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You all have heard of them and of course we never actually use any of these terms but somehow they are there and everyone knows them....... There the "unofficial" abbreviation list like ... Read More

  1. by   VivaLasViejas
    FFFOF=Frequent Faller, Found on Floor
  2. by   gwenith
    Had one the other night - Cardiac rhythm SR with LOS

    Sinus Rhythm with Lotsa Other S***

    (Patient had every type of ectopic you could imagine and then some I think he might have invented)
  3. by   camost
    Positive suitcase sign - those FFs in the psych unit who come to the ER with a packed suitcase. I've actually seen this one in a medical chart.

    And I sometimes suffer from Optic Rectumitis - a crappy outlook on life.
  4. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Surgical Removal of Family

    Room Spray Ativan

    Needs To Go
  5. by   EricJRN
    My favorite:

    CCFCCP - Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
  6. by   banditrn
    Well, we would sometimes want to try the POF treatment - pillow on face - but figured we'd get caught!

    TSTL - too stupid to live

    And then there was always the 'code brown'!
  7. by   RGN1
    Quote from mjlrn97
    OK, I'll bite.......what the heck are DILFs?
    Just spotted this has been replied to already!! OOPS!
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  8. by   RGN1
    I love these!! Will have to introduce some of them to my place of work!
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  9. by   gradcare
    TTFO = latin for "he may leave" (told to **** off)
    PFO = Pissed fell over
    TFBUNDY (direct translation too offensive however general gist = poor prognosis expected) (neuro stepdown people probably are familiar with this one.

    Going to pathology outpatients = coronor's case
  10. by   nicer when smarter
    I work in Labor and Delivery and we use a term called the positive whiff test....when things don't smell so pleasant in their nether regions!!
  11. by   FranEMTnurse
    SITH sick in the head
  12. by   yvonnemuse
    they need a BONITA= Big Ole Needle In The A**
  13. by   grace90
    Once while getting my ear chewed over the phone by a grumpy internal med doc, I wrote out the initials DSIAA- Dr. Soandso Is An ####### on scrap paper.

    MRSA- My Rectum Smells Awful

    DHPIA or DDPIA or DSPIA on my personal report sheet means the previous nurse has told me that the son, daughter or husband is a PIA.