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Do you all use nurse passes? We do not currently and I wonder if it would be more of a help or hindrance? I have so many crazy, unnecessary things come into my office at times and I wonder If the teacher had to fill out a pass for them if they would stop?

We are a small school Prek-6th with 180 students total.

We do not see students without a pass. It can be as simple as a scrap of paper with student's name, date, time, and teacher signature on it. At the junior high level, they are prone to wandering around without permission so they must have a pass to be seen. We catch kids skipping that way.

I have K-5 - I have nurse passes available and give them to the teachers to use but I do not require them. My kinder teachers use them mostly at the beginning of the year - some of those kids don't know their last name or even how to spell own name - so helps me out entering into our computer system and if I need to contact parent. I have a few teachers that use them with every student - they requested I write what I did for the student when student returns back, the teacher will then send the pass home at end of the day for parent notification. The only time I request teachers use them is when I have a sub - that little bit of student info really helps the sub - especially if its a new sub that has never been to my school.

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When I worked middle and high school it was no pass, get back to class. Now that I have little ones in the mix, it's too hard to enforce.

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It's helpful but not a requirement. Sometimes, the note will have a different symptom than what the kid is complaining to me about so that helps to establish membership levels in the FF club.

I've tried over the years to distribute nurse passes to staff but, consistently, some will use them and some will not.

In my general ed campuses, yes. With 500 students it kept the elementary kids in the classroom and the teachers in the loop. Plus it helped me learn all 500 of their names. I did notice that if the teacher had to fill out the pass, it reduced some of the unnecessary visits, sometimes. Plus, when you get ridiculous requests, you have them in writing, in a file, to laugh at later. :p

On a specialized campus, no. I know them all and they have to have a teacher with them to be out of the classroom.

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I do require passes at my 9th-grade campus. The only reason a student may come without a pass is if it is an emergency, and they should have a buddy with them, or the teacher should have called ahead. I document the time in and out, and what we do for the student. They are carbon, so I keep a copy, and send a copy with the student. If I get several students at once, I don't have to stress about documenting immediately, and if students take too long to make it back to the classroom, the teachers can see what time they left the clinic. Teachers are given passes at the beginning of the year, and whenever they request more.

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Our high school and junior high nurses require the kids "check" themselves in on a computer as they arrive.

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K-3, we use a pass.

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k-5 we use a pass because my little ones wander or will attempt to skip the specialist classes by coming to the nurse. I only have 6 options on my nurse pass for teachers to circle and since I started using those, my visits for non nursing things have decreased overall (some teachers will still write things on the side)

Also on days when it is just madness, I keep the passes. Then at the end of the day I can check to be sure I charted on everyone.

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7th-12th and yep, passes or no go. I have sent students back to class for a pass. And because we require passes, we can catch kids skipping class and this year I caught one of my FF HS student forge a pass from me, complete with a faked signature. Teacher knew something was up, emailed me, student was not with me, showed my picture of pass. It went straight to the dean. Turns out student was vaping in the bathroom instead...

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I always have them, either official pass or just a paper with the kid's name, date, time and teacher. As someone said, this is how I catch kids trying to skip class. If it's an emergency, I am lenient on this and I let them go in. Lunch is the only time I get no passes, and I'm fine with it.

Of course, right now it's the last 3 weeks for us, so I'm at a w.e attitude.

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