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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

  1. by   pixie120
    Quote from sharpeimom
    on my first nursing assignment after graduation, i was mentored by a very knowlegeable, usually kind nurse who was, i think, a contemporary of clara barton.... or maybe even an army nurse at valley forge?? it offended her greatly that i <gasp> never polished my %^&* shoelaces when i polished my
    shoes. each time, she'd let me know she'd mentioned it to the head nurse. i guess she must have mentioned it a lot because that was the only criticism on my whole evaluation!

    now it's simply a silly memory, but back then it rankled. a. lot.
    ok, this was not when i was a nurse, and it was on my evaluation, when i was at the sheriff's department. i smelled musty, and apparently took my showers in the evenings rather than the mornings. the sgt was female, gay and we all shared the same locker room. she apparently was sniffing on me daily. so....i changed at home from that point forward and it never came up again, lol. biatch was trying to date me seems like. i was highly offended yet found it pretty hilarious. it didn't affect my pay grade so..... (it apparently affected hers as she was transferred shortly after i threw a fit in her bosses office about that personal dig).
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    Quote from IdrilRN
    I once gave bad customer service to a residents family member. One who financially abused her. Her chart was red flagged and everything for this person. He called and wanted information about her shingles, and I politley advised him to call his sister as she was the contact person. Within five min. I was in the admins office with the DON (who said nothing) because he called the admin about this and I should have refered the caller to him the admin. Sure, if he calls on a weekend or middle of the night I'll give him your home phone!

    Another time I got in reported for being "rude" for asking a family member to call her sister, the point person which the four daughters of this one lady agreed would be the point person while the main daughter was on vacation. That was after I'd alredy given infomation to two other family members about how she was doing. (Whole family had permission to abtain infomation)
    Wow, I've got to stop talking on the phone to family members.
    YEp, once suspended and investigated for "verbally abusing a resident's daughter's friend" during a care conference. Tee hee. Needless to say, I didn't return after I was cleared. After all ...I was innocent.
    So, now just a few days ago, the gal that suspended me (and took 5 days to figure out if I was innocent, never mind the regulations say you have to abuse the Resident, who wasn't present) (and never mind there were 5 people present at the care conference, and never mind the complaint didn't come till a month later, and was quite bogus to begin with, even a 6 year old could have told her that) asked a mutual friend if I were still mad at her?

    Huh? I never worked another minute for you, what do YOU think? Maybe if you KNEW how to conduct investigations, that take less than 5 days, ? and maybe if you hadn't have at that same moment decided to write me up for being "insubordinate..." for telling her I couldn't do all the things she needed me to do that day? and funny (Karma) she suspended me right in the middle of doing 3 new admits (part of what I was trying to tell her I couldn't do all by myself, making me insubordinate") and THEN, what does she say when she calls to tell me she cleared me of the abuse charge? "Can you come to work today, we have a lot of admits today?". Well......no,......I am in the middle of something....and I need to meet with you and your boss prior to simply "returning", at which it gave me immense pleasure to hand in my immediate resignation. SO....am I still mad? Are we in kindergarton?
  3. by   bradons
    I have had 3 complaints about myself.

    The odd part was all three complaints were when I was away.

    The best one was when I was out of the province for 9 days.

    The others were when I was off and never saw any of the pts in the complaints. Weird too because theres only 3 males on the ward and its hard to confuse us.
  4. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    The complaint wasn't entirely silly, but how I responded to it was, in a way.

    I had a very irate patient who claimed she was going to contact everyone all the way up to the White House about how I "treated" her. (I don't want to get into the details...she was being ridiculous and I ended up being short with her).

    Anyway, I had all but forgotten about her when my manager called me onto the carpet. She asked me if I remembered "Mrs. Brown in room 18A." Well, yeah, I had, I told her the entire story. She read me the email sent to her by the patient's daughter and I found it strange that the biggest part of her complaint involved something I didn't recall at all. I admit my part in the event, then went about my way.

    That's when I realized...this wasn't the same lady who disliked my care...she just had a very similar name and had been in the same room (they also had a similar medical history). The lady that complained about me...well, I thought she loved me! We bonded over our common ancestry, had a long discussion about pajamas, and her husband thanked me multiple times for my care. Turns out the lady who disliked me never did say anything about it.

    I've decided I dislike that room, because I also had to write an essay about why I called a code on a patient in that bed who was in respiratory arrest. Seriously.
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    i've just been reported for "refusing to co-sign a narcotic waste". interesting thing is, i was on vacation that day and hadn't been back to work yet!
  6. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Back before nursing school, I was once reprimanded by a boss because when he would ask me "How are you?", I would generally respond with something like "I'm great, how are you?" Apparently he took offense to me turning the question around and asking him how he was doing! Never experienced something like that before. From that time on, I just replied "Fine" and left it at that.

    As a school nurse, I once had a parent complain to the principal that I followed the district's medication policy. Yes, she knew the policy and stated it as such. She was not complaining about the policy. She was complaining that I followed it. I still have not figured that one out...I guess she thought the rules should not apply to her and her child?
  7. by   carolmaccas66
    Night staff complained once that I was 'too efficient' on afternoon shift, and didn't leave them any work to do.
    I didn't know WHAT to say to that 'complaint'.
  8. by   talaxandra
    I was once called in to the NUM's office after night duty because "I hear from [an on-call dialysis nurse] that you made nachos overnight."
    "Oh. Has one of the morning staff said there was something left undone?"
    "Did one of the patients report being uncared for or waiting to have a buzzer answered?"
    "Was there a mess left in the staff tea room?"
    "Did the dialysis nurse say I didn't share them?"
    "Is this a problem?"
    Grudgingly, "I suppose not."
    Yeah, she and I never got along!
  9. by   Poi Dog
    I didn't run and fetch someone a bag of ice quickly enough.

    Like, really? Seriously? I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes when I heard the complaint.

    Note to self: next time someone asks for a bag of ice, it would be perfectly fine to leave my high fall risk pt alone because a bag of ice is, like top priority.
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    A colleague of mine has been hauled into the office and spoken to because she doesnt smile enough!!
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    "That b---- is white."

    ....sorry, I guess?
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    Quote from Lynx25
    "That b---- is white."

    ....sorry, I guess?
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    Quote from sharpeimom

    He was white too... so it wasn't even a racist thing...I'm still not sure what his point was.