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Im a pre-nursing student with a goal to be an ED nurse-pediatrics or regular.

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  1. Rasmussen college,here I come

    I gotta shout out to everyone who has given me advice upon a very difficult decision.50k is not something that I wish to spend and I want to prove that I am worthy of being a nurse.No wait list makes it seem like cheating.I am begining pre-requisite ...
  2. If not nursing what other career would you have done?

    I am starting pre-reqs for nursing school,so I may be biased when I say that I would only be a nurse.But if I would cjoose something else as a career.... Marine biologist.Weird change from a nurse,but I would do it.
  3. Enter your TEAS V Scores here!!

    Just took TEAS 6 today.Scored 71.3!First time!I know its probably not as high as others but I am proud of it.It is higher then the acceptance score and I am still proud of it.Cant wait,good luck to everyone out there taking it!:):):)
  4. Converse sneakers at clinicals

    Dont know why I am asking this but I want to see the answers.I am going to be in nursing school this Fall and I know that clinicals wont be so far behind.I have my converse sneakers that I adore.Comfortable,I have run in them,and I do have a white pa...
  5. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Such wonderfully creepy stories.I am three months from being in nursing school,but I have many ghosts that I have seen prior to that.I wish I could take all of the best stories from this thread and make a book.That would be a best seller.
  6. Rasmussen college,here I come

    I sincerely thank everyone for the replies.They give me new insight on my path.I guess im just nervous.I am the first to go off to college straight out of high school.I want to make sure everything is perfect.Thanks to everyone:)
  7. Rasmussen college,here I come

    Thank you all for the kind words.I guess im just a little nervous about starting college.Im the first kid to go and I want to do it right.Thanks.
  8. Hospital reimbursement

    Continuing education.Like an ASN getting a BSN.I heard of this before.
  9. Rasmussen college,here I come

    Thank you for the replys.I dont mean to offend anyone.I see that you have all worked hard to get where you are.I have an oppurtunity.I want to take it.I will still give it the same level of dedication that you all have shown.Im sorry if I offended an...
  10. Rasmussen college,here I come

    It has a high pass rate for the NC-LEX.Some of the colleges around me have a NC-LEX that scores less then rasmussen.I have talked to the students who are now nurses and they say it is a good college.They say they came out of the nursing program stron...
  11. Is financial aid worthless?

    I feel like if I get a job I wont be able to study for the program.On the other hand,I would feel like I was using financial aid in the wrong way if I didnt get a job.I want to do my best in college and I feel like a job would make it suffer.At least...
  12. Is financial aid worthless?

    I believe I am a dependent(living with parents and no job).I dont want to sound greedy,I am looking for a job,but I have 2 years of nursing school ahead of me and only 5 dollars.Will getting a job change the aid I recieve from financial aid?
  13. Rasmussen college,here I come

    But how long did it take you to get into the program?Every college withoin a 50 mile radius of me has waiting lists except for rasmussen and another college thats too far away.The lowest wait I would get was estimated to be two years.And I would have...
  14. Is financial aid worthless?

    Im about to go to nursing school and wanted to know what the average amount that financial aid will pay.Im just out of high school and still live with parents.I also dont have a job yet.Will this give me some aid or is it just like $1000 per year?
  15. Hospital reimbursement

    I have heard that if you agree to work with a hospital for a certain amount of time,say two years,they will reimburse the money you spent on the college degree.I dont know if this is like an internship,but is it true?