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  1. chiuli

    beta blockers

    Im confused because someone told me they block both beta 1 and beta 2 receptors. If they block b2, isn't that defeating the purpose of the medication?
  2. I hung blood today. Had another nurse witness and sign both our names. The type of blood, donor number and everything was on that form. Also the vital signs. Patient did well, had no reaction. I was in the room with the form when I got called to help another doctor with a procedure. Then the patients family came and the next thing I know is I forgot about the form and couldn't find it. Should I call my boss and tell him what I did? Will I be in a lot of trouble? The patient didn't have a reaction, not yet anyway. I then got an admission. Was very overwhelmed today.
  3. ok that clears it up thank you
  4. I noticed that many drugs have a longer duration than half-life? How is it possible for the drug to be still working when it was long gone excreted from the body?
  5. I was hanging blood and the cna took the pre vitals for me. She attached the blood pressure cuff and it showed the blood pressure and pulse which were all normal. Then after 15 minutes I went in the room and took the vitals the same way. The pulse was showing up as 40. So I checked the radial which was about 45. 2 other nurses came in the room and helped me get the apical which was impossible to hear since the patient had wheezes throughout all lobes and major crackles from pulmonary edema. The telemetry showed that his pulse was in his 80's and he wasn't in any distress. Im curious how should I take the vitals next time so they're a little more accurate. Should I get the pulse from the telemetry monitor?
  6. chiuli

    Why do hospitals care about health care costs?

    I went many many years without insurance and I had no choice but to pay for my procedures. I got the bill and a due date to pay. No body babied me around. My simple blood work was 1,000 and as much as I didn't want to, I paid for it. I don't get how people not pay their bills. Its like buying a flat screen tv and then deciding not to pay the bill.
  7. People always talk about how such and such procedure is expensive and the equipment is expensive. Im curious why hospitals care about expenses when its the patient and their insurance who have to worry about their expenses? Also, if a patient leaves AMA, why do hospitals care? The patient still has to pay for their services with or w/o insurance if they decide to leave AMA.
  8. chiuli

    What is an indwelling IV?

    Never heard of an indwelling IV. Only heard of indwelling urinary catheter. Also, why is it preferable that the anesthesiologist sees the patient the day before surgery rather than the day of ? Does it have something to do with irritating the throat?
  9. chiuli

    Where to get workers comp taken care of?

    My employer paid for it. But like I said, she knows I am in another state and I think she is happy
  10. I had a work related injury in another state a month ago. They fired me. Since then, I am living in another state. I am due for follow up tests. How do I go about getting my tests done and making sure that my previous employer pays for it? They know I am in another state and they fired me months before so we dont have any contact.
  11. chiuli

    accidental fingerstick

    I got a prescription for truvada after 13 days post exposure. Im confused because I thought these meds are toxic on the liver and kidneys and the doctor did not order any blood work. He ordered 20 doses which according to the cdc they recommend these prophylactics be taken for a month or until the patient comes out negative. This patient had an inconclusive test and will likely be tested in 3 months if that happens. My question is how long do you have to take the prophylaxis? Blood work? Lastly, Im having a drug test for a new job. They will also ask me what kind of meds Im taking during the physical. My mother tells me I cannot take this medication. They will think that Im a w&&&e and they will treat me differently
  12. chiuli

    accidental fingerstick

    you people are freaking me out with hiv prions
  13. chiuli

    accidental fingerstick

    Is she right about the hipa? am I in trouble or her?
  14. chiuli

    accidental fingerstick

    No same guy. Same guy with MRSA and CA.
  15. chiuli

    accidental fingerstick

    i read on webmd that these meds dont prevent hiv and studies on hiv coinfection are inconclusive
  16. chiuli

    accidental fingerstick

    mjmoon thats what I dont get either