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  1. banditrn

    Do you accept tips?

    Good heavens, NO!! Altho I have a couple of special Christmas ornaments that were given to me by patients - and food is always appreciated!:)
  2. banditrn

    I think I crossed the line

    Ah, beachbum! Bless your heart! Just reading your post makes me SO glad I'm retired and away from all that! Yes, the techs need to communicate with you! You are rightly annoyed! Altho you'll come to depend on the good ones.:) You need to find out, as someone said, who has what kind of skill. Let them know how much you appreciate them, but that they need to keep you informed.
  3. banditrn

    Hospitals try to calm doctors' outbursts

    At the hospital where I spent most of my career, they had a VP in charge of disciplining doctors that got out of hand. I remember one doc had to take anger management classes or lose his privledges - granted, they bring in money - but if they lose their right to practice, it hurts them, too.
  4. banditrn

    Immigrants Sedated Without Medical Reasons.

    I wonder if it's possible that this story, as many are, is slanted toward it's shock value? Just because it's the Post doesn't make it necessarily the truth.
  5. banditrn

    I finally did it!!!!!!!

    Gosh, it seems like forever since I went thru all that. Good luck, and congratulations.:yeah:
  6. banditrn


    Chart, chart, chart - exactly what they said, what you said, and how they responded!!
  7. banditrn

    Entire ER crew will go to mandatory retreat

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!:):) It seems to me that it's like 'adults' deciding what's best for the 'children'! I consider a job, my 'work', not my 'life'. When I'm done, I'm outa there - my free time should be just that. For the most part I never socialized with the people I worked with. I saw enough of them at work. Do they really want me to go to some retreat and say to Suzi Sweetums: I don't like you because you're a backstabbing piece of garbage. Now THAT would clear the air! Or how about I just keep my mouth shut, and stay away from Suzi, 'cause Suzi isn't ever going to change?
  8. banditrn

    Anybody else work with a "super nurse?"

    I know what you mean!! :chuckle I've worked with some women I wished I could clone and pull out of my pocket during frantic or doubtful times. This one gal especially, always knew exactly what to do in ANY emergency, and she knew the best and quickest way to do it. Plus, she was fun to work with! I worshipped the ground she walked on. Imagine my pleasure when I ran into her and another nurse a few years later, she introduced me as 'the smartest nurse she ever knew'!
  9. banditrn

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    This reminded me of the time we had a frequent flyer in our psych dept. come in and want a bed. He was generally admitted for ETOH abuse - and for once he wasn't drunk - so they told him they couldn't just admit him whenever he wanted a bed. So he walked across the street - called 911 - told them he was having 'suicidal ideations', got picked up - and got a bed. Do you suppose he'd learned by then how to manipulate the system?
  10. banditrn

    Americans With Disabilities Act

    Exactly! I found everything I needed. I even discovered things I would never thought the hospital had. The problem is the lack of staffs' knowledge about where everything is located. It's a bit off the topic, but I found a bladder scanner at one of the units, so I can go there and borrow it when needed. Good for you, Olli! But I still maintain that it shouldn't be the hospitals responsibility to maintain equipment for each and every rare condition that there is. The gentleman that you spoke of - yes, I can see that, and with mine, well maybe some basic stuff, but I think it should still be my responsibility to bring any specilty things I need. By the way, I don't think the Dept. of Justice deals with disibilties - I think they're a criminal branch of the government?
  11. banditrn

    Americans With Disabilities Act

    I wouldn't think so, but who knows?
  12. banditrn

    Co-workers who think out loud at the nursing station

    It IS maddening!! I used to work with two of them at noc that used to talk to themselves and I had to learn to tune them out or go nuts. Then when they'd try to talk to me - and I wouldn't answer them, cause I was tuning them out.........
  13. banditrn

    Americans With Disabilities Act

    Olli - that's very nice of you, but what you aren't getting is that unless I'm being admitted during some emergency, I should already have those things available and should bring them with me. The hospital should have things available for the commenest set of disabilities, not for every problem ever thought of on earth! For crying out loud, girl, it's not their fault my hands shake, why should they be penalized for it?:stone You are right on in asking someone if they could ask me if I needed help with my food.
  14. Wouldn't that be considered abandonment?? Call social services!!
  15. banditrn

    Americans With Disabilities Act

    Olli - I am also now disabiled, and covered under the ADA. I would ideally need special weighted silverware, and special weights around my hands for when I eat. Also a special cup for when I drink hot liquids - do you have those immediately available on your unit? I would expect that at some time during my hospitalization, you might be able to comply with some of my needs, but maybe not all - and certainly not right after admit. Maybe you should volunteer to be in charge of a commitee to procure special devices that a patient might need?:)
  16. I would guess that you don't completely understand addiction then.