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  1. regularRN

    Do you shower right after your shift?

    Most of the germs we encounter at work are the same as the ones we are exposed to at home, at school, in the supermarket, at the pool, at the gym, in the park etc. So a certain level of personal hygiene seems prudent, regardless. As for scrubs, a clean pair every day is essential... I can't imagine not wearing clean scrubs every day (even though mine are all the same).
  2. regularRN

    My best orientation mistakes

    "You know those step in baths, where you sit upright and have the water swirl up around you? Did you know you have to let the water drain OUT before you unlatch the door to have the pt step out again? Well, I sure learned that one" Apart from opening the door before the bath has drained, these baths are so cool-people who have previously had no access to a bath can relax in the tub with bubbles etc. :redpinkhe
  3. what does "cuny" mean?
  4. regularRN

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    Just wondering if mentioning a pt.'s name - especially one that is easily recognizable - could be of HIPAA concern?
  5. regularRN

    Increase abuse of Bath Salts

    "Bath salts" are not the same chemicals that we add to the tub for a relaxing soak; they are experimental drugs that are legal because they have yet to be officially controlled and are used experimentally to explore the potential of the human brain. Just Google "bath salts" and all will become clear...
  6. I think I'd like to be a bed bath, a hair wash or a shower because so many patients are appreciative and feel way better after getting clean. Other than that, maybe versed because no one remembers having a endoscopy... typical comment, "Nurse, when am I going to have my procedure?" as they are wheeled back following a colonoscopy or an upper endoscopy...
  7. regularRN

    So i'm a Nurse right????

    You are not actually an RN until you pass the NClEX.
  8. regularRN

    So do you really...

    I always listen to lung and heart sounds, check for edema... listen to bowel sounds; and then, depending on the pt.'s diagnosis, I will perform a more focused assessment - e.g., neuro. I always perform a head-to-toe skin assessment, albeit during opportune moments such as transfers, ambulating, repositioning and bed baths.
  9. regularRN

    wearing makeup to work?

    I never wear makeup but I always apply moisturizer and sunscreen. I don't get the whole "full face of make up" - I've never seen a male nurse feel the need to wear foundation etc. etc. Why should I?
  10. Seems like it wasn't a whole lot of demerol... must be more to this.
  11. Kudos to Sharpei mom.
  12. regularRN

    My best orientation mistakes

    I would love to have access to a 60cc syringe - where did you find that?
  13. regularRN

    How do you keep awake on a slow night shift?

    My advice, regardless of which shift you work - prepare yourself and get some sleep beforehand... even if you only have one pt., which is not uncommon in a MICU, they deserve your undivided attention.
  14. regularRN

    Low Census- To Take Cancel or Not?

    You may want to suggest a "system" to your staffing office, such that they have a list of people who voluntarily want to be "called off" on that shift - first come first served; people on this list are called in order after all people scheduled to work "extra shifts" (i.e., over and above their contracted number of hours). Then, if still more staff have to be called off, the staffing office calls those who work per diem (being called off when one is per diem is not unusual) and then finally they call off scheduled staff depending upon whose turn it is. You can inform the staffing office if you do not mind being called off, even if you haven't officially put your name on the list or you can put your name on the list - either way you are helping the hospital and your colleagues, because you are in a fortunate financial position - many RNs are their family's main or only breadwinner, and losing a shift to call off makes an impact on their budget. Opting to be called off or accepting call off is not viewed negatively. However, at times of high census be prepared to take an extra shift if necessary! Staffing is all about staff being flexible...
  15. regularRN

    Handling chauvinistic male charge nurse

    And everyone knows, managers (regardless of male or female) are the first to be laid off.
  16. regularRN

    Do you take Ativan ?

    I have encountered anxiety as a huge problem with many nurses, including myself. Experience and maturity seems to alleviate some anxiety, but in the meantime the symptoms can be debilitating, to say the least. My answer is that antidepressants do help, without the stigma of testing positive for benzos, but on the other-hand if one has an MD's prescription, then it's legal... ?