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Let's do something fun! Everybody on allnurses.com has a very interesting and unique username. What is the back story of your username? Mine is just like it states, "Life's a Journey!"... Read More

  1. by   marl0n
    My name!
  2. by   orangeroom
    My arts and technology room (had to phrase it that way vs my t&a room....) was orange when I first logged into this site!
  3. by   Corlionie
    nickname. (Godfather movie)
  4. by   Wiggly Litchi
    Well.... I'm a Wiggly Litchi.litchi-jpg
  5. by   endo2006
    I started working in the endoscopy dept in 2006
  6. by   gamecaco4
    First two letters in my husband's name, my name, and two of our three kids' names (the third came along a few years after we came up with it). Ga-Me-Ca-Co
  7. by   CBlover
    Believe it or not mine means Cracker Barrel lover I kid you not LOLOLOL It was off the cuff and nobody had it and so CBlover it is!!
  8. by   fsudmbRN
    Graduate of Florida State University.... HUGE Dave Matthews Band fan (Just went to concert #41 in August).... and a RN
  9. by   imaneedmycoffeefirst89
    Mine is self explanatory. I am going to need my coffee first. I am a school nurse for an elementary school and they start pouring in at 0730 BEFORE i even finish my coffee lol.

    OH and 89 is the year I was born!
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