Nurses: which job would you take if you were desperate new grad?

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Would you move far away from your family and live on your own in New Mexico as a nurse technician making 11.35/hr ? ( The job is meant for nursing students) Not really for RN grads


would you stay home and take the 2 offers that you have: nursing home and home care?

Which job do you think would give you better skills and make you a better candidate for hospital nursing? :uhoh3:

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Simply put: I would not move away from home (incurring various expenses) for $11.35 per hour.

I would only move away from home for a position that is likely to be an investment in my future.

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I agree with the pp. I wouldn't move away from home for that amount of money. Stay at home and work home health and nursing homes while you apply for hospital jobs or you'll find yourself struggling in NM with no guarantee of a hospital job.

I would go with either RN job. Lets face it you need the RN experience to move to a hospital at some point. I think this is the way to go. If I had to choose it would be the nursing home, because home care intimidates me but I think either would be fine.

Why would you even consider moving away from home for a tech job when you're a nurse and have gotten 2 offers for nurse jobs?

$11.35 I never heard of such a thing! i doubt the nurse tech would be allowed to do much except wipe butts for that kind of pay

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The NH and HC positions are RN positions?

There is no way I would move away from home for a non-RN position, especially if I have 2 RN offers in my area. The job(s) that would make you a better candidate for a hospital position would be the home care and nursing home. Take care!

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Totally agree with PP

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seems like a no-brainer. if your willing to make that kind of move you should be able to find a rn position at a hospital somewhere. In the meantime work at the nursing home and start building up some skills.

Nursing Home for now, build some nursing skills and keep looking for something else.

I work on med/surg with several RNs who started in LTC. They all have excellent assessment and time management skills, and are great at prioritizing.

RN job at home, hands down.

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