's a sub-forum---distance learning. Lots of Excelsior talk there.:)
  14. kavi

    Who is REALLY GOOD with needles?

    When I was learning I did a 'google' search under "Phlebotomy education" and found some helpful sites. I didn't keep them, but you might try that.
  15. kavi

    Our Nic Wins The Oscar!!

    I just love her! She really deserved it. I was a big Tom Cruise fan until he treated her so horribly. Question--did he ever win an oscar? I don't think so, but I'd be doubly happy for her if I knew that he had never won one. Congrats to her and all Aussies.:)